Many Atheists Believe That Eating Puppy Fetuses Will Cure Their Sexual Impotency. Here’s Why They’re Wrong

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The latest underground food trend threatens America's virtue.

The latest underground food trend strikes at the heart of America’s homeland virtue.

In generations past, militant atheism was classified as a disease. Early cultures called it demonic possession, homosexuality or even witchcraft. Later, doctors viewed it as a form of depression, a wasting away of one’s soul. Reviewing these cases today, some were clearly the result of retardation or mental illness. Others were likely tuberculosis. German intellectuals coined the term nihilism in the 19th century in an attempt to give philosophical cover to what was simply a crass and opportunistic abandonment of faith. Sadly, the communist revolutions in the early 20th century seized upon this concept to create totalitarian anti-theist dictator states that imprisoned half of the world’s population. This historic context is crucial as we attempt to comprehend the cult members of extreme atheism today.

Contemporary atheists are quick to put their faith in new fads and miracle cures. Yoga, Tai Chi, Tarot, vitamin supplements, aromatherapy, acupuncture, astrology, transcendental mediation, marijuana abuse and veganism are just a few examples of notions that modern nihilists have hitched their wagons to in recent years. It seems that whenever something truly ridiculous comes along, the atheists are anxious to adopt it. Such is the case with canine meat.

First, as a medical professional, let me state unequivocally for the record:

• Dog meat has negligible nutritional benefits as a food source.

• Meat from wild dogs could actually contain toxins and be harmful.

• There is not one single peer-reviewed health study that even remotely suggests that canine fetuses contribute to the human libido.

• Any supposed benefit one gains from such meat must be psychosomatic, and is likely due to the patient having deep-seated psychological problems in the first place.

• Even if there were some correlation between animal fetuses and sexual arousal, eating dog meat is illegal in many states and is considered abhorrent by modern moral standards.

• While dog meat offers no health benefits, its ingestion has the very real effect of validating a radical lifestyle choice, thereby making the most irrational and dogmatic notions appear to be self-fulfilling prophecy in the minds of militant atheists.

The consumption of canine meat originates in China. With a population well over one billion, the people there have become reckless in the way they forage for possible nutrients. This is compounded by China’s religion of communism, which is decidedly against capitalism, freedom, independence and the love of Jesus Christ. Without the moral instruction of the Bible, the Chinese have been forced to dream up their own set of societal codes, mostly drawn from the discredited scribblings of Mao and Darwin, that allow for an individual to actively pursue the destruction of his own soul. Here in America, we call this Satanism.

You may think it’s a bit harsh to label the Chinese raison d’etre “Satanism,” but its effects on the world at large are undoubtedly promoting the destruction of the Christian religion.

The rise of homegrown radical atheism has alarmed many national security analysts.

The rise of homegrown radical atheism has alarmed many national security analysts.

American Atheism, An Oriental Agenda

American atheists have risen to prominence in the last decade through the liberal media and the most vile websites on the Internet. They have required schools to remove any mention of God on their premises. They’ve forced churches to perform non-Christian homosexual “marriages.” They’re agitating for the removal of “In God We Trust” from our money. And that’s just the beginning. Ultimately, they’re seeking to outlaw the very Christian principles that this nation was founded upon.

Atheist demands for special privileges from government, and civilization at large, necessarily command people of faith to sacrifice their freedoms, namely the Constitutionally-protected Freedoms of Religion and Speech. By requiring fellow Americans to abandon Jesus Christ, they are attacking the very substance of what has made this nation such a leading light to the lesser people of the planet. They are pressuring America to abandon all those we have saved, including the people in Iraq and Afghanistan. How could any reasonable person see this as something other than Satanism?

The truly shocking thing is that the atheist addiction to canine fetuses opens the door to much, much worse. A disturbing joke has long circulated on the internet that atheists “eat babies.” This was likely started by atheists, as some crude form of self-mockery and attention grabbing. Yet there have been reported incidents of actual baby meat consumption in China in recent years. Again, it is the pressures of a massively overpopulated country combined with an utter lack of faith that allows such reprehensible acts to transpire (any surprise we have also seen incidents of cannibalism and child sacrifice as well?) What is unfortunate is that America’s atheists continue to see the Chinese as the vanguard and are anxious to pick up their latest trends. Could a human fetus consumption fad happen right here in the United States? With radical atheism’s ascent to power seemingly unstoppable, it’s almost inevitable.


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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.