Comedian David Cross’ Membership in This Satanic Sex Cult Is No Laughing Matter

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora
David Cross is one of many Hollywood celebs who secretly hate Christ.

David Cross has devoted his career to destroying America’s sacred foundations of Faith.

I have a confession to make. I used to consider myself David Cross’ number one fan. His gentle comedy stylings and warm, inviting face always put me at ease. He wasn’t whip smart and certainly didn’t try to be, but there was a familiar quality to him. I felt he was the sort of celebrity I could share a bag of chips and a movie with. He really did mean that much to me.

Then about a month ago, I heard through the grapevine that David was making a televised special called, Let’s Make America Great Again! using Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase. I was thrilled and once my subscription to Netflix was processed, I sat down to watch his show.

Immediately I was struck by fusillade after fusillade of anti-American bombast. It was completely shocking! I was confused and turned to a search engine to understand what exactly was going on here. It was on one of those pages that I learned the truth about David Cross and it was beyond upsetting.

It turns out the chrome-domed chucklehead is actually a Militant Atheist. He’s a member of a coven of radicals in Hollywood, including Ricky Gervais and Christopher Hitchens, that operate much like Scientology. That’s been one of the keys to his so-called “success” in the corporate media. (Like sex degenerates, these types love to promote their own.) Cross even spreads this dangerous ideology on secret websites and on Twitter. His targets are, naturally, America’s innocent children.

The more research I did, the more I came to see that Cross wants to destroy the Christian faith because he realizes it’s one of America’s most profound values, from the Founding Fathers to modern times. Christ has helped the United States embrace its exceptional role in the world. But Cross and his globalist cronies want to push the New World Order destruction of our borders and the only way they can achieve that is by eroding our families. That’s why they’re after our guns. That’s why they’re using the public school system to enslave our children. And that’s why David Cross is quite honestly, one of the most reprehensible “thinkers” in Hollywood today.

Cross joins a secret network of Hollywood celebs who are trying to defeat Christ.

Cross joins a secret network of Hollywood celebs who are trying to defeat Christ.

I’m not alone in this assessment. Mr. Cross has been called, “The most pompous arrogant failure in history” by noted thespian and acting coach to the superstars, David Lipton. Fellow comedian Larry the Cable guy refused to work with David and the Christian band Creed prophesized his fall from grace almost a decade ago.

Many in the Atheist Underground have been lured into this cult by the promise of sex. Hollywood celebrities are notorious for their delicate egos, and this is likely how they captured Mr. Cross. They may have invited him to grand orgies, like the type that Stanley Kubrick depicted before he was assassinated by the Clintons. He may have a penchant for animals, as they do in Germany. It’s disturbing to imagine the multifarious ways that David probably prefers to be violated. Dogs, whips, dildos, humiliation, feces, fisting, urination, clamps, slings, the list goes on and on.

The sad thing is that David Cross doesn’t realize he’s just a puppet. Beyond the United Nation’s seizure of our sovereignty, there is a more hellacious game being played here. It’s all part of the Illuminati’s plan to enslave humanity and defeat Jesus, as the Bible has itself prophesized. Interestingly enough, investigative historian David Icke has linked the New World Order plot to an extraterrestrial conspiracy. Through in-depth analysis, he has discovered that many, if not all, in the upper echelons of the elite are actually reptiles masking themselves in human form. There are rumors that Leonard Nimoy is one of them. Could Cross be as well? He definitely displays the rapid eye shift and the slick, cold nature of an otherworldly beast. That would explain his beady little eyes, eyes that make you feel like he wants to ravage you in the back of his tour bus, on some sour, damp couch, with his bony little man hands and that sweaty hairy chest of his rubbing up and down and up down your body. He’s the scum of the earth and he knows it, they way he saunters around like he’s some rebel without a cause. Well I have news for you, Mr. Atheist. Just keep away from America with your hardcore Satanism, you Illuminati scumbag freak because we’re not going to take it anymore!