Chemtrail-Free Foods, The Next Health Trend?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
The next big health craze

Could this eclipse the gluten-free movement?

Murphy Nixon tugs his collar and barks out, “Squash, cucumbers, kale and ramps!” We’ve just entered the greenhouse and this upstate New York horticulturalist is showing off a fascinating experiment. The air is humid. Row upon row of bright stems spring from the black soil. At the far end is strange collection of copper pipes, arranged almost like a church organ. “I designed that myself,” he tells me. “It’s a chembuster, based on the original Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster.”

This shaggy-haired pioneer is betting the farm, so to speak, on chemtrails. Or rather, on preventing chemtrail toxins from leaking into our daily diet. With three layers of polyethylene roofing, a small fortune in orgonite and plenty of Rotenone to keep the earwigs away, this hoop house environment is impressively sequestered from insect infestation and atmospheric threats alike.

If Nixon is right, and consciousness of the geoengineering conspiracy to poison our skies continues to grow, this trend could propel his agro-business to profitability. And that would put this small town naturopathic farmer on the very forefront of a veritable food revolution.

Sky High Ambitions

There are currently 104 countries where evidence of chemtrail spraying has surfaced, placing as many as 5.4 billion people at risk. As word of this dangerous phenomenon has spread, over one thousand activist groups have organized across the World Wide Web, with a total membership of 800,000. If you include the number of people who are even minimally chemtrail-aware (through the alternative media and online message boards), the count jumps to 12.7 million. In between those 12 million and 5 billion figures lies the incredible growth potential of the chemtrail-free food industry.

An uphill battle

For some there is a silver lining to the chemtrails panic: people waking up to a new health consciousness.

Fueling chemtrail consciousness are a number of health concerns. According to the vast trove of internet journalism on the subject, symptoms of exposure can include Morgellons, mind fog, anxiety, spasmodic bloating, blurred vision, projectile vomiting, FAMP, swollen feet, pigment radiation, dry elbows, erectile dysfunction, extended bowel movements and warts.

Despite the research, however, the medical establishment has been slow to react. Many patients see this as further evidence that the government is complicit in population control, emboldening them to a level of activism that may have had the inadvertent effect of prompting central powers to increase their efforts to enforce the New World Order. Hence, censorship and economic defaults suddenly making headlines across the globe.

In the meantime, the most vulnerable victims of the geoengineering conspiracy are demanding help now.

“Bigger Than Halal or Kosher”

Entrepreneurs like Pandora D’Andrada view the gluten-free movement as a model for what lies ahead. She’s currently working on a prospectus for a Kickstarter aimed at incubating famers like Murphy Nixon into a larger consortium.

“Gluten-free went from being a niche market to an international lifestyle craze,” she explains, “attracting the attention of government officials, major food processing companies and hundreds of millions of consumers along the way.”

Protest marches have raised awareness, but is it enough?

Protest marches have laid the groundwork, but now consumers want more options in their fight for justice and freedom.

“Low carb and gluten-free really only target 10 to 20% of the population,” she continues. “A small fraction of that actually suffers from Celiac Disease and needs to eat food without wheat. But with chemtrails, it’s an entirely different ballgame. It’s literally everybody except the 1% who is at risk. So do the math! That’s 99%! A huge upside for investors!”

Another person who is optimistic about the prospects is Clifford Carnicom of the National Health Freedom Association. He is in talks to start a “Chemtrail-Free Food Expo.” If enough farmers and food processors get on board, Dr. Carnicom envisions dedicated grocery aisles and maybe even specialty “chemtrail-free” markets.

“This could be bigger than Halal or Kosher by a mile,” he says. “We might even try chemtrail-free Kosher if there’s money there.”

With the dietary regimens of the chemtrail-aware in mind, vendors are considering branding an impressive array of products such as hamburgers, pizza, pasta, ice cream, donuts, cookies, fish patties, French fries, chocolate, mayonnaise, butter, salsa and rum. And, following the gluten-free lead, they could expand into household items such as soap, lipstick, candles, bed pillows, children’s toys and even drywall.

“The first cookbook author who jumps on this,” Dr. Carnicom predicts, “will make serious bank.”

Lofty Concerns

Investor excitement may lead to some strange bedfellows for the chemtrail-free food industry. There is a small list of countries where the air is completely devoid of geoengineering or nearly so, including Belarus, Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea and Myanmar. Each stands to benefit as a potential food supplier, but restrictions and tariffs stand in the way of profitability.

An Amethyst Chembuster/Orgone Generator

Murphy Nixon’s latest investment, a $3,000 Amethyst Chembuster/Orgone Generator.

To navigate the pitfalls, some activists have found themselves liaising with the United States Chamber of Commerce and supporting free trade agreements, like the Trans Pacific Partnership.

“At the end of the day, we want our products to be freely available to everyone,” Dr. Carnicom notes, “and to do that we need to drive costs down. That’s why we’re taking a stand against unfair taxes and import duties that fund unnecessary government entitlements.”

This is a vital issue for consumers like Esteban Hough, a chemtrail justice warrior and thrift store manager in Portland, Oregon. “I don’t need some crank like [infamous chemtrail denier] Dennis Messeroux telling me what to eat!” he says. “There are plenty of racist corporate disinfo agents out there jamming the frequencies of truth and it really is racism when you get right to it, because they hate a race of enlightened people. Everything I’ve studied online about chemtrails has supported what I learned by being awake and watching the sky for over a decade and noticing something was really screwed up and that’s why I’m an aware consumer, eating only chemtrail-free and that just blows the racists’ minds!”

Looking out at lush hills of Chenango County, farmer Murphy Nixon has more immediate concerns. “Long term I worry that once this thing explodes, somebody like Monsanto is going to swoop in and co-opt the chemtrail-free label to push aspartame or fluoride on folks,” he states, “but for now, I just hope the people who have ‘woken up’ have an appetite for my cool ranch-flavored kale chips…”