Every Trump Supporter Has a Duty to Publicly Denounce the Enemies Within Our Ranks

Posted on by Derby Mack
Have you justified your loyalty to the Trump Nation?

Any treason within the ranks of Trump Nation will be handled with extreme prejudice.

Victory has bloated the Trump Nation and now it’s time to cut the fat.

Look around you, my fellow patriots. Our incredible string of electoral successes has put us on a clear path to the White House. That glorious flame of power has drawn so many to our heat. Yet now more than ever, our movement is in danger of being co-opted.

There are traitors amongst us. Some discredit our cause with low energy and even lower faith. They’re here by default. They sit in the pews, but their souls haven’t been converted. They gossip, they question, they infect others with doubt.

If we are to maintain our momentum, we need complete obedience to the word of Donald J. Trump. It’s crucial that our forces remain muscular and watchful. There can be no dissension in the ranks.

Ask yourself, are you willing to risk your life for Trump? What’s more important, your personal beliefs or the vision that Mr. Trump has blessed America with? Are your family and friends also committed? What are you doing in your daily life to insure that the people around you remain faithful? Is your community the strongest, most dedicated group of Trump supporters they could possibly be?

There should be no hesitation in your answers.

This degree of loyalty is crucial as we face our greatest enemy.

We know for a fact that Trump Nation has been infiltrated. The danger is much worse than a Black Lives Matter protestor disrupting a speech. This enemy poses a far greater threat because he may look and talk just like us. He has been trained to mimic our passion. But don’t doubt for a second that he’s working with every fiber of his being for our total defeat.

We need

Total victory for the Trump vision requires complete personal sacrifice.

This enemy is none other than the Republican Party. The Old Guard is so outraged by the rise of Donald J. Trump, they will do anything to steal the nomination from him.

From local volunteers to the personal inner circle of Mr. Trump himself, there are agents secretly conspiring. They’re collecting intelligence and sowing the seeds of rebellion. Some may even harbor sympathies for the Mexicans.

These slick operatives of political assassination have been sent by the likes of Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. They are financed by some of the wealthiest families in America today. We have proof that they’re conspiring a convention coup. They’re holding private meetings and funding vicious attack ads.

We need everybody’s help to ferret out these spies today. Pay attention to your family and coworkers. Be on the lookout for foreign agitators and sexual deviants. Don’t be afraid to question people in your church group. Keep a record of dissent. It’s of enormous importance that we use this information to build a database of disloyalty.

Every patriot should welcome an investigation into their support of Donald J. Trump.

Taking a loyalty oath needs to become the new normal. Baptism by fire can be redeeming for those who are genuinely without sin.

If you have fears about someone, the most patriotic thing a Trump Nation citizen can do is to publicly denounce these vile agents. You must take to Facebook or Twitter, a church meeting or the public square to shout your concerns! Do it now!

Be warned: those who hesitate to expose the traitors amongst us are equally guilty of treason.

We WILL find you and you WILL be judged when the time comes!


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