Did Satan Worshipper Billy Bush Spike Trump’s Tic Tacs to Sway the Election for Hillary?

Posted on by Derby Mack
Bush's ties to Satanism, the Hollywood Elite and Hillary raise doubts about the Trump video.

Bush’s ties to Satanism, the Hollywood Elite and Hillary raise doubts about the Trump video.

Donald J. Trump has proposed radically redefining politics in America. He wants to rout out corruption and kick our moribund national parties to the curb. The entire D.C. lobbyist industry is threatened by his bold moves. And no one is more outraged by this than the political dynasties of Bush and Clinton.

This is just one of the many reasons intelligent-minded citizens find the latest leaked video both shocking and insulting. It’s shocking that a private conversation should be so illegally released to the public. For a family man like Mr. Trump, it’s insulting to his wife, his ex-wives, and all his children. Not to mention the countless volunteers supporting his grassroots campaign. They deserve better than this.

We should certainly be asking, who released this tape and when they will be prosecuted. Further, we need to ask Hillary Clinton what she knew about this recording and when did she know it? Clearly there is collusion here at the highest levels of government. Possibly even state crimes. Is the FBI looking into this? Or has Bill Clinton already made a deal on the tarmac? Is Obama already poised to pardon everyone involved?

We now know that Billy Bush is a secret member of both the Bush family political dynasty and the Hollywood elite. It’s no secret that Hollywood is rife with sexual predators who use drugs to make their victims vulnerable. Just look at Bill Cosby.

Did Billy Bush drug Trump? That would explain some of his masculine, off the cuff comments. Is Billy Bush himself a sex addict? Or worse, a secret liberal sleaze ball who has thrown his lot in with Satanism? Is he merely playing the fall guy’s role in the Luciferian plot of the New World Order? What does Billy Bush know about Hillary’s allegiance to Satan and when did he know it?

It’s both outrageous and disgusting that the liberal corporate media has refused to ask even the most basic questions in this supposed Trump scandal.

For shame, Hilary Clinton, for shame!

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