Have Radical Atheists Infiltrated the Secret Order of the Illuminati?

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson
Richard Dawkins is the high priest of radical atheism for many young people today.

Richard Dawkins is the high priest of Militant Atheism for many young people today.

When speculation first surfaced that the Illuminati may secretly control much of our liminal world, the issue of Militant Atheism was a minor corollary. Atheism began as little more than weaponized self-doubt, a slipshod attempt to infantilize the already weak-minded. Its vapid parables had all the currency of illicit gossip and, as such, conveniently fit into the larger agenda of destroying Christianity and promoting the socialist dictator state.

Today, the Illuminati is no longer shrouded in mystery. Thanks to the internet, we may bask in the brilliant light of profane knowledge. We are aware of the hidden power organizations that rule our world. We have exposed the New World Order and its financial tentacles around the globe. We know the illustrious members who fill the Illuminati’s ranks and researchers like David Icke have even investigated the possibility of an extraterrestrial component to this calamity.

Yet as the visibility of the Illuminati has passed the tipping point of media saturation, Militant Atheism has secretly become the dominant theology in many sectors of our civilization. Atheists control whole swaths of our government, from powerful Congressional committees to cabinet-level Federal agencies with “black” budgets. Atheism has long shed its underground urban roots to become one of the most dominant spiritual trends on the world wide web today. Alongside marijuana distribution, it is one of the most cherished beliefs on our college campuses at the moment. Indeed, the Illuminati has taken the brunt of the public backlash while Atheism, Inc. has quietly accumulated all the real power in American culture.

What dark secrets does the Cult of Atheism hold?

What dark secrets does the Cult of Atheism hold?

Puppetmasters of the Profane

This curious turn of events certainly begs the question: Has the Illuminati been co-opted by the cult of Radical Atheism? Are Atheists using the Illuminati as a false flag to distract us while they seize control of our world? Is their goal not socialism or reptilian dominance, but a direct confrontation with Jesus Christ? Have they come to kill Him once again?

As more issues like this arise, it will be crucial to divine whether it is Militant Atheism or the reptilian Illuminati who has ultimate control over the New World Order. It will also be the responsibility of the alternative press to pay far more attention to the spectacular rise of dark nihilism among our children. As for the Cult of Atheism itself, citizen journalists have a new calling to expose its elaborate power hierarchies, occultic rituals, quantum uncertainties and Satanic motivations.

While these questions are too profound to answer in this humble column, it is important to think beyond the prefabricated disinformation posted from end to end on the internet. When Alex Jones and the X-Files share the same “Illuminati Panic” narrative as Hollywood and the pop music industry, maybe we’ve all been duped. Maybe Atheism really is the diabolical puppetmaster pulling the strings of paranoia and hopelessness our greatest Christian minds have been claiming all along.


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