Could “Science” Guy Bill Nye’s Disgusting Secret Destroy His Career?

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billnyeOne of America’s most controversial activists took a crude, bitter strike at our founding faith this week and liberals across the country cheered. Aging atheist philosopher Bill Nye, who hosts a popular channel on Youtube, released a video that instantly became a viral sensation. In the 3-minute clip, Mr. Nye rants hysterically against the influence of Christian morality in our nation today. He is particularly outraged that Darwin’s evolution “theory” is not finding widespread acceptance among young students.

Nye’s video lays out the view that the earth and all humanity are mere muddy happenstance. He sees our existence as a random act of emptiness and enmity borne by a universe that cares nothing for our souls. Sadly, Nye’s message is aimed at children. With Youtube’s unwillingness to block the video with a parental warning, many have indeed watched it.

Molly Murgenson, a mother of five in Dyersburg, Tennessee, worries about the influence of radical liberals like Nye. In a recent interview, she noted that her children, ages 12 to 16, have access to Nye’s Youtube channel on the family computer. “I just don’t think it’s right that some older man we don’t know is trying to get my kids alone and speak with them like this,” she stated. “Who really knows what this Bill Nye is fixing to do with my kids. I got girls and boys, but I can’t hardly tell with these city types what his thing is.” Others have noted that nowhere on Bill Nye’s channel does he praise faith, patriotism or Jesus Christ.


Bill Nye first shot to fame as a geeky comedian on a small television program in Seattle. Prior to that he was best known as a protégé of marijuana propagandist Carl Sagan. Sagan claimed to have smoked pot every day of his adult life, and encouraged countless young people to experiment with dangerous narcotics. It is not known if Nye himself has a drug agenda he’s also attempting to push on teens, but clearly his interest in untested atheistic ideologies should raise concerns.

On closer inspection, it becomes evident that Bill Nye’s entire career is based on being a condescending gadfly. He has made countless media appearances where he plays up his position as a dissenter, a disagreeable devil’s advocate constantly pushing unpopular opinions. He’s edgy and tense on our television screens, staring with an off-putting derangement directly into the camera lens. He picks his teeth and taps his bow tie as if in some sort of occultic Morris code. Could he be sending secret messages to his followers through his signature bow ties? One is led to wonder at the curious color and design choices in his wardrobe arsenal.

Physically, Mr. Nye is tall and wispy with a sort of WASPish insouciance. He pontificates about science with droll analogies, yet cannot help but garnish his discussions with a soupçon of old-fashioned Ivy League elitism. There is no soulfulness, no heartland humility in the tweed-suited prima donna. An irascible violence boils just below his academic façade. He is an unpredictable man, a dangerous man. He has the smile creases of one who has tasted the darkest fruits of civilization’s underground. Is that the grin of a secret sadomasochistic dungeon dominatrix? Or maybe that’s the neediness of a hoarder, a collector of human organs stored in jar after jar on shelves that line a basement bunker? Or could we be looking at a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, experimenting with stem cells and the dead in some mountaintop lair? Those anxious, insatiable eyes tell us that there’s much, much more to the Bill Nye story… What exactly? Well, that’s still a mystery.

Mrs. Billings, also of Dyersburg, Tennessee, sums up why so many adults find Bill Nye upsetting. “He’s got this look,” she explained, “It’s real queer like he knows you’re watching and he likes that. It’s a hungry look, but not in his stomach. He’s feeding on you, on your attention. But it’s not enough. He wants more and more of you. It’s like he just wants to keep sucking out your soul through the TV screen.”


Setting aside these questions of Bill Nye’s spiritual endgame, issues have also arisen about the man’s professional integrity. Analysts note that it’s just too easy to play up the chimera of an angry atheist. Does Mr. Nye honestly believe the questionable beliefs he’s made millions from? Or is he yet another disingenuous salesman who has stumbled upon a gimmick, which the public falls for hook, line and sinker? It could also be that he’s simply arrogant and misguided, a buffoon who plays to the liberal media’s wishful thinking.

Whatever the answer, performing as an atheist on television has given Bill Nye enough money to live an extravagant lifestyle that is rumored to include gated mansions, Italian sports cars and a bevy of attractive acolytes falling over themselves to pleasure his most unusual fetishes. If Mr. Nye is indeed unscrupulously taking advantage of the naïve and youthful to stuff his Swiss bank accounts, he should be condemned for it. Our society is better than the Bill Nyes of this world.

Many challenges to American Christianity have risen up in the wake of Barack Obama’s unrighteous ascension to power. Undoubtedly, Science Guy Bill Nye is one of the very worst of these. It’s all too clear that he is a dangerous activist, a liberal atheist living high off America’s spiritual woes and an insatiable predator preying on the minds of our children. As Christians, we also need to entertain the possibility that there’s more to this story. Such a concentration of evil is rarely occurs without a little help. Could Nye’s interest in the occult be fueling something far darker? Is he of the forces that the Bible warns us about? How much of Bill Nye’s dark vision is foretold in End Times prophecy? While we may never know the answers to these questions, it’s vital that we spread word about the maelstrom of spiritual depravity that Nye conjures. When the public fully understands the secret, disgusting underside of Bill Nye, we will be far better prepared to protect all America’s children from the dangerous influences of atheism and the occult.

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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.