Are Deep-Sea Dinosaurs Living Proof of the Biblical Timeline?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Deep-sea dinosaurs may be the "missing link" that Biblical scholars have been looking for.

Deep-sea dinosaurs may be the “missing link” that Biblical scholars have been looking for.

As the frothy tide of atheism sweeps across this nation, there is one critical issue that leftwing scientists are rushing to suppress. This one thing also happens to be the key to reawakening the Word of God in lost souls from coast to coast. That inconvenient truth? The true history of the dinosaurs.

Many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea of dinosaurs. College professors, textbook manufacturers and Hollywood filmmakers have sold us a shoddy bill of goods called “paleontology,” and we’ve all been beaten into submission by their scurrilous claims against proven Biblical history. Any thorough investigation, however, reveals that the story of “paleontology” has been one of hucksters, fraud, profiteering and larceny. In fact, the whole notion of a billion-year-old Earth and its long-lost civilization of monsters ranks right up there with the global warming hoax as one of the most dangerously disingenuous and duplicitous lies ever sold to the American public.

In the exciting field of Christian Science, there is much evidence to support the belief of dinosaurs coexisting with mankind. Some have debated their hypothetical demise during the Great Flood, while others have pondered the spiritual implications of these fatally mortal superbeasts.

Yet the crucial question for us today is this: If dinosaurs did indeed live beyond the Flood, could they possibly have survived to this day? And if dinosaurs still do live amongst us, does that ultimately disprove the gamut of radical atheist theories about meteor mass extinctions and ice ages and Darwinian “evolution”?

As we shall see below, unquestionable evidence about the contemporary existence of dinosaurs has been around for decades. It is verifiable and substantial. This begs one further and fascinating discussion point: Why have establishment “paleontologists” been so quick to hide behind a spaghetti of scientific jargon whenever the issue comes up? Is there a broader conspiracy here to bury the truth simply because it proves the veracity of the timeline of human history as laid out in the Bible?

Discovered in New Zealand in 1977, this dinosaur carcass

Discovered in New Zealand in 1977, this is one dinosaur carcass that the media, let alone so-called “paleontologists,” refuse to discuss.

Scientific Proof, Biblical Wisdom

The Loch Ness “Monster” is a hotly debated topic among science fiction fans, but did you know that this creature very closely resembles a type of dinosaur known as a plesiosaur? Did you also know that plesiosaurs have been spotted not just in Scotland, but in Japan, Cornwall, Canada, Arkansas and Lake Erie? Thousands of eyewitness accounts attest to these mysterious creatures, yet the mainstream media has taken little notice.

Further proof comes from the Mokele-Mbembe region of Africa, where numerous cryptozoologists have devoted years to the study of living dinosaurs. Much of this information has been recorded by noted expert Roy P. MacKal in his groundbreaking book, “A Living Dinosaur?” Other scientists have hunted the dark wilds of Papua New Guinea where few white men venture. There, the natives report a comfortable familiarity with a breed of pterodactyl that they call the “Ropen.” This information supports older testimonies from such unimpeachable sources as Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett of the British Military. Colonel Percy tracked diplodocus dinosaurs through the jungles of Brazil a hundred years ago, and ultimately disappeared under very questionable circumstances. Other examples, such as the team of Air Force officers on a rescue mission who spotted a frolicking plesiosaurs far out at sea are discussed in Frank Spaeth’s important work, “Mysteries of the Deep.”

As for the deep seas, we have many examples of dinosaurs washing up on shores all over the world. In Rhode Island, they nicknamed their catch the, “Block Ness Monster.” In Nova Scotia, a decomposing carcass of a plesiosaur caused quite a stir, while the Zuiyo-maru example discovered in New Zealand is considered the finest proof of modern-day deep sea dinosaurs. Even gossip blog got into the act, reporting breathlessly about the “Montauk Monster” to delighted readers. Yet university scientists and the established industry behind “paleontology” refuses to take this evidence seriously

The Liberal Media’s Stunning Atheist Bias

“Thou didst divide the sea by thy strength: thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters. Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces” —Psalm 74:13-14.

The "meteor myth" of dinosaur extinction makes for great Hollywood fiction, but has little basis in Biblical truth.

The “meteor myth” of “pre-historic” dinosaur extinction makes for great Hollywood fiction, but has little basis in Biblical truth.

Deep sea dinosaurs are so controversial for mainstream and atheistic Americans because they throw into doubt everything we’ve been taught about the age of the Earth. According to Biblical scholars, our planet is around 6,000 to 8,000 years old. Dinosaurs existed with early man from the days of the Garden of Eden. They are referred to numerous times in the Bible as serpents, leviathans and dragons. As once study recently noted,

“The tall, lanky design of the dinosaur may have been intended to help our first human ancestors pick the highest fruits and nuts from the trees. Their amazing strength would come in handy when preparing foodstuffs. Maybe those long, muscled tails were used to clear out space for habitation. When one opens the door to serious consideration, the possibilities of the dinosaur as a work animal and companion to man are endless.”

When the Great Flood came, Noah was told to save all the creatures. Why would he leave the dinosaurs out? There is a great deal of speculation about what happened next. Some believe that dinosaurs were hunted to extinction long ago. Others suggest that life after the Flood was too harsh for them. Gone were the lush jungles and smaller animals they daily fed on for survival. Over centuries, these grand creatures simply died out. But this is why the idea of deep-sea dinosaurs is so exciting!

Can Christians Save Today’s Living Dinosaurs From Extinction?

Saving deep-sea dinos from extinction could also stop the tide of radical atheism flooding America today.

Saving deep-sea dinos from extinction could also stop the tide of radical atheism flooding America today.

If a few, isolated examples of dinosaurs survive to this day, it proves that notions like evolution and mass extinction caused by a meteor strike are simply absurd. If evolution were real, these massive predators would have grown bigger and stronger and retaken the planet. We’d be huddling in murky caves, fearful of prowling Tyrannosaurus Rexes right now! And if the Earth was struck by a devastating meteor, these creatures would never have co-existed with mankind in the first place and the Biblical timeline would be incomprehensible.

So why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on these stunning revelations? One of the leading proponents of living dinosaurs, Dr. Kent Hovind, respected author of “Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs” and founder of the Dinosaur Adventure Land theme park, was targeted for his beliefs by the Obama Administration. Claiming paperwork violations, IRS stormtroppers incarcerated Dr. Hovind, shuttered his amusement park and effectively silenced his ministry.

Ultimately, this vital issue should stir all Christians to action. We need to rediscover our inner scientists and seek out evidence of those grand monsters still living amongst us. We must probe the deep seas and our great lakes. We must search far and wide and invite the best experts in the land to weigh in on this crucial issue. We must spread the word about the evidence already in the public domain proving the existence of these “prehistoric” creatures. We must free Dr. Kent Hovind from Obama’s political prison! Most crucial of all, we must do all of this to once and for all put an end to the perilous myth machine of Militant Atheism that is targeting our youths today.