“Burning Man” Honors Chemtrail Pilots With Controversial 2015 Festival Theme

Posted on by Henricus Institor
A secret occult festival

A secret occult festival will proselytize for the chemtrail cause this summer.

My taxi, an ugly orange Pontiac with no air conditioning, swung a corner and came to an abrupt stop. “Ain’t going no further,” the driver said with a tremble of fear in his voice. An elegant “No Trespassing” sign hung from a beat-up gate. I handed the man a sweaty clump of bills and emerged. I hoped I didn’t look too nervous.

A month earlier I had received a call from a source deep inside the treacherous world of geoengineering. “Something significant is happening,” he told me in a raspy whisper from a Vegas payphone, “Collusion at the highest levels…”

That first tip led me to a motley artist commune just outside of Los Angeles. From there, I found my way to the Mojave Desert. I could give you the coordinates but they wouldn’t mean anything. In fact, they’ve already been erased from every Google map tool around. That isn’t a coincidence, as I would later find out.

Nellie opened up that rusty gate and led me on foot the rest of the way. It was night, but I could feel the deep tire tracks on the dirt road. Heavy equipment had passed here recently. She was one of the true believers and I knew this was some sort of P.R. push meant to derail my investigation. “Feldman’s an emissary of pity, science and progress, and devil knows what else,” she was telling me.

My Vegas source had given me a different, albeit improbable, story. Those at the very pinnacle of society’s pyramid were furious, he had warned me. We’re talking the bosses of our presidents, our premiers and prime ministers. Their secret is out. Too many people have woken up to the truth about that vast conspiracy in our skies: Chemtrails.

Top bankers and engineers had been tapped to formulate a counter-offensive. Their plan was to take chemtrails out of the closet and make them “cool” and “culturally relevant.” The Illuminati had done just that with the homosexual lifestyle a generation earlier. And now both our military and our Constitution are in tatters…

In the brutal emptiness of Burning Man, many young people fall prey to dangerous new ideas.

In the brutal emptiness of Burning Man, many young people fall prey to dangerous new ideas.

For chemtrails to enjoy a similar success, they’d need to capture the public’s imagination. Vegas laid out the agenda in plain terms. They’d pitch their scheme to America’s avant-garde, he explained. They want to convince the artists that chemtrails are sexy and rebellious, and maybe even a little spiritual. From there, the gullible public, ever insatiable for the next new thing, will follow suit. Soon they’ll be celebrating chemtrails in the heartland as an all-American innovation, right up there with apple pie and Facebook.

That’s where this character Feldman comes in.

Every year the Burning Man Occult Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of young people to the Nevada desert. During this weeklong celebration of “individualism,” a barren sandlot becomes a fertile hunting ground for lost souls. Mullahs of the pagan underworld construct extravagant shrines here to lure the innocent with bright flames and the promise of “free expression.” This exercise in freedom might begin simply enough with a marijuana-fueled sodomistic orgy in a moldy tent, but it can end with a newfound devotion to the degenerate arts, homosexuality or even militant atheism.

Feldman is a legendary recruiter in this Burning Man scene. No one questions his methods. I suspect no one has ever bothered to ask. If they did, they might be outraged at his mercurial passions. When presented with the chemtrails campaign, he was swift and he was unforgiving, according to my sources. Why not honor the very men and women who risk their lives every day spraying our skies with chemtrails? It was a classic maneuver torn straight from the pages of a CIA psyop warfare manual.

chemtrail pilots honored

The Illuminati’s flamboyant shrine to Chemtrail Pilots. (Photo via Imgur and the Big Imagination Foundation.)

The hull of the 747 was unmistakable in the dawn. Despite the early hour, a hundred engineers on loan from Google were already crawling over the machine like ants feeding on a carcass. They waved their tools maniacally and spoke in an impenetrable Silicon Valley brogue. It was a gruesome sight.

Where my guide Nellie saw such promise, I saw a ponderous airship beneath a grim morning sky. This is Feldman’s brilliant turn. He envisions this decommissioned Boeing as the centerpiece of the 2015 Burning Man festival. He sees crowds dancing in a narcotic haze, worshipping at the feet of the chemtrail holocaust, cheering the flames of their own suffering.

The notion that chemtrails could somehow be humanized by a Burning Man art project struck me as the height of cynicism. People should be outraged by the global conspiracy to poison our skies! Governments should be held accountable and those responsible should be criminally charged. The Illuminati itself needs to be pilloried. But sometimes it’s the most radical ideas that are the most successful. America has an appetite for the absurd. Considering all the heinous trends embraced by the bohemian class in the past — from Soviet communism to LSD and rap music — does a campaign celebrating chemtrail pilots really seem so far-fetched? The relentlessly simpleminded hedonists of America don’t worry about the fundamental contradiction of creative self-destruction!

