Bernie Sanders Wants to Seize Your Vacation Homes!

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
America's sacred property rights could be violated

America’s sacred right to private property will be voided under the Sanders socialist agenda.

Do you have a condo in Boca? A timeshare in Aspen? Or an oceanfront hideaway in Hamptons? They’re all at grave risk if hardcore socialist Bernie Sanders becomes president.

Much like the Soviet communists, Sanders envisions a dramatic redistribution of private property when he is elected. Immediately after the Russian revolution, the enforcers of the new socialist agenda focused their efforts on the successful members of society, particularly the bourgeoisie class who had built up a safety net of wealth through a lifetime of hard work. Farms, houses, churches and even castles were seized for the collectivist cause. In many cases, the great estates of the era were nationalized and redistributed to the very same radical agitators who had fought on the frontlines for violent change.

As the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sanders enforced the same scheme in the 1980s. Using complicated trusts, he confiscated a great number of private homes “for the public good.” These were signed over to a specially crafted and secretive agency that stood beyond local voter control. The $100 million enterprise then handed out these comfortable dwellings to the underclass, creating a permanent culture of government dependency. Local businesspeople were outraged. Taxpayers were even more livid when they learned that they had to pay for such an outlandish plan. And they’re still paying for it to this day!

Similar plans have been proposed recently in Sweden and Great Britain. In both cases, leftists want the federal government to force privately-held homes into eminent domain so that can be handed over to immigrants and the unemployed. The elderly are often targeted under such proposals.

The communist rabble may take over our golf courses and ski lodges as they did in Fidel Castro's day.

The communist rabble may take over our golf courses and ski lodges as they did in Fidel Castro’s day.

“Affordable housing,” “rent control,” “land trusts,” “council estates” and “#berningdownthehouse”: these are just a few of the shocking terms that the insurgents in the Bernie Sanders camp are throwing out there today. They’re getting the rabble agitated. And the rabble is salivating. Salivating over everything you’ve achieved! These people envy the job creator class. They envy the wealth but not the hard work. They’d rather just steal your real estate and redistribute it to their academic, intellectual cronies, the so-called “social justice warriors” who have never stepped foot into the real marketplace of ideas.

Forfeiting Your Freedom to Live Luxuriously
Yes, we do have housing shortages in our major cities. But we also have the right to enjoy our own money and that’s what offends the socialists so much. Our habitation issues are not caused by the wealthy, but by unfair code restrictions imposed by overly intrusive democratic local municipalities. If the free market were truly set free, entrepreneurs could meet the demand with innovative solutions. Taller structures, micro-apartments, less so-called “safety” regulations, underground cities, building on superfund land, etc. Instead, the socialist rabble eyes the beautiful homes of the upper middle class. They dream of invading these gorgeously appointed spaces with their muddy boots and Army/Navy surplus jackets. They’ll surely be throwing filthy rucksacks on suede couches and eating greasy pizzas on 800-thread count bed sheets in the months after their commie king is crowned!

Homes that have been in a family's hands for generations could be broken up into communal housing.

Is your family ski estate at risk of being confiscated by greedy apparatchiks in the Sandernista administration?

Once the rebels taste a bit of luxury, their appetites will be whetted for much, much more. They won’t stop until they completely eradicate anything that brings our hardest working entrepreneurs a breath of fresh air on their splendid summer holidays. From that forty-acre Lake Tahoe retreat to that modern Malibu oasis, our most cherished secondary homes will be confiscated under Bernie Sanders’ socialist housing agenda. Everything from Las Vegas golf getaways and Grandpa’s North Dakota quail hunting lodge to Upper East Side pied-à-terres and family compounds in Nantucket, all levels of vacation properties will be targeted.

Beverly Hills may become a veritable co-operative housing project full of bearded hipsters plotting the next phase of Hollywood’s cultural Marxism. Galveston will become nationalized nudist gun-free zone for the highest echelons of the Sandernista commissariat. Miami will be recast as a citywide intake center for speedo-clad immigrants, flaunting their endowments as they march down the boardwalks smoking cigars and reveling in America’s free health care.

This is the true face of the coming communist revolution if you elect vacation-hating, wealth-destroying Bernie Sanders to the White House! This rabid revolutionary despises all the amazing things that we have worked so hard to afford, like summer and sunshine and winter break and skiing and waterskiing and golf courses and tennis courts and bonfires on the beach and barbeques by the lake, duck hunting and horseback riding, hot chocolate in the lodge after a day on the slopes, the innocent smile of a child grateful for something to write an essay about when school starts up in the Fall and she wants to establish her social standing to her less privileged classmates, all those gentle moments that make us proud to be Americans, all will be gone the moment Socialist Sanders lights up the pipe dream of his communist utopia!