Trump Nation, It’s Time to Admit Boycotting This Election Is Our Only Option

Posted on by Derby Mack

No one ever said saving America would be easy.

The lies, the slander. The outright collusion of the corporate media. The rampant electoral fraud. All of that rises to the level of a criminal conspiracy against the grassroots candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

And we have tens of thousands of Wikileak emails to prove it.

But what does that matter when the system is rigged against us? What does it matter when Hillary Clinton has already crowned herself president? Neither Congress nor the FBI has the balls to investigate. We are, in a word, screwed.

We know our votes won’t count. The Clintons know we know our votes won’t count. Yet we all keep playing along in this disgusting charade.

We do know, however, what comes next in a Hillary presidency: the wars, the trillion-dollar budgets, massive expansion of federal programs, open borders, free trade deals that benefit the oligarchs, the corrosion of liberty, crony insiders embedded in every department of government and the sicking pantomime of “democracy.”

The question now becomes: do we participate in a corrupt and morally flawed system that only benefits our worst enemy? Do we give Hillary and our entire political system the aura of legitimacy by going to the polls on Election Day? Doesn’t that just perpetuate the globalists we’ve been fighting against all along?

We do have another option. It will be bit scary for some of you to contemplate, but it’s a bold and honest protest. We could deny the system itself our consent. It would send a brutal message to the elites in Washington. It would tell them we’re sick and tired of being played for the fools!

Isn’t that the very essence of Donald Trump’s campaign? He has been a threat to the establishment from the very beginning. That’s why everyone from George Soros to the European Union and the Federal Reserve have fought against him with all the resources of the New World Order. And we’ve done little but patronize their whole circus. All our energies have been channeled back into the system itself. That’s a mistake. Now is the time for revolution, not obedience to a fundamentally corrupt machine!

So this November, I call upon all members of Trump Nation to reject the fraud. Boycott all elections and let America know we’re just not going to take it anymore! It would be a boot shoved in the mouth of the mass media! It would outrage the Clintons! Most importantly, it would show the deep state powers that we’re going to push back, and push back hard!





Derby Mack
Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO,



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