At noon, I was ushered into a Quonset hut at the edge of the compound. I could barely make out the figure in the darkness. A phantom hand waved me closer. He was completely naked, save for a pair of mirrored Ray Bans, and propped up by an enormous velour pillow. His body was bloated, pink. It bore all the hallmarks of a man who had tasted the most exotic fruits of humanity’s labors. He opened his bushy legs to greet me and in doing so, knocked over a Pepsi bottle brimming with fresh urine. Feldman seemed comforted by the dampness surrounding him.

“Are you an errand boy,” he muttered faintly, “or an assassin?”

I sat down on that cool concrete floor and reached for my pen.


About This Journalist

Henricus Institor is the “nom de plume” of a former Internet hacktivist and high ranking member of the atheist radical elite. Yet even there, amongst the most dangerous liberals in the world, he could not hide from God’s Calling. He was reborn in the Blood of Christ in 2011 and today “Henricus Institor” serves as HardDawn.com’s foremost expert on secret left wing agendas and global power conspiracies.

  • In Visible

    This is cultural marxism in a nut shell.

    • Robert Sadler

      You are an uninformed idiot.

  • Stephenson_Billings

    Great investigation, Henry! I really would love to hear more about this pagan festival. Its so interesting that the occult has become so big under Obama and the fact they are recruiting under many adults noses should outrage all people of faith. I feel pity for all those lost children who get lured into this drug and sex scene.

    • Sam Weiss

      Burning Man has existed since 1986. I’ve been going since 1997. You can’t blame Obama for this one. And there is no “recruiting” needed the event is now selling out every year. Burning Man is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind. And… I’m far from being a “lost child”.

      http://www.burningman.com. Check out the image gallery. Note that not all images are work safe.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Do you even understand that you’re the hand maidens of evil? Doing Satan’s bidding in destroying a country that was once based on honor, responsibility and God?

        • Sam Weiss

          A country based on honor, responsibility, and freedom of religion, speech and self expression!

          I am an upstanding member of my community. I volunteer for my “church”, though my church is Buddhist. I am raising a 1 year old daughter to be as responsible and and as upstanding of a citizen as she can be. I have a well paying job, I give money to my community, though I would like to give more. And… I’ve gone to Burning man, which is a celebration of individual’s right to self expression and the freedoms our forefathers had created for us in the Constitution. It has broadened my perspective of the world, and has shown me possibilities of what a community can do.

          Here is an example:

          If bringing communities together is the work of Satan, then I will proudly do it! Know this: Everything I do is for the well being of my daughter, and to do whatever I can to ensure that this earth is still going to be a great place for to live when she grows up. I do not have an intention to harm anyone or do any kind of wrongdoing whatsoever (and my friends would completely vouch for this).

          I’ll leave you all now. I know my views are different than what you all want to see. I won’t be replying to anything else, unless you ask for one.

          • chichachachi

            Good on you Sam. Thank you for defending the tribes from these nasty, censuring media types. I hope you will join me at my camp this year. We’ll be holding a Stamp out Sarcasm dance and literally churning up the dust as we burn the large wooden tongue (made of pallets) in a cheek that will be our glorious art piece. Don’t let the forces of Christ get ya down.

          • Sam Weiss

            I won’t be going back to Burning Man until my daughter is older. It was time for a break anyway.

          • Edward Hernandez

            Never mind the previous question. I am the first to acknowledge that you cannot win an argument with a fool. “If bringing communities together is the work of Satan, then I will proudly do it!” UTTER NON-SENSE

        • Blaze
        • Robert Sadler

          Stephenson, you deluded and ridiculous fake. The only thing being destroyed is the maniacal programming by religions and their pawns.
          FYI, The USA was NEVER a country of any god. The founding fathers had no wish to have religion imposed on them, or the people of the USA. Keep your religious crap for your own life and stay out of everyone elses!

          • kayla

            We are not pawns because we are religious ! You Are Sad . Burning Man is terrible and Chem trails are so very prevalent !

    • Burning Bobby Cee

      As a Christian member of the Burning Man community, I ask you, what would Jesus do? Remember, he was a radical in his time and still is today. He’d argue that everyone can enter the temple to worship the almighty, that no cast or bloodline or religious creed can separate us from the grace of god because we are all children worthy of the love of Jesus. Truth is, Jesus would not hesitate to join us on the playa to celebrate radical inclusiveness, radical self expression, sustainability and gifting.

