Can My Baby Get Pregnant if I Have Sex When I’m Pregnant?

Posted on by Doc Bacon

pregnantFor many women, pregnancy is the most important time in their lives. They grow and they glow. One becomes two and suddenly something wondrous and precious bursts out into this world.

Yet it can be a confusing nine months. Tormented by a tidal wave of hormones, many girls become needy and belligerent. They demand exotic foods and personal massages. Husbands, too, suffer as their normal sexual outlet has been “closed for renovation.” It’s not surprising, then, that many couples are lured back into the strange waters of sexual intercourse after countless sleepless nights of quarrels and vomit.

Is sex during pregnancy safe? The liberal media has invested quite a bit of time and money selling young women on the idea that it’s perfectly fine. There are dirty videos and expensive guides, newspaper columns and telephone chat lines. Beyond the liberal agenda of profit, something more sinister is happening here and it has everything to do with abortion.

Abortion advocates sell America on the idea that life doesn’t start at conception, but rather at birth. Under this absurdly unscientific theory, an infant in the womb isn’t actually alive. Thus, they feel no moral compunction about the millions upon millions of unborn babies murdered every year. But the truth is far more complex.

If we accept that a child in the womb is a living creature, then it naturally follows that if she’s a girl she can indeed get pregnant when a man (who is hopefully her father) jams his penis around in there and “finishes the deed,” so to speak. In any normal society this would be classified as incest. It’s morally, socially and legally wrong and it’s disgusting. While actual fetal pregnancy is quite rare, it does happen, although the liberal media would rather sell their abortion agenda and sex guides than actually report the truth.

Does this mean having sex when the child is a boy is okay? Not necessarily! An adult man’s penis can do quite a bit of damage swinging around the infant’s womb. It can awaken and irritate the comfortable boy child. He will attempt to defend himself against this terrifying monster that appears to be attacking him. In the worst case scenarios, many boys end up with a dent in their foreheads from being aggressively poked and these children are far more likely to grow up hating their fathers.

Considering all the pressing health worries, mothers would be far better served to focus on non-penetrative forms of sexual gratification, from “slapping the clown” to “going downtown,” if they wish to keep their husbands happy.

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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.