Has Comedian Will Ferrell Forsaken America’s Christians?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Hollywood insider Will Ferrell has worn many masks over the course of his lucrative career. From farcical jabs at professional golf and NASCAR to sympathetic portrayals of Ted Kaczynski and Fidel Castro, he seeks to explore every aspect of our cultural scene. The actor even went so far as to belittle President George Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. In addition to these dalliances, his most recognizable stock character is that of a hapless Caucasian-American befuddled by his own ignorance. With each performance he cheapens himself and everyone who watches him. In countless films that spread controversial messages across the globe, he is the face of misguided multiculturalism, searching for a commonality that demeans us all.

More than any other celebrity today, Mr. Ferrell is popular because he seems so harmless. Young people are drawn to such movies as Elf and Hellboy. The Ladies Man and Harsh Times are considered date movies for curious couples. The older generation has been mollified by the slapstick of Anchorman and Talladega Nights. His appearances on Saturday Night Live and Sons of Anarchy and in numerous internet videos have made him relentlessly accessible to people of all ages. Yet do these depictions of prolonged adolescence and unmitigated sexuality go too far in degrading our nation as a whole? Is this man on a crash course to become the Benny Hill of his generation, promoting an agenda without any concern for its endgame? Hill famously became the icon of the rape crisis in Britain due to his highly eroticized antics that encouraged lechery in the general public. How far is Ferrell willing to go?

As critic Ted Baehr has noted:

Will Ferrell’s Talladega Nights, “is one of the most blasphemous, politically correct major movies ever released by a major Hollywood studio. It is a racist, bigoted work that ridicules southern, white Christian males. In one scene, the filmmakers sneeringly deride Southern Christians who say prayers to Jesus before dinner. The southern Christians come off as ignorant buffoons, and the figure of Jesus is a symbol ripe for condescending mockery.”

Ultimately, we must ask if the Ferrell agenda is a personal crusade or part of a larger push by those who wish to redefine our culture. It has become profoundly clear that we are living in incredibly difficult times. We have a surging socialist element on our very soil. In turn, these liberals have formed an alliance with violent Muslim extremists. Together, our foes have used the mainstream media and political corruption to seize power and undermine the economy. They have thoroughly disrupted the momentum of progress the United States had enjoyed since World War II. In America we trust in the true God, our Creator, and not some “prophet” who wrote a book a few centuries back called the Koran after he woke up from a bout of seizures. God made this world and all that is good. Much like Mohammed, Ferrell has risen to prominence at the very time that the fortress of Christianity is showing its cracks. Will he arm himself with a hammer? Does he, too, dream of a radical cult of destruction?

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The career of Will Ferrell is uniquely offensive when one considers the fact that this man grew up in a Christian world, born to a father who himself was a famous Christian performer. Furthermore, it is the very freedom that this Christian nation has nurtured that allows people like Mr. Ferrell to speak their minds and perform their acts. He is not susceptible to a communist tribunal nor a Fatwa from the local Imam. Instead, the United States gives men like this an incredible opportunity to express their hopes and dreams, but with that liberty comes grave responsibilities. It is these responsibilities that Mr. Ferrell has repeatedly violated to the disgust of the Christians of America to whom he owes so much.

In person, Mr. Ferrell plays the part of a fool all too well. This is not surprising for a man who has never exhibited one iota of intellectual depth. His voice breaks with a pubescent twang. At times he is nasal, crumbling his words into bestial shrieks that call out to the naivety of our youth. His ragged face shows the wear of a man who has freely tasted the fruits of the indulgent Hollywood scene. It is not just a visage of alcoholism, but one of promiscuity and abuse. Complimenting this is an unkempt, almost ethnic, hairstyle and a decidedly unbathed look that is wholly inappropriate for a middle-aged man. This textbook liberal rebellion is what makes him so popular among young people today. He is their icon of raunchy debauchery. Even women find much to fetishize in his prodigious, unathletic body.

Ferrell knows no self-control. Watching him in a movie is akin to being accosted by an alcoholic who won’t stop leering at your daughter. He is unpredictable and loud. His restless, burning eyes are unnerving. His irrationality feels like a threat, a threat that at any moment he may strike you with his meaty fists. He is the sort of man who gets uncomfortably close not just to adults, but to their innocent children. Some strange craving forces him needlessly close to our television screens. He suffers from a pulsing urge that dominates every cell of his body. You can see it in the egomaniacal proximity he demands in his films. Yes, it’s no accident that the camera always appears to be a few inches from that sickly, belligerent face.

stephenson billings on will ferrell

The ways of God are meant to lift us up, to brighten our hearts. Ferrell on the other hand is a failure, a despicable shell of a man. Despite the incredible power he wields, he has repeatedly refused to use that position for good. The sad truth is that Will Ferrell is neither an actor nor a comedian. He is robust on the stage, but he lacks the complexity or soulfulness of his far more sophisticated peers. His style is immature and crude, full of tired clichés and caricatures. He is voracious and obnoxious and thoroughly distasteful. He exhibits a pickled, irate demeanor that suggests the alcoholism so common amongst those who share his Irish heritage.

With these challenges in mind, it is reckless for those who cherish the beauty of this nation to patronize a man such as Will Ferrell. Every effort should be made to prevent this man’s apotheosis in American culture. He represents the battlefield of depravity we face in the small moments of our lives. He is the pathetic everyman who cares not for love or faith. He is our childhood friend who has strayed from the church of his upbringing. He is that bitter cousin who smells of sweat and whiskey. He is the ravaged figure we see walking down our main streets as night approaches. When the mask is dropped, Ferrell is the terrorist whose mugshot we see on the nightly news. His is a face that makes us wonder if we could not have done more to save our fellow man.