      • Didi

        Sir, Jesus (who wasn’t really named that, rather his name was Yeshua), was a member of the community of Israel, specifically the Essenes or healers who practiced purity. He was very clear about boundaries and went about healing those who had the heart to serve God but who had been born with the dna and environment of the Babylonian tainted morally/spiritually depraved children of Israel of that time. He was there to set them free of their bondage of the flesh/dna and resurrect them to life. I doubt hardly anyone understands outside of those who practice healing and who purify their bodies who he was and what he did. But only an Essene knew how to manifest the power of God at that time on earth in the way that Yeshua did. He was to be the avatar of all of those who would receive his message and would come. I really don’t know what goes on at Burning Man but if there is orgies or things of that nature, no, I assure you he would not show up!

        • Robert Sadler

          Didi: yeah, ummm, you don’t know any of that ridiculous crap, because you have no credible sources confirming anything that a jesus might have done.
          We do know, however, that Horus of Egypt actually did the whole ‘virgin-born/ died and came back to life’, thing, about 3000 years before the jesus guy supposedly did it. So, you should probably get some better sources, and start reading some science based books, instead of the fiction you are so focused on.

      • R. Meijer

        he would probably have set fire to his cross me thinks

  • Hundreds of thousands of young people? Sorry, even us old folks go and it’s about 70,000 tops.
    Nice try…

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I’m supposed to believe MSM on this one? Yeah, that number is about as real as Obama’s birth certificate.

      • Sam Weiss

        The event is permitted by the BLM. The capacity limit is 70,000 people. Period! In fact it could probably be much bigger, but Burning Man adheres to the permitted allotment, and tickets have now sold out for several years.. It is the largest leave no trace event in the country.


        • Didi

          Gotta ask yourself why BLM would give permission for this unless they are promoting their agenda through Burning Man. Oh yea, I said it!

          • Sam Weiss

            The BLM is giving permission for this because they are doing their job. So many government agencies have tried to shut down Burning Man. Burning Man almost went bankrupt in 1997, because of the fees the government imposed at the last minute.

            In the end the government cannot stop something that is not illegal in any way (You should know that the Burning Man itself does NOT condone illegal drug use). Instead the government has created a very strict process for determining if the event can occur the next year. They also charge a substantial fee for this event to happen. These include:
            * Leave no trace policy. The desert must be in exactly the same condition after cleanup than when the event started
            keeping the # of participants who can go to burning man to a sustainable level
            * reducing traffic
            * paying for law enforcement, to keep participants safe, and to enforce the laws of our country, whether we like it or not (many people do not like it).

            Burning Man is a great example of how people with different idea and political motives (Did you know it’s held in a very conservative Washoe County in Nevada?), being able to put their prejudices aside to work together and *compromise* to allow something great to occur.

            Sorry I said I wouldn’t post here anymore, but you all seem to be filled with a lot of mis information, and no knowledge of actual facts! You can believe what you want, but I want to inform you of what is actually happening.

          • SSBohio

            I’m waiting for someone to ask: If it leaves no trace, then how do we know it was really there, at all?

      • Robert Sadler

        Wow, you are an idiot Stephenson.

    • Lola

      I like how so many people are defending Burning Man, who obviously never heard of “satire.”

  • Sam Weiss

    Wow! That is some serious crack smoking right there!

    • Sam Weiss

      I see there is a conspiracy that liberal comments go to the bottom here.

  • Sam Weiss

    You all probably won’t believe anything I say, so here’s this…


    • Stephenson_Billings

      Some body’s been smoking too many chemtrails today.

      • chichachachi


      • Atomic Cannon

        Do people smoke chemtrails?

        • Lillithany

          Apparently that one up there knows. Do you roll it up or stuff it in a pipe?

  • tom thim

    Why don’t you come to Burning Man and just experience it yourself? Sure, there is a lot of sex and some drugs, but it’s really about creativity and love. It’s not some giant conspiracy like you folks all seem to believe. Really, where do you get these ideas? And even if chemtrials are real, they go exactly against everything BM stands for.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      What a bunch of hippie claptrap. When was the last time you took a shower, Gonzo?

