Did I Marry a Lesbian?

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Lesbianism. For many the word evokes a sense of exoticism and controversy. Others may consider it an implausible act, something a certain type of spurned woman turns to out of bitterness. In recent years, however, lesbianism has skyrocketed to become a fact of life in multicultural, liberal America.

lesbiansTraditional marriage has unfortunately been swept up in this tide of egregious political correctness. Many married men are now facing the incredible challenge of a spouse experimenting with same-sex desires. It can be a brief but dangerous blip in the arc of the family, or it could be a seismic shock that collapses the delicate relationships between husband and wife, mother and child.

The vital message for married men today is to thoroughly investigate any suspicions you may have about your home life. You have a responsibility for your faith, for your children and for your own health to know if your wife has strayed beyond the borders decency and into the licentious lair of rapacious lesbianism. Here are a few things to look out for as you embark on this difficult journey.

1. Does your wife sleep with separate blankets or in a different bed?
A bride may employ tricks such as these to avoid physical intimacy. Regular intercourse is an important component of every new marriage but a potential lesbian will be fearful. Indeed, many newlyweds are quietly intimidated by the fact of the male reproductive organ. Over time, it is something the woman will need to become familiar and comfortable with.

2. Reluctant to get pregnant
Procreation is the miraculous responsibility of matrimony. Heterosexual women dream about being mothers, even if this means setting aside careers and educational pursuits.

3. Unexplained absences from the home during the day
Lesbians will seek out copulation when husbands are at work or traveling. They may brush aside these disappearances with the catch alls “I was doing my errands” and “My cell phone was out of range.” If this occurs on a regular basis, greater vigilance is likely necessary.

4. Cut-off shirts that expose armpits
Much like male homosexuals, lesbians fetishize this body part. Its odor communicates whether one is dominant (raw and unscented) or submissive (perfumed). Furthermore, women visualize its barren hollow as evocative of the folds of the labia.

5. Extravagant exercise classes
Yoga, rock climbing, spinning, salsa, kickboxing… These costly programs will give a spouse a ready excuse to spend long hours away from the home in the private company of other curious females. The sweat-drenched and bare-skinned atmosphere of the sports club changing room is ripe with lesbian flirtation and foreplay.

6. Spends money lavishly
Has your wife suddenly begun charging up large bills on her credit cards? Have you noticed expensive new clothes, sports equipment and gifts for her female friends? She may be attempting to punish you for your masculinity. In a worst-case scenario, she could be draining your joint bank accounts before she files for divorce. For the sake of love and trust, family finances should always be closely monitored.


7. Rainbow-colored triangles
For Christians, the rainbow represents God’s faithfulness and His promise to never again destroy the earth with floods. In Genesis 9:13 God states, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Yet within radical subcultures, a rainbow captured in a triangle secretly communicates one’s membership in the club of Sapphos. Be weary of strange, colored symbols employed in jewelry, bumper stickers or devotional artwork.

8. Does she masturbate alone?
Traditionally, men have far stronger libidos than women and employ self-gratification to dispose of excess testosterone. For wives, masturbation is more an act of rebellion, a rejection of one’s domestic duties. Even though lesbian sex does not involve male organ penetration, homosexual females employ digital collusion and even dildo apparatuses to harshly excite the clitoris. When such activities become a severe addiction, the woman seeks out the company of other females as an egocentric way to make her masturbation more exciting.

9. Rogue fearlessness when it comes to personal injury
Psychologically, lesbians over-identify with the masculine ethos. They cast aside their innate feminine apprehension to embrace recklessness and braggadocio. In this example, you will see a woman who wishes to act and dress like a man. Inexplicably, she will want to fix roof shingles and ride motorcycles.

10. Dropping hints about erotic threesomes
It may come as a shock, but many men who have discovered their wives to be lesbians report this request as an early warning sign. The manipulative spouse will trick a man with his own arousal. He will disheartened, however, when the two women claim exclusive territory with slapping hands and kicking feet, leaving him flaccid and alone on the far side of the bed.

11. Drastic new fashion look
Have short hair, arty eyeglasses and pale lipstick suddenly become your wife’s new style? Such changes are often indicative of a psychosexual crisis. The Sapphic apostle uses bleak clothing and facial grimaces to announce her newfound identity. To men, such surface appearances say, “Stay away!” For the lesbian, clunky black eyewear announces, “Come for me!”

12. Does she question your heterosexuality regularly?
When one transitions into lesbianism, it causes many mental wires to be crossed. This is called projection. In other words, the woman projects her own confusion onto her mate. She may accuse you of being gay and claim your favorite hobbies and friends are effeminate. She will harass you for failing to maintain phallic perseverance during intercourse; never realizing it is her own lumbering maneuvers and guttural commands that are deflating your respectable manhood.

did I marry a lesbian

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