Why Is the Atheist Elite Murdering Dinosaurs?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Was this deep-sea dinosaur poisoned by seaborne chemtrails?

Was this contemporary dinosaur poisoned by seaborne chemtrails?

What if there was explosive evidence that proved a century of modern scientific theory completely, utterly wrong? What if this evidence was so unimpeachable, it could inspire a global reawakening powerful enough to topple universities and maybe even governments?

These are the earth-shattering revelations that investigative journalist Henricus Institor has been pursuing for well over a year. It has been a perilous journey, one beset by IRS raids, agency-sanctioned psyop campaigns, “Black Hat” hack attacks and anonymous warnings sent in the dead of night. Through it all, Institor has seen firsthand just how far certain elite organizations will go to keep you enslaved to their matrix of misinformation.

The story begins with a significant development in the world of geoengineering. In June of last year, Institor released a report on the sudden appearance of so-called “aquatrails,” i.e. chemtrails of the sea. It was a meticulously researched, peer-reviewed paper that raised vital questions about the link between the unusual Kelvin wake patterns found behind some types of ships and the high levels of toxicity in our oceans. Leaked documents showed a possible connection to the depopulation proposals of radical environmentalist Jacques Cousteau and Council on Foreign Relations kingpin, David Rockefeller.

In his report, Institor noted:

“The immediate effect of monomethylmercury in our waters has been dramatic. This bioaccumulative environmental toxicant can be found in the types of fish most popular with middle class consumers. Mackerel, swordfish, bass, tuna, grouper, cod, carp and breaded “fish sticks” all may contain dangerous levels. In turn, this poses a critical health risk to pregnant women at a time when their bodies are dependent on the very proteins that seafood provides. Such contaminated seafood is known to cause impairment in the brain development of fetuses.” — Aquatrails: Harmless Backsplash or Deadly Chemtrails of the Sea?


Two pivotal questions remained, however: Who was behind the aquatrails conspiracy and why in the world were they spraying down there?

Aquatic Unknowns Now Known?

The blockbuster discoveries did not end with Henricus Institor’s trailblazing work. In a seemingly unrelated research paper, a second analyst noted that our seas are possibly hiding a species of aquatic plesiosaurs. These creatures are literally dinosaurs and there existence today raises profound doubts about so-called Darwinian “evolution” theory, particularly when viewed in relation to advances in Creation Science.

While the idea of a secret dinosaur species surviving to our time may seem far-fetched, it’s crucial to consider this:

“The Loch Ness “Monster” is a hotly debated topic among science fiction fans, but did you know that this creature very closely resembles a type of dinosaur known as a plesiosaur? Did you also know that plesiosaurs have been spotted not just in Scotland, but in Japan, Cornwall, Canada, Arkansas and Lake Erie?

“Further proof comes from the Mokele-Mbembe region of Africa, where numerous cryptozoologists have devoted years to the study of living dinosaurs. Much of this information has been recorded by noted expert Roy P. MacKal in his groundbreaking book, “A Living Dinosaur?” Other scientists have hunted the dark wilds of Papua New Guinea where few white men venture. There, the natives report a comfortable familiarity with a breed of pterodactyl that they call the “Ropen.” In Nova Scotia, a decomposing carcass of a plesiosaur caused quite a stir, while the Zuiyo-maru example discovered in New Zealand is considered the finest proof of modern-day deep sea dinosaurs.” — Are Deep-Sea Dinosaurs Living Proof of the Biblical Timeline?

The Loch Ness plesiosaur may offer substantial proof of Biblical truth.

The Loch Ness plesiosaur may offer proof of the Earth’s 6,000-year existence, according to the Bible.

So if dinosaurs are real and Darwinian “evolution” false, it means the entire house of cards of liberal science is teetering on collapse. The meteor mass extinction never happened if the creatures in question aren’t actually extinct, and that certainly waves yellow flags about such notions as “The Ice Age” and a 10-billion year old Earth. The Bible does, however, accurately explain the dinosaur’s timeline. Described as serpents, behemoths and leviathans in the Old Testament, some of these deep-sea beasts very well could have survived the Great Flood. If the plesiosaurs live amongst us today that means that the Bible is the ascendant record of human history. This, of course, poses a major problem for the global elite.

