“Burning Man” Honors Chemtrail Pilots With Controversial 2015 Festival Theme

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A secret occult festival

A secret occult festival will proselytize for the chemtrail cause this summer.

My taxi, an ugly orange Pontiac with no air conditioning, swung a corner and came to an abrupt stop. “Ain’t going no further,” the driver said with a tremble of fear in his voice. An elegant “No Trespassing” sign hung from a beat-up gate. I handed the man a sweaty clump of bills and emerged. I hoped I didn’t look too nervous.

A month earlier I had received a call from a source deep inside the treacherous world of geoengineering. “Something significant is happening,” he told me in a raspy whisper from a Vegas payphone, “Collusion at the highest levels…”

That first tip led me to a motley artist commune just outside of Los Angeles. From there, I found my way to the Mojave Desert. I could give you the coordinates but they wouldn’t mean anything. In fact, they’ve already been erased from every Google map tool around. That isn’t a coincidence, as I would later find out.

Nellie opened up that rusty gate and led me on foot the rest of the way. It was night, but I could feel the deep tire tracks on the dirt road. Heavy equipment had passed here recently. She was one of the true believers and I knew this was some sort of P.R. push meant to derail my investigation. “Feldman’s an emissary of pity, science and progress, and devil knows what else,” she was telling me.

My Vegas source had given me a different, albeit improbable, story. Those at the very pinnacle of society’s pyramid were furious, he had warned me. We’re talking the bosses of our presidents, our premiers and prime ministers. Their secret is out. Too many people have woken up to the truth about that vast conspiracy in our skies: Chemtrails.

Top bankers and engineers had been tapped to formulate a counter-offensive. Their plan was to take chemtrails out of the closet and make them “cool” and “culturally relevant.” The Illuminati had done just that with the homosexual lifestyle a generation earlier. And now both our military and our Constitution are in tatters…

In the brutal emptiness of Burning Man, many young people fall prey to dangerous new ideas.

In the brutal emptiness of Burning Man, many young people fall prey to dangerous new ideas.

For chemtrails to enjoy a similar success, they’d need to capture the public’s imagination. Vegas laid out the agenda in plain terms. They’d pitch their scheme to America’s avant-garde, he explained. They want to convince the artists that chemtrails are sexy and rebellious, and maybe even a little spiritual. From there, the gullible public, ever insatiable for the next new thing, will follow suit. Soon they’ll be celebrating chemtrails in the heartland as an all-American innovation, right up there with apple pie and Facebook.

That’s where this character Feldman comes in.

Every year the Burning Man Occult Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of young people to the Nevada desert. During this weeklong celebration of “individualism,” a barren sandlot becomes a fertile hunting ground for lost souls. Mullahs of the pagan underworld construct extravagant shrines here to lure the innocent with bright flames and the promise of “free expression.” This exercise in freedom might begin simply enough with a marijuana-fueled sodomistic orgy in a moldy tent, but it can end with a newfound devotion to the degenerate arts, homosexuality or even militant atheism.

Feldman is a legendary recruiter in this Burning Man scene. No one questions his methods. I suspect no one has ever bothered to ask. If they did, they might be outraged at his mercurial passions. When presented with the chemtrails campaign, he was swift and he was unforgiving, according to my sources. Why not honor the very men and women who risk their lives every day spraying our skies with chemtrails? It was a classic maneuver torn straight from the pages of a CIA psyop warfare manual.

chemtrail pilots honored

The Illuminati’s flamboyant shrine to Chemtrail Pilots. (Photo via Imgur and the Big Imagination Foundation.)

The hull of the 747 was unmistakable in the dawn. Despite the early hour, a hundred engineers on loan from Google were already crawling over the machine like ants feeding on a carcass. They waved their tools maniacally and spoke in an impenetrable Silicon Valley brogue. It was a gruesome sight.

Where my guide Nellie saw such promise, I saw a ponderous airship beneath a grim morning sky. This is Feldman’s brilliant turn. He envisions this decommissioned Boeing as the centerpiece of the 2015 Burning Man festival. He sees crowds dancing in a narcotic haze, worshipping at the feet of the chemtrail holocaust, cheering the flames of their own suffering.

The notion that chemtrails could somehow be humanized by a Burning Man art project struck me as the height of cynicism. People should be outraged by the global conspiracy to poison our skies! Governments should be held accountable and those responsible should be criminally charged. The Illuminati itself needs to be pilloried. But sometimes it’s the most radical ideas that are the most successful. America has an appetite for the absurd. Considering all the heinous trends embraced by the bohemian class in the past — from Soviet communism to LSD and rap music — does a campaign celebrating chemtrail pilots really seem so far-fetched? The relentlessly simpleminded hedonists of America don’t worry about the fundamental contradiction of creative self-destruction!

At noon, I was ushered into a Quonset hut at the edge of the compound. I could barely make out the figure in the darkness. A phantom hand waved me closer. He was completely naked, save for a pair of mirrored Ray Bans, and propped up by an enormous velour pillow. His body was bloated, pink. It bore all the hallmarks of a man who had tasted the most exotic fruits of humanity’s labors. He opened his bushy legs to greet me and in doing so, knocked over a Pepsi bottle brimming with fresh urine. Feldman seemed comforted by the dampness surrounding him.

“Are you an errand boy,” he muttered faintly, “or an assassin?”

I sat down on that cool concrete floor and reached for my pen.


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