Bernie Sanders’ Cult of Personality is All About Populism and Perversion

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Sanders has combined sexual

Redistributing wealth and redefining morality are just two items on the communist agenda.

With the help of Israel, Bernie Sanders is conspiring to tear America apart. This socialist agitator has spent the better part of a year exciting the passions of the extreme left. They’re gathering in the millions and they’re angry. Soon, the rest of the country will have to contend with the ravenous hordes he has unleashed upon our great land.

Most telling of all, the terminology associated with the Sanders campaign eerily harks back to other violent populist uprisings. There are “marches” and “rallies” and “banners” and “flags.” They talk of “taking over America,” “nationalizing the banks” and “five year plans.” Soon enough, they’ll lead torchlight processions and Bible burnings.

Beneath the surface, a guerrilla element is putting down roots in the Sanders camp. They’re colluding on secret internet websites like They employ text messaging and Twitter to create instant flash mobs at boisterous events, overwhelming local law enforcement. They seek to subvert the political process. Some are even whispering of upending our traditional class structure.

This is exact same modus operandi of the Occupy Wall Street riots. Indeed, many of the activists behind that yearlong assault on patriotic capitalism are also supporting the Sanders insurgency. It’s only a matter of time before these degenerates revert to the tactics of the bomb throwing student radicals of the 1960s.

Recruiting for the Revolution

Young people are drawn too easily into the Sanders frenzy. At each event, the rabble is loud and agitated. The communist agenda is readily apparent. The air reeks of marijuana cigarettes. Women go braless, or even bare-chested, in a proclamation of hardcore feminism. Homosexuals openly flaunt their perversion with revealing outfits and tightfitting leather.

Sanders wants

Sanders’ supporters want nothing less than the total destruction of traditional America.

It’s well known that the gay sex cruising cellphone application Grinder regularly crashes when Comrade Bernie hits town. The senator from Vermont whips up so much carnal hyperactivity that his supplicants find it necessary to pay homage to their dear leader through shocking acts of sodomy. Even the women partake, willfully giving themselves over to any bearded hipster with a Sanders lapel pin on his flannel. It’s not uncommon to find a rally ringed by perverts reaching coitus just as the crowd erupts in chants of “Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity forever!”

Bernie Sanders’ Cult of Personality is much more than reefer and sodomy, however. The radical senator wants to seize our private property. From corporate assets to individual guns, Bernie is greedy for it all. He is a communist of the Trotskyite mold. Among his pipe dreams are: the wholesale redistribution of wealth in America, social justice warfare, the end of class, the end of race, free health care, free college, 20 weeks of family leave vacation a year, a guaranteed minimum wage, an end to nuclear power and international global warming mandates.

This is nothing more than saccharine socialism, appealing to the moronic base desires of the populace with little economic common sense. How could a nation pay for all these entitlements?

The answer: by stealing legally owned property from our hardworking businesses. Corporations would flee America at an astonishing rate if this man ever were to be elected. The entrepreneur/job creator class would migrate to freer lands and innovation, driven by capitalism, would simply end. We’d would be broke in a generation.

The hypnotic mix of sexuality and marijuana has lured many young people into the Sanders cult.

The hypnotic mix of sexuality and marijuana has lured many young people into the Sanders cult.

The End of America?

Maybe that’s all part of the plan. Comrade Sanders envisions the United States transforming into something like Scandinavia, where historical wealth is plundered to pay for political correctness. It should be pointed out, however, that many cities in Europe have foregone capitalist entrepreneurialism (in industries such as technology) for the filthy lucre of sin. In Amsterdam, for example, drug dealing and prostitution are the main sources of state income. Extreme homosexuality is another visible feature of life there and many locales have even had to declare “homosexual-only” zones as a receptacle for this outrageous activity.

In bankruptcy, America would be transformed into the ultimate nanny state. The government would coddle us at birth with universal health care, then support our narcotic self-indulgence through six years at a liberal university. From there, it would be mandated wages or government jobs, insuring that no matter how lazy you are, you’ll have enough for the bread and circuses (in this case, marijuana cigarettes and collective housing). For vacations, we would take entire months off to gallivant around the former estates of our former billionaires, partaking in social justice poetry readings and nude massage hot tub parties.

Sodomy would be celebrated with a national holiday. Jesus would be outlawed as too prejudicial against modern lifestyles. The ideal of the family would be redefined by technocrats, allowing for flagrant transgenderism and homosexual adoption. Secret internet forces would be mobilized to police our free thought. Freedom of Speech would be dead. There would be no place left for the heterosexual white man who dreams of returning to the proud times of the 1950s.

God would weep for the land that has forsaken Him.

This is where we’re headed, America, and Comrade Bernie will be your Messiah.