Did “Global Warming” Hoaxers Frame the Koch Brothers to Make the Tea Party Look Bad?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Tea Party advocates wish to reclaim American Constitutionalism.

Tea Party advocates wish to reclaim American Constitutionalism.

Among liberal activists, the Koch family name is synonymous with pure evil. The billionaire brothers are blamed for everything wrong in America today. From pollution to unemployment, from the health care crisis to our gridlocked Congress, it can all be traced back to these two entrepreneurs from a quiet corner of Kansas.

This manufactured outrage began when activist Jane Mayer wrote a profile of the Kochs for the left-leaning magazine, the New Yorker, in 2010. Mayer, who grew up in a “beatnik” household in New York City in the 60s, formulated her worldview in the marijuana-hazed hippie enclaves of Vermont. She first made a name for herself in the national press by covering the fluid-drenched political sex scandals of the 90s with breathless abandon.

Under President Bush, politics became decidedly less tawdry and Mayer threw in her lot with the “global warming” conspiracy theorists. The premise of global warming is that human activity is destroying the earth. Factories, automobiles and even aerosol hair sprays are supposedly carving massive holes in our atmosphere.

Environmental panic has existed since the 1960s, but over the last ten years it has reached a new level of paranoia. Protesters claim that unless drastic action is taken, life on Earth will not survive to the end of the century. They demand industrial production be shut down or altered drastically. They agitate for a dramatic redistribution of wealth through cataclysmic tax increases. To achieve planet-wide obedience, they want global protocols to be enforced by a militarized international police force. This is, at its very heart, a socialist proposition.

Unemployed liberals protest against American jobs.

Unemployed liberals protest against a Koch Industries jobs initiative.

As the Bush era drew to a close, Jane Mayer may have remained a second-tier “green” apologist were it not for shocking turn of events. In late 2009, a top-secret report was leaked from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. At the time, the CRU was widely recognized as the world’s foremost authority on so-called “global warming science.” Emails and reams of data revealed an elaborate conspiracy to fake evidence of rising temperatures and melting ice caps. It was an outrageous breach of scientific trust and academic authority. For all intents and purposes, the global warming hoax had been utterly debunked.

From Forbes to the Wall Street Journal to Newsmax.com, experts denounced this unscrupulous environmental conspiracy. Yet Jane Mayer’s obsession with radical socialism would not be deterred.

After months of purposelessness, the New Yorker journalist seized upon a new line of attack. She zeroed in on the Koch brothers, two all-American, freedom loving business leaders. With guile and ambition, she contrived to make them the poster boys for her environmental alarmism and thereby foment socialist revolution.

On August 30, 2010, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama” was published and the American political landscape was forever changed.

In Jane Mayer’s dramatic retelling of conservative advocacy, Charles and David Koch were the puppeteers behind the nascent Tea Party movement. In her view, the Tea Party did not represent freedom and individual rights, lower taxes and American patriotism. She depicted these hometown grassroots participants as racists and buffoons. Even though they vowed to fight corruption in Washington and the decay of traditional morality, Mayer did not believe it. No, she dismissed these men and women of all ages, many of whom were military veterans and community job creators, as mere fools.

Mayer’s anti-Koch screed caused an immediate sensation among the old guard of global warming hoaxers. A short time later, in the Fall of 2011, they regrouped on the streets of Manhattan. Inspired by Mayer’s zealotry, the “Occupy Wall Street” riots lasted for months and left an indelible scar on our nation’s financial system. The goal of this uprising was a simple one: to thrust the United States into the swarthy arms of international socialism.

Jane Mayer (right) has shrugged off suggestions that owes victims of the Occupy riots an apology.

Despite mounting evidence, Jane Mayer (right) has shrugged off suggestions that she owes victims of the Occupy riots compensation or even an apology.

The Occupy riots forced the American people into two camps. On one side are those who support hard work, freedom and the Koch brothers. On the other are Mayer’s socialist rabble, screeching for subsidies and handouts, while celebrating a lifestyle of drugs and sexual debauchery.

By any measure, this leftwing plot has been one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in modern history. Mayer and her cadre of radical environmentalists have not only defamed an all-American family, they have undermined the first truly grassroots movement this country has seen since the Great Awakening of the 1850s.

In the final analysis, one must wonder if Jane Mayer ever stops huffing the acrid fumes of globalist communism long enough to survey the ravaged American landscape of disabled veterans and weeping children whose ambitions have been crushed by the revolution her sweaty little pen hath wrought. Clearly, she cares not.