Did Apple Sell its Soul to Satan so That the Gay Agenda May Triumph?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Apple computer satanic agenda

In the Bible, the apple represents femininity and Satanism, which is the computer company’s secret agenda today.

The immense power that homosexual elitists wield is nowhere more evident than in the realm of technology. It was a British sexual deviant named Alan Turing who first breached the walls of traditional mathematics to conceive of computer “science.” His innovation led the way to an algorithmic approach to logic that cast aside emotion and morality. Later, gays were the first to adopt secret internet “message boards” to trade pornography and arrange genital rendezvous.

Today, there is one major corporation playing an essential role in the gay agenda. Not only is it spending countless billions to advertise this egregious lifestyle choice on our national airwaves, not only is it actively lobbying politicians on behalf of perversion, not only is it employing armies of sodomites at each and every store location, not only is it affirming effeminate aesthetics with “slick” and “flamboyant” designs, but this organization has also gotten into the business of actually spreading homosexuality door to door in America.

And the enterprise in question is none other than the Apple Computer Company.

Let me be perfectly clear about the truth we’re exposing here: Apple products are directly linked to the dramatic rise in homosexuality among our youths and this company is also criminally facilitating an epidemic of hardcore gay sex on our streets.

Apple has long enjoyed success within the homosexual subculture. Early computers had bright and colorful monitors that were uniquely calibrated for viewing the confusing hues of male-on-male pornos. Later, the laptop revolution meant that young men could sneak away from mother’s eyes to browse illicit websites and post X-rated personal ads on Myspace and Craigslist. The iPhone and iPad revolution took this one step further, freeing gay men to shop for “bottoms and tops” from virtually any location– at work, in the classroom, the locker room, etc. Even more shocking, Apple introduced a vast line of “apps” that are specific to their iPhones and that are meant solely for homosexual use. There is one called “Grindr,” which uses GPS technology to locate an immediate anonymous “hook up” no matter where you are in the world. The result? Sodomy on demand is often less than five minutes away!

In the heterosexual world, we are blind to the enormous amount of homosexual sex that occurs every day in our once great nation. Gay discos pulse with an erotic psychosis. Orgies are a common occurrence at every major hotel. Our colleges host cam-on-cam masturbation festivals. Small towns and big cities have “cruising parks” where men engage in unbelievable exhibitions. Highway rest stops, urban alleyways, mall bathrooms and even church parking lots…. the true list is unfathomable.

Apple products are responsible for the massive upsurge in gay sex in America.

Apple products are linked to the massive upsurge in American sodomy.

It really should not come as any surprise that the skyrocketing rates of gay sodomy in the United States match perfectly with the proliferation of Apple Computer products. The company’s founder was an avowed anti-Christian whose technological innovations were often inexplicable. He was able to introduce ideas fully formed, as if they had never been tossed around a laboratory or debated among a team of marketers. He simply appeared with a new product and its success was eerily guaranteed. No other company in the United States has had such an improbable track record and it strongly suggests a greater power at work behind the scenes.

If Apple CEO Steve Jobs did make a deal with the darker forces of this world, and his worship of paganism indicates that he may have, it’s clear his company reaped enormous financial benefits. Apple has been one of the most profitable corporations in human history.

Homosexuality may indeed have been the trade that Steve Jobs made for his company’s billions. As always when one makes a deal with the Devil, however, the Devil gets the upper hand. Satan called in his chips on Jobs, who died just two years ago. In his place, major homosexual activist Tim Cook ascended to the CEO chair. It has been rumored that Cook is on the executive board of the gay agenda, along with such other luminaries of perversion as Elton John, Rachel Maddow and Neil Patrick Harris.

As the chief salesman of homosexuality in the American marketplace, Apple has had tremendous success of late. Gay “marriage” has just been legalized in Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Jersey. Congress this week passed a law that promotes discrimination against Christians. And the gay youths are running amok on our internet, flaunting their taut bodies and their shiny gold iPhones as if they know, deep within their sex-crazed minds, that America itself is being ruthlessly sodomized by Satan.


  • John M

    You mentioned orgies in major hotels… I was just wondering… what hotel is this? I mean, here I have been thinking keeping it to the Four Seasons and the Hilton I was doing myself a favor (they are, after all, quite major hotels) but I have yet to see an orgy. And if there is some sweet group man – on – man action going down at hotels across America, I am going to need to get myself a member’s rewards card quick! Thanks for the help!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I am NOT your gay world tour guide, okay?

      • rasslor56

        Hey, YOU brought it up.

  • Very Rev. +Daighidh Loggins

    Your information is in error. The increase has nothing to do with specifically Apple products, but in fact ALL smartphones. Additionally, there has been just as large an increase in heterosexual people using smartphone applications for connecting with other sexually-aroused individuals. If you are going to report on an increase in Sexual Activity, be fair, un-biased and honest about it. A LIE BY OMISSION is STILL a LIE. An honest and true journalist would have reported THE WHOLE TRUTH, nut just what suited his personal biases and agendas.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I’m sorry but my research was thorough and I really don’t need to hear a sex apologist try to explain away the corruption of our youth by casting aspersions on my journalism, you nutjob.