The Arrogance of Institutionalized Science

It is a widely accepted fact that human beings have not yet catalogued all forms of life on Earth. Every day there seems to be a new discovery. A snowbird in Iceland, a strain of beetle from the heart of Africa, a deadly flower blossoming in the Amazon. Sometimes we realize that an animal long thought extinct is not actually so. This was the case with the Javan Elephant, a massive creature that one might think would be hard to miss. Considering the countless eyewitness accounts, isn’t it wrong to doubt that the situation with aquatic plesiosaurs would not not be any different?


Atheist leader Bill Nye has devoted his life to pushing scientism over faith.

In addition, when one reviews our government’s dangerous history of secret experimentation– from infecting Tuskegee airmen with syphilis to dosing beatniks with LSD— and the extreme lengths they will go to keep the military industrial complex churning– from the JFK assassination to 9/11– while we live under a complete surveillance state, as Edward Snowden has exposed, isn’t it clear that the 1% will do whatever it takes to keep us from waking up to the truth? This is only compounded by the endless scientific hoaxes, the fraudulent cures and fake journals. We are truly living through one of the very worst science disinformation conspiracies in human history.

Humiliated, the Atheist Empire Strikes Back

It is well known that Militant Atheism, a system manufactured to disenfranchise us from the liberation of spirituality, has been intimately connected to the construction of our current science-educational complex. Atheism is, by its very nature, an all-encompassing and amalgamating phenomenon that seeks to deny you your unique individuality. It uses the methodologies of modern institutional science to keep you beholden to a larger dream of the Marxist international superstate. Anything that disrupts this frequency infuriates the Atheist. For example, the revival of Christianity under George W. Bush is known to have particularly humiliated Atheist Elite leaders like Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye.

That deep and bitter humiliation may explain why today’s radical leftwing is so committed to obliterating a second reawakening of faith. The possibility of a living deep-sea dinosaur is acutely disgraceful for the Atheist agenda because it undermines the premise of entire schools of liberal thought, from biology and paleontology to irrational numbers and molecular dynamics. This literally means trillions of dollars in funding, which is especially egregious to the Wall Street bankers backing this charade. But more than that, it means your average Joe is losing faith in the whole technologically consumptive, progressively oppressive, culturally mind numbing, oligarchically dominated, hedge fund-funded, homosexually-drenched Dawkins/Chomsky-inspired Illuminati-run abomination we call modern life that is shilled to us from every street corner by the likes of Apple and the United Nations every single disgusting day of our bankrupt, lonely lives.

We, the public, have been bribed to believe in Atheistic mainstream science. And we’ve sold our souls at bargain basement prices. A new iPhone, perhaps, or maybe a flat screen television? But what are these devices really? Little more than a personal NSA GPS tracker and an internal home monitoring system that delivers narcotic levels of communist propaganda… The Atheist Elite has sold you the chains of your own bondage and you people can’t get enough! Yes, you filthy mooks really are that easy.

Chemtrails are a fundamental part of Atheism's war against Christ.

Chemtrails are a fundamental part of Atheism’s war against Christ.

Atheists Versus Dinosaurs

Atheism is all about defining the narrative. And the humble, forgotten dinosaur doesn’t fit into their delicately constructed mythology. They’d rather sell us on the dream of hairy Neanderthals raping each other in the bush as the philosophical underpinning for contemporary cultural degeneracy. But dinosaurs are so majestic and so evocative of early Earth, that Militant Atheists are apoplectic with rage at the slightest hint of their survival.

Considering the Atheist obsession with self-destructive nihilism, an obsession that can be justly described as limited hangout Satanism, is it really a surprise that they would exterminate the dinosaurs in a desperate attempt to cling to power? And considering the Wall Street hedge funds ultimately at stake, wouldn’t it be financially irresponsible for the Atheist Elite not to invest the mere billions necessary to protect the actual trillions that the Illuminati controls? In fact, it seems almost reckless for Christians to discard any of these possibilities if the truth can shift the paradigm towards a revival of faith in one fell swoop. In an age when Atheists so recklessly employ chemtrails to eradicate faith around the globe, we must accept the fact that this is far more than a farcical theory from a remote corner of the internet. This is full blown war!

