Bernie Sanders’ Greedy Socialist Oligarchs Are Drooling Over the Possibility of a White House Win

Posted on by Derby Mack
A Sanders's administrations promises to be a free-for-all.

For socialist czars, the Sanders’s administrations promises to be a free-for-all of gluttony.

The pigs are slobbering over the thought of mealtime at Bernie’s animal farm!

If the radical socialist juggernaut from Vermont wins this presidential election — and with the democrat’s long history of voter fraud, it just may be possible — our economy will be looted beyond recognition by some of the most rapacious psychopaths in the American political landscape.

The key to Bernie Sanders’ treasonous success with the young and the poor and the angry is that he promises them a new era of “bread and circuses.” He wants to hand out entitlements in an elaborate fashion. Free college for everyone! Student debts forgiven! Health care! Housing! He’ll rob the hard workers and the job creators to feed the impoverished. Anyone with a million or more in the stock market needs to be very afraid. Sanders will shower those funds on the unions and the unwashed masses in a disgusting spectacle of wealth distribution. Most analysts agree, however, that this is all just a smokescreen.

Socialism is based on the idea of seizing private property and crushing the free market. Bernie has baldly admitted as much. He will nationalize the banks, just as Stalin and Castro did at the beginning of their revolutions. And he won’t stop there. Oil, mining, timber, shipping, agriculture and the media are just a few of the industries that will be taken over by his voracious big government agenda.

To manage these massive federal agencies, the Sanders administration will appoint an inner circle of crooked cronies. Elizabeth Warren and Al Sharpton, Van Jones and Noam Chomsky are just a few of the names being bandied about. Such an astonishing concentration of power will attract the greediest, slimiest, most dangerous oligarchs around.

The Coming Epidemic of Greed
Once ensconced in their gilded thrones, these new czars will do anything to maintain their monopolies. They will build fiefdoms of bribery and patronage. They will surround themselves with “yes men” and feast on America’s hard-won riches. This shift could happen very suddenly. The ultra elite oligarchs of socialism have been plotting this revolution for decades.


Bankrupted by the elitist oligarchy, most Americans will spend their days in the bread lines.

The rest of us, our guns and gold taken by Sanders’ jackbooted accountants, will wait in bread lines at the local grocers while the elites motor by in chauffeured limousines. Our new class of leaders will patronize the very best restaurants and resorts and downtown discos. These oligarchs will own the finest condominiums in our cities and the grandest gated estates in our suburbs. Behind armies of private security, they’ll soon forget what real life — life lived paycheck to paycheck — is truly like.

Small luxuries will become scarce for the common man. The days of owning a new car or a single family home will be forgotten. Credit card debt will drown us. We will no longer have a voice in our communities or our Congress. The elite will utterly stamp out any fire of freedom. But surely they’ll give us great television entertainment to keep us distracted!

To maintain the stranglehold of socialism, the oligarchs will buy elections with propaganda campaigns. SuperPacs and slush funds and electoral gerrymandering will become commonplace. With such unfathomable riches at their fingertips, this super-elite class would not have a hard time compromising both political parties. Yes, we’ll still have the illusion of choice. Both dems and republicans could offer a sliding scale of socialism, but behind the scenes the Sanderistas will still pull all the puppet strings.

As this new elite ages, they’ll turn to their legacies. By manipulating the court systems, they’ll live by a very different rule of law than the rest of us. Eventually, the Sanderista class will gravitate toward nepotism. What better way to keep the masses controlled than by handing down power and wealth through a hereditary system? Just as in China, socialists will build private schools for their children. We’ll call these kids “princelings,” for their future thrones are guaranteed.

And our children and grandchildren will be left nothing to inherit but our wage slavery.


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