Why Is Bernie Sanders Targeting Bankers Like Hitler Targeted the Jews?

Posted on by Derby Mack
Communist ex-con Bernie Sanders rallies a crowd against an American minority.

Communist ex-con Bernie Sanders rallies a crowd against an American minority.

Nothing quite enchants like fear. Politicians have known this for millennia and now Bernie Sanders, the reckless socialist presidential candidate, is gambling that he can make you very afraid. Maybe even afraid enough to install him in the White House.

Adolph Hitler was a master of this trick. He singled out a small minority in his country and made them the center of countless conspiracies. They blamed their nation’s post-war bankruptcy on this class of people, many of whom were the entrepreneurs and business leaders of their time. The Nazis whipped up a frenzy of paranoia with rallies and speeches and marched it all the way to the Reichstag.

Is it any surprise that Bernie Sanders is also engaging in rambunctious rallies and grassroots speeches from coast to coast? The zealotry of his followers knows no bounds. Not only have they overtaken the streets, they’ve commandeered the internet, posting an avalanche of memes, Tweets and media extolling the Bernie Cult of Personality.

Pull back the curtain on the greedy Sanders agenda and you’ll see it’s all about a megalomaniacal figure lusting for power. His endgame is total political domination. He won’t only seize the Oval Office, but all of Wall Street as well. Your guns, your homes and your Bibles will be next…

A sign of what's to come?

A sign of what’s to come?

This ministry of leftist propaganda makes no attempt to humanize the bankers. They’re caricatured as ogres and villains infecting American society with a noxious vice. In the thunder of fear, we forget that these men and women are human beings too, citizens of this great nation with families and friends and communities. They work hard and live private lives full of quiet, beautiful moments.

Indeed, bankers have been a yarn in the fabric of the United States since its founding. Maybe it’s even time for us to admit that the financial class is not some woebegotten minority, but an integral part of who we all are today.

Fascism or Freedom?
Sanders has made no secret of the fact that he’ll arrest our finest job creators and lock them in prison camps. It’s all part of his strategy to turn America into a corrupt communist oligarchy. But is that who we truly are as a nation? Why is there such a mad rush to vilify this minority?

Every voter must ask himself if he will succumb to hate in 2016.  Every American must decide if we, as a society, can turn our backs on our noble brothers in finance who simply want to make this country great again. And what of the future?

Will we come to regret the roundups and show trials? Will we weep for the cattle cars departing our financial districts for the FEMA facilities hidden in our national parks? Will our children and grandchildren feel shame for decades when they look back on the bloody legacy we’ve left them to inherit? Ultimately, that’s what this election is all about, whether we truly love the precious little ones in our lives who look up to us as heroes. Please, don’t betray their innocent hearts.


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