Most importantly, if there is even the remotest possibility that deep-sea dinosaurs do indeed exist, shouldn’t we, Christian America, be doing everything in our power to research them? And if these blessed creatures are being harmed, don’t we have an ethical responsibility to stop the killing? And if this some part of a larger Atheistic crime, don’t we have a legal obligation to prosecute the offenders? Does this not ultimately become a fight for the sanctity of life, much like the battles against abortion and gay marriage? And if the very least we can do at this time– with the limited information we have– is to get on the internet and demand that Radical Atheists stop killing dinosaurs, isn’t that our foremost moral responsibility?

I am not ashamed to say that dinosaurs have an inalienable right to life! What about you?


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    Anything that prove the Bible is historically accurate is going to piss off the libtards.

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      Tee hee! Does Jesus tell you that your fellow man should be called “libtards”?
      You don’t read the bible, you people aren’t Christians. Shame on you.

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        Most of these people don’t have an ounce of Christianity in them.
        As you say: have they actually read The Bible??

  • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    I have been keenly aware of Pastor Hovind’s work for many years and what Obama’s IRS did to him is simply a hate crime. Par for the course when it comes to the radical leftists ruining this country. Well it’s fantastic to see Billings you’re carrying on Hovind’s investigations into dinosaurs and their Biblical implications. I very much look forward to watching how the mainstream media covers this issue. I think it’s all very indicative of the last days of America as has been prophesied.

    2 Timothy 3:1-5: “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents,ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

    • Blanche Beecham

      This should be familiar to anyone dealing with the “millennial” crowd. It is worth noting that a lot of the rabble rousers that get cheap thrills from questioning Godly Law are part of that group.

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    Those sick scfi nerds are trying to blame the disappearance of marine reptiles on ‘finger sized worms’ ! the nerve ! probbly some wierd freudian penis obsession. jeez. https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/bone-eating-worms-dined-on-marine-reptile-carcasses

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    This website literally brought me and all of my coworkers to tears. Hilarious. You uneducated imbeciles. You finally excepted the existence of dinosaurs, and now you’re trying to claim that for yourselves and spew this drivel that it disproves Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The atheist scientists are the ones that literally gave us all we know about dinosaurs (or was it written in the Bible?). Why would they put thousands of hours into discovering something and doing there best to educate the population on it, if it disproves their core belief? Going to end it with this. Heaven isn’t real, you’re going to die and rot in the ground. You’re just too scared to admit it.

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      This website is satire–it’s a joke! Like The Onion…like Colbert…like Saturday Night Live’s news show…

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    Atheists are not a group of elites that control America and the rest of the world. In fact, it’s you theists that are in control and have been for a long time. Just look at how you guys have screwed things up!

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  • I had to quit using my clothesline because Nessie was stealing the towels.
    Miserable marine reptile just PRETENDING to be a dinosaur!

  • Orrin McSwirter

    What is truly exciting is that Google Streetview, tho run by no doubt libtards and bearded phonies, has nevertheless begun examining Loch Ness! There is little doubt that a beautiful fishosaur is down there and maybe a whole family, and so soon the entire silly business of evolution (how could wings ‘evolve?’ How could eyes? How could our immortal souls “evolve”?) may soon be discredited. Also, I have heard from a young African man that when Hillary Clinton visited Africa a few years back, she was hunting dinos in the jungle — this guy said he was part of the porter group. Sad to say, Hillary does actually know how to shoot.

  • Cailleach Bheur

    The picture of the Loch Ness plesiosaurus shown is fake.The story from which it i supposedly taken was also fake, the creator of he Loch Ness monster admitted it was fake before he died.
    Once i saw the fake photo, i stopped reading.
    The story is compete horse shit, but once you use something fake to confirm a story, then you’ve failed.

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    The earth is 4.5 billion not 10 billion

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      I would believe you over the government any day ! Makes sense to me

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    It is very interesting how different audiences read this piece. I recommend a change to the slogan, though. The subtitle would read better as: “Because, in America, morning would not be easy”. Don’t you think so, Dr. Billings? It would underscore your focus.

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      “It’s Morning in America Again” was Ronald Reagan’s famously patriotic phrase and thats what our website refers to you idiot.

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    I am only seeing this website for the first time tonight. I have to say this is among the most elaborate and best maintained trolling of conservatism that I’ve ever seen. Even when going over the top, it somehow manages to stay in character. Well done, and very entertaining!

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