David Hasselhoff Is Not Afraid to Threaten the Illuminati in His Groundbreaking New Video

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
Hasselhoff's "True Survivor" is rich with anti-Illuminati symbolism.

Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor” is rich with anti-Illuminati symbolism.

From Disney movies to hip hop videos, we are assaulted by secret Illuminati symbols every day. They are there to weaken us psychologically before the incredible power of the global elite. These images infiltrate our brain and clog the normal vibrational harmony of our spirits. Time and again, analysts have discovered these hidden messages. Some have been so outraged, they have made it their mission in life to let the world know. People really are starting to wake up and fight back, but we have a brutally long road ahead of us.

Now it appears we can count David Hasselhoff among those who have opened their eyes to the truth!

Hasselhoff has had an unusual life in Hollywood. The talented actor rose so high early on with blockbuster primetime shows Knight Rider and Baywatch. This was followed by an impressive musical career, Broadway hits and countless major motion picture cameos. But David never truly found his rightful place at the A-list Hollywood table, alongside other stars who began in television such as George Clooney or Martin Sheen.

Among his legion of female fans, however, Hasselhoff ‘s solid Aryan looks and rogue mess of hair make him a perennial idol. To them, he represents a bygone era of hirsute masculinity, the strong but sophisticated hand of a man who knows what he wants and precisely what he has to do to get it. He is charming and blessedly talented, and despite the vagaries of celebrity, he has always shown a deeply humane heart.

Today David Hasselhoff once again leaps off his lifeguard chair to save us from the drowning waters of American culture. He has released a stunning new music video entitled “True Survivor” that is jam packed with anti-Illuminati symbolism. It will excite anyone who has awakened to the true danger of the one percent. This amazing message is stacked with images demanding to be interpreted and understood. It is David’s gift to the enlightened and downtrodden people of the earth. It is a rallying cry, shaking us from the stupor of modern life to see the horror that awaits if we continue down this path to the End Times. It is also one of the most hopeful pieces of art I have seen in ages.

The scene opens with David acting as a policeman on the mean streets of Big City, USA. He is confronted by tattooed gang bangers (Obama’s multicultural Marxists, perhaps?), whom he readily defeats. From there, assaults are attempted by Nazis, a Viking goddess, naked men in hockey masks (mixing the horror of “Escape From New York” with Jason from “Friday the 13th”), wolves, the pagan god Thor himself, and even more Nazis! Each of these identities serves as some worshipped deity in the pantheon of Illuminati spirituality. Other important symbols to note: David’s white Lamborghini embodies his moral purity, while the red car slashing about may mean communism (a common trick in Soviet art).

A major element of the video is a flashback to the 80s were David meets his younger self, a computer programmer waging his own war against dark forces. In this, the video suggests the cyclical nature of evil in our lives, how we must always be on guard against Satan’s henchmen. It also evokes the grandeur that was Ronald Reagan’s 1980s, a time when the line between “Good versus Evil” was far easier to see in the culture wars.

At right, Hasselhoff karate kicks a red stripe, representing communism

At right, Hasselhoff karate kicks a red stripe, a common representation of communism in Soviet art (his white chariot may symbolize the purity of his cause). Left, the abandoned Illuminati pyramid of the closing scene.

I hate to give spoilers, but the incredible finale of this film has David leaping through a series of explosions to triumph! It’s a beautiful tour de force that had this fan on the edge of her seat! The ending shows David reunite with his younger self and the battle has clearly invigorated his youthful spirit. They ride off together on the back of a wild but grateful dinosaur, which is the most fascinating subtext in the whole film.

David rides off into the sunset

David rides off into the sunset with his younger self. A recognition of the importance of dinosaurs in the Creation Science debate?

The dinosaur may symbolize an important issue that is being hotly debated in Christianity right now. Dr. Kent Hovind, a renowned expert on Creation Science, has written that dinosaurs exist today and that their existence proves that Darwinian evolution is false and that the Biblical timeline is factually correct.

This breakthrough knowledge has been kept out of the mainstream press and releasing it publicly even landed Dr. Hovind in jail! Of course, the Illuminati is doing everything in its power to keep this information secret. But word is finally getting out and people are becoming more aware of the plight of our dinosaurs every day! We need to stop the atheist elite from murdering these majestic creatures right now!

“True Survivor” fades into its glorious conclusion with David Hasselhoff riding off into the sunset. Beside him is his younger self and they are on the back of that smiling, Biblically correct dinosaur. They pause for a gentle moment before a decrepit Illuminati pyramid covered in grass, and then leap away. It is as if the Hoff is flaunting our future victory right in the face of the reptilian elite and it is truly wondrous!