Did Justin Bieber’s Black “Friends” Push Him Into a Life of Crime and Violence?

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Surrounded by a posse of African-American gangbangers, Justin Bieber's career has hit the skids.

Surrounded by a posse of gangbangers, Justin Bieber’s career has hit the skids.

There’s one question about Justin Bieber’s arrest that everyone in America wants to ask. But our nation’s collective silence is deafening.

Years of “political correctness” and “sensitivity training” have made us afraid. A Commander in Chief so dedicated to suppressing the Bill of Rights and our God-given Freedom of Speech has instilled a climate of fear upon this country. Now, we live under the threat of an activist federal court system and its ready army of jackbooted lackeys. Simple words are a criminal act, according to Barack Hussein Obama. It’s a sad thing when the people of the United States, known as fierce and honest the world over, are intimidated by the truth.

That brutally honest question America should now ask itself is this: Did Justin Bieber’s black friends exert undue influence over the pop star? Are they the ones who introduced him to marijuana and other drugs? How did Bieber get caught up in their gangbang “thug” lifestyle? Was he forced by these black men to commit crimes and acts of violence? Did they use blackmail or physical threats? Was there ever anything of a sexual nature taking place?

Youthful Innocence, Adult Pressures

It’s important to remember that Justin is still a teenager. His stratospheric rise to wealth and fame was incredible. It was awe-inspiring and beautiful in its way. For children and adults alike, his music was heartwarming. He soothed us with his earnest wholesomeness, his gentle humanity. Blessed with natural good looks, perfectly creamy skin and that delightful mop of brown hair, he was the child every mother hopes for. He embodied the genetic allure of his pure English and Irish roots. As a youngster, he dressed modestly and never spoke in loud or angry ways. Bieber even steered clear of politics and other adult matters. The entire Justin Bieber package was refreshing in this age of raunchy, fame-obsessed Hollywood types.

Takes of drugs, fast cars and women have plagued the pop star ever since he took up the hip hop music style.

Tales of drugs, fast cars and sex have plagued the pop star ever since he took up the hip hop music style.

The newfound wealth attracted the unsavory characters. When Justin moved to Hollywood, it seemed that every creep and cretin wanted a “piece of the action.” Hip Hop gangbangers liked Usher and L.A. Reid were his new best friends. They plied him with the intoxicating lure of the spotlight. In a matter of months, Bieber was hanging out in the dark underworld of Hollywood’s urban scene. There were gangsters and pimps, scantily-dressed women and an endless supply of drugs. It is rumored that Justin Timberlake, frontman of N’Snyc, tried to intervene at one point, but he was rebuffed.

A White Teenager Lost in a Dark & Dangerous Underworld

In the two years that have followed, Justin has been completely cut off from the loving care of his childhood support network. His hardworking father is completely out of the picture. His mother has been too intimidated by the army of thugs surrounding her son. The boy now lives a strange life, completely isolated from those of his own kind. His world is critically devoid of people of his own race. Instead, Justin is surrounded by black people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Worst of all, his natural-born creativity suffered.

Bieber's ethnic friends may have sabotaged his once hopeful career.

Bieber’s ethnic friends have refused to apologize for his rash of misdeeds.

The black people have changed Justin in dramatic ways. He has adopted a hip hop clothing style, with thick gold chains and baggy jeans. He speaks with a heavy urban growl and his sentences are punctuated with gang hand signals. Naturally, run-ins with the law have followed.

For fans of Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, this story of crime and sexual deviancy is all too familiar. Today, both stars are struggling with the unfortunate social choices they made when they were younger.

Bieber is suspected in a string of incidents, including aggression towards his female fans, speed racing and, worst of all, marijuana abuse. Studies have shown that a great number of African-Americans are addicted to marijuana, so maybe this last fact should come as no surprise. In the last few weeks alone, he caused an international scandal in Australia when he caused a fan’s suicide. Soon after, the police raided his Los Angeles compound. In this last instance, an African-American criminal was arrested for harboring a major supply of weapons and cocaine.

Is Bieber the Victim of the Media’s “Political Correctness”?

If the latest charges against Justin Bieber go to trial, we may finally get an insight into how the black people have forced Justin to make such horrible lifestyle choices. It’s easy to blame the hugely-successful pop star, and Twitter is aflame with hatred towards the young man. But shouldn’t we give him the benefit of the doubt considering the circumstances? When you look at his good-natured face, gifted with an Irish grin and the hint of an English nose, does he really look like a bad person? If prosecutors had any patriotic sense of duty, they would go after the black gang bangers truly responsible for Justin’s crimes.

For parents in America, Justin Bieber’s descent into scandal is a cautionary tale. Far too often, our children are lured into the ghetto scene. At first, it’s the harsh language of police television dramas. And then the rap music and MTV cause even more damage. In no time, black friends surround our fresh-faced children. In high school or college, they wander free of their parent’s care and make terrible mistakes. Rapper threats, multi-ethnic cronies and secret habits follow. It doesn’t take a genius to interpret this as a sign of drugs. It begins with marijuana and from there, only gets much worse. So please, educate your children and keep them safe by ensuring that their circle of friends is based on a shared experience, a shared kinship and a sense of community.