      • rasslor56

        You’re a journalist? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

        • Stephenson_Billings

          You’re not making me angry, if that’s what you’re trying to do punk.

          • dd

            i don’t think you understand the concept of journalism

        • Rambo

          Dear homosexual satans …what happened now ? …Tim cook himself said that he is a gay …congrats dear Stephenson billings ..god bless you

      • Gregor B Campbell

        yes, I’m sure your research was “thorough”

  • Nicthalon

    ROFL, you’re against homosexuality but your banner has a pic of a hot, ripped, shirtless guy. Hypocrite much?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Project your little fantasies much, missy?

      • J. Raye

        Oh, I am “projecting” all the time, after all, how else can we influence those impressionable youth who might wander in my path, and mistake me for just anther drone.

        • Stephenson_Billings

          I don’t even know what that means.

          • rasslor56

            No, you don’t. You’ve skipped thinking.

      • dd

        why is he naked

  • Richard

    Does this guy write for The Colbert Report? Hilarious. Should have worked in a line about the earth being 6,000 years old or discrediting evolution. Computer “science”, priceless! Was this article typed on a Windows 8 PC using Word?

  • Chad

    Why vilify computer science like this? It reminds me of gun rights advocates and their argument that guns kill people (people USE guns to kill people, but there is a person behind the trigger). Computer science is a tool and computational theory was inevitable. Indeed, another man, named Church, discovered the same theory without knowing about Turing (which is why it’s called the Church-Turing Thesis). Just because homosexuals have made us think that one of their disgusting disciples came up with it on his own doesn’t mean we have to buy into that propaganda!

  • J. Raye

    HAVE spent entire nights on a dance floor, I have “perused” the
    interwebs for my own edification and enlightenment, and have even thrown
    the errant wink at “perfect strangers”…so sue me!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      THank you for the apology, my friend. It’s important that the gays own up to the damage their cultural tornado has wrought.

  • Doug

    You are severely misguided and borderline insane. As a homosexual myself, and never having owned an apple product until long after I came out, I think you are an attention seeker, a troll if you will. Either that, or a closet case!

    • rasslor56

      Of course he is–look at the hot guy at the top of the article–Stephenson must be self-loathing CRINGING right now.

  • rasslor56

    Funniest dumbass sh#t I’ve read today.

  • rasslor56

    Dr. Stephenson Billings is an award-winning Investigative Journalist, Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer and Antique Soda Bottle Collector all in one special, blessed package!—

    Motivational Children’s PARTY Entertainer? Man, THAT sounds perverted. You’re a closeted sicko.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I work in the art of the clown, which has a long and important tradition in our culture. I do kid’s birthdays and bring the positive messages of Jesus Christ. Kids love my act!

      Don’t attempt to insult what you really don’t grasp, my friend.

      • dd

        clowns are servants of satin!

        • Stephenson_Billings

          Wow, how easily you insult the hardworking men and women in America whose greatest goal is to make children laugh. Whether it’s in a cancer ward or a backyard birthday party, the only payment we need is a child’s smile. I guess you hate happy kids then?

  • Jeordee

    Dr Billings

    Thank you for your informative article. I have long suspected that there was something behind the massive proliferation of gayness in the modern world.

    Taking your article further, is it not possible that there is some technology hidden within these phones and tablets that turn young men from the true path?

  • Arron

    The only thing I will say is that’s the caption at the top is misleading, the fruit that Eve eats in the Garden of Eden is never named in the Bible, and scholars are divided as to what it could have been. To say the apple is associated with anything in the Bible is wrong.

  • savagenation

    Apple never had a “soul”. One of the Steves was only interested in inanimate objects and the other Steve in money, fame and power. I would love to hear Religious Horror Stories from employees of Athiest/Anti-theist Silicon Valley tech companies. Notice you never hear big techies or dot cons talk about the Bible, or Church, not mentioning it in passing, or even simply recalling it from their childhood.

  • smeg killa

    commenting because I seen you calling people nutjobs…. Dude you are the nutjob…

    • Rambo

      Dear homosexual satans …what happened now ? …Tim cook himself said that he is a gay …congrats dear Stephenson billings ..god bless you

  • Dicehunter

    Heterosexual men and women assault children by a factor of 10x+ compared to homosexual men and women, That statistic alone should tell you there’s more wrong with Heterosexual men and women.
    And no I’m not gay I just look at the sane facts.

  • 127wexfordroad

    Apple never had a soul to sell. The true computing platform MUST be open source: fully transparent and 100% controlled by the user. Apple and Microsoft are just two sides of the same liberal-agenda government-registered, NSA-sanctioned coin.

  • “Early computers had bright and colorful monitors that were uniquely calibrated for viewing the confusing hues of male-on-male pornos” – Love it. Just reading lots of your articles – great stuff 🙂

  • Cassidy Pen

    The new era of public school-based atheist arithmetic and sinister algebra functionality taught to our children, launched in the late 1960’s, spawned this evil cloud of portable perdition…that and youtube cat videos. Bing and a church culture is the only answer.