Did the CIA Invent Homosexuality to Discourage Travel to Canada & South America?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

ciainventedhomosexualityThe CIA’s recent announcement that it will actively recruit gays has caused much consternation in conservative circles, but few realize that the agency has long been involved with the radical homosexual subculture. This relationship has not been an easy one. There have been many disastrous missteps and experiments gone horribly wrong. With each mistake, the intelligence community has attempted to cover up their involvement with subterfuge, violence and disinformation campaigns. Ultimately, the CIA’s complicity in the homosexual agenda rises to the level of a grand conspiracy that continues, even to this day, to put the United States at grave risk.

As has been well documented elsewhere, the Central Intelligence Agency has a sordid history when it comes to our society. From its dependence on ex-Nazi spies, to its involvement with the drug trade and the spread of AIDS, there is a crucial lack of moral foundation for those who live their lives without fear of legal consequence. Add to this the blank check that the executive office hands over to our nation’s spies and it is, quite simply, a recipe for disaster. Such is the case with the introduction of homosexuality to America in the 1950s.

The United States is often seen as sexually conservative, particularly when compared to the libertine penchants of Europe and Asia. We are far more observant of Biblical teaching and a community-based understanding of morality. For the era preceding World War II, sodomy, masturbation and same-sex desire were all but unheard of. These were considered aberrant mental behaviors that required hospitalization. All this changed after 1945. As the global battle with the Soviet Union heated up, we turned to what was left of the Nazi apparatus for help. They had an unparalleled intelligence network set up around the world that could be used to fight back the tentacles of communism. In exchange, the CIA made a secret deal to ignore the rampant militant homosexuality in the ex-Nazi ranks, as researcher Scott Lively has exhaustively documented. It was a trade-off we would come to bitterly regret.

communisthomosexualsWhen Allen Dulles became director of the CIA in 1953 he discovered a widespread but incredibly secretive homosexual underground. Along with his brother, John Foster Dulles, who served as Secretary of State under President Eisenhower, he was unsure what to do about this crisis at first. Gradually, he came to see that he could only manage the disease of same-sex desire and not stamp it out entirely. It dawned on both brothers that they could use the incredible passionate energy of the gays to their advantage as an offensive military tool. Indeed, Allen and John had a grandfather who feel victim to homosexuality so they were intimately familiar with its potential for terror.

In the 1950s, the major foreign policy concern was the rise of communism. Nowhere was this issue more close to home than in South America. The swarthy, corrupt nations below our border were dangerously flirting with Soviet imperialism. Castro’s violent Cuban coup d’état in 1959 only underscored the panic. As for Canada, it was considered a friend that U.S. diplomats needed to keep at arm’s length. Their obsession with pacifism and the archaic norms of European culture caused many officials to have profound doubts about our odd northern neighbor.

CIA Director Dulles was the first to conceive of a way to combine all these elements into a masterful agit-prop campaign with help from infamous political action officer Kermit Roosevelt. Following the same game plan as in IranIndonesia and Guatemala, Roosevelt and the Dulles brothers united disparate and conflicting notions into a brave but outlandish scheme. That scheme is what we know of today as modern homosexuality. From the Nazis, they borrowed cruelty and a love of uniforms. From the Latins, they conceived of a contagious and overt sexuality. And finally, they took from the Canadians that queer combination of European artistic sensitivity and ineffectual intellectualism. They mixed these strange elements together like a witch’s brew, delicately crafting a fearsome image for this new terror of “homosexuality.” In technical terms, this is known as Psyops, or psychological warfare. They hoped this heinous mental chess game would frighten Americans to such an extreme that places like Canada and Mexico would be forever forbidden in their minds. The men involved in this campaign believed that they were doing a righteous thing, that they were honestly saving this country from the scourge of communism.

Sadly, this product of homosexuality cooked up in CIA laboratories was far more successful than the Dulles brothers could have ever hoped. It accomplished its goal of terrifying generations from traveling outside America, but that fear had unforeseen consequences. One of the most notorious effects was that the young people of the 1960s came to see fear itself as an avenue of rebellion. In the Kennedy era, reckless teens experimented with same-sex penetrations as way of breaking with their conservative families. Much as the hippies sought to abandon the patriotism of their WWII veteran parents, the gays chose their disgusting habits to harass the Christianity of their communities. In this new gay world, they found that degenerate sexuality gave them access to a life free from hygienic and moral constraints. The fact that they were too juvenile to comprehend the majesty of Christianity did not matter in their haze of drugs and sex. Little did they realize, however, that the counterculture was not just about physical pleasure, but also about communism, addiction and ultimately destroying the foundational values that once made this nation so great.

200px-Kermit_Roosevelt_1926Pushback came in the 1980s, when the CIA realized that their homosexual experiment was raging out of control. Utilizing the knowledge they accumulated from civilian LSD tests, crucial figures such as Oliver North and William Casey tried to attack homosexuality from its very core. First they introduced deadly drugs like crack, knowing that cocaine defined homosexual culture of the 1970s. They hoped the upper echelons of the gay elite would die out from addiction, and that without its head the movement would simply wither away. Clearly this plan did not succeed and crack became more instrumental in our urban ghettos as a tool to manage the Black Panther terrorists. AIDS was an attempt to focus on the physical act of sodomy itself, but it was too late. Homosexuality was suddenly a trend in and of itself.

Today, we live in a world where homosexuality has all but destroyed our military. It has eaten out the spiritual core of Christianity. And now it threatens to obliterate any hope that our innocent children may have for the future. With the gay agenda in our schools and the popularization of radical same-sex characters on television, we are living in an epidemic that shows no signs of abating. When one considers that the act of violently cramming your phallus up the bossy, excrement-filled hole of another man has become such an signature gesture of freedom, pride and nationalism, we are truly doomed