      • Didi

        I happen to know someone who went to Burning Man. He lives in Austin. He dressed in a tux and jumped into Town Lake in Austin out of a moving truck. Now that says a lot! He isn’t a bad person perse, he just doesn’t have a moral compass. I have seen the film footage of BM and it looks like a good time but seriously I don’t think drugs and sex is getting us far folks. I believe that was the issue with the age of Taurus and why the Indians from India still worship cows, they poop and mushrooms grow on the poop. They are still into sex and drugs……..and that was the influence in the 60s introduced by the illuminati/satanic new world order/hedonists to steer the youth of which I was a member of to their hidden agenda. If you read Terrence McKenna’s book about the history of food you will get a clear picture of the history of our world. Europe was opium addicted so terribly that they came to this country in search of different drugs I have no doubt. The found tobacco and other things. Seriously the world has been pretty messed up for a long time. So the age of Taurus was represented by the bull bc of the hallucinogens associated with it. Next age was Aries! The Ram! Law and order, the tablets were thrown down bc the people were still hanging on to Taurus and their addictions which made it impossible for God to reason with them. The food given to them in the desert was Manna, vegan diet but they rebelled bc they had been enslaved to their addictions not to pharoah. If you know what the truth is you can see what is going on. Then came Pisces, Yeshua, representing the fish swimming in two different directions but the church says there is ONE WAY and that is through the BLOOD OF JESUS. Ok, Jesus is you do the research the word means Hail Zeus. Go do the Greek translation of this name. So ya’ll aren’t worshipping the Essene healer Yeshua you worship Zeus but you don’t know. The fish is suppose to get us to swim away from the addiction of meat and alcohol with a better diet and Aquarius is the Human pouring water on the earth….vegetarian time. If you want to heal this world, change your diet and do your work on yourself. Burning man might be what will occur to these people who are partcipating in this. Let them burn, they aren’t your problem. You are your problem Study to show thyself approved before God and man. With a computer you can find the truth if you ask the spirit of truth to guide you. Peace be unto those of peace.

        • Sam Weiss

          You can’t stereotype a burner. Yes there are some drugged out hippies. There are also bankers, lawyers, millionaires, public servants, politicians. You would be very surprised. There are a number of Burning Man events I have gone too and was completely sober (except for drinking few beers, not enough to get drunk)

        • Robert Sadler

          Didi, start reading some non-fiction. Seriously!

      • Robert Sadler

        Hippie clap-trap??? What the hell does that even mean?? Wow you’re an idiot!

  • Anonymous Tip

    I was at a Jazz Club in New Orleans last weekend and I could have sworn I saw Leonard Nimoy at the bar drinking a sidecar. He wasn’t really talking to anybody just standing there nodding to the music. I think he was wearing a fedora. My wife wanted to go up and say something to him but he had this very standoffish air about him. I have to say Nimoy is very foreboding in person.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    Amazing that Obama and his cronies have the money to spend on this garbage and their’s never enough for our borders or our veterans. that just shows you where the priotities are for the liberals. i hate to think how much drugs these people are spreading.

    • Sam Weiss

      The Government (Federal, State, or local) is not paying one single dime for Burning Man. Tickets for Burning Man are about $300 each. A good 1/2 of that ticket price goes to the BLM, and to pay for Federal, State, and local law enforcement that is a requirement for Burning Man to hold its event. The governments are getting more than their money back for services rendered. Why would you think that just because something exists the government has to be paying for it.

    • Robert Sadler

      The POTUS has nothing to do with Burning Man. If you’re worried about veterans, look to the Republicans who have shot down every possible opportunity to help them in the last 7 years! The GOP loves soldiers, but hates Vets! Stop watching Faux Newz, Kaylee.

    • Foxxblood

      Trolling for brain dead morons

  • Douglas E. Berry

    The 747 isn’t coming due to logistical issues, and the theme of this year’s event is “Carnival of Mirrors.”

  • Aslan De Lyon

    Lol, one of my best friends since age seven is “Feldman”, and this is the most hilarious article ever written. Mister Institor you truly have a calling being a writer for “The Onion”!

  • Lola

    Awesome verbosity.

  • Robert Sadler

    This article is possibly the biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen!!!. What kind of insanity is this??? A completely uninformed and obviously unstable writer presumes to know something about a festival they have never attended…..and then you people actually believe what this tin-foil hat wearing hack makes up?? What a bunch of idiots!

  • Poop

    wow… the writer of this review is oblivious. Make jokes or not. Glad you were reborn in Christ. It really helps your vague opinions on….Oh wait… this whole website is full of idiots. Man…

    • Stephenson_Billings

      “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” –Mother Teresa.

      • Robert Leichsenring

        ah, yeah, please quote the woman that had been running a death cult. what’s next? that little austrian guy with the funny mustache?