Aquatrails: Harmless Backsplash or Deadly Chemtrails of the Sea?

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Large chemical trails behind ships are concerning activists.

What chemicals are industrial and military ships intentionally dumping into our seas?

The significance of the Earth’s oceans to humanity can never be underestimated. Covering 71.230% of our planet’s surface and accounting for 96.511% of our water, the seas produce most of our oxygen and absorb the worst carbonic anhydrides from our atmosphere. These bodies are a major resource of food and perform the unwelcome task of recycling much of our manmade waste. Why then, it should be asked, does there appear to be a concerted effort to poison one of the foundational elements of our existence?

From the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, governments have been forced to admit that our oceans have been repeatedly inundated with dangerous pollutants. Yet the consistent regularity of these “accidents” suggests more than managerial malfeasance. When one looks at the locations, either near population centers or important fish breeding grounds, a shocking pattern emerges.

Further complicating this issue has been the recent appearance of ships releasing unknown chemicals into the seas. Grassroots activists and citizen journalists have recorded these sea borne dispersals, coined “aquatrails” by oceanographers at the Wyoming Institute of Technology, in heavily trafficked shipping lanes and in populated coastal regions, but little is known about areas outside of public view. Could there far more to this story than the mainstream media is willing to reveal? What exactly is happening in the darkest, most inscrutable depths of our deep seas?

Cousteau, Chemtrails and the Global Cover-Up

Cousteau, a radical environmentalist, demanded the UN reduce the U.S. population by 350,000 per day.

Cousteau, a radical environmentalist, demanded the U.N. reduce the U.S. population by 350,000 per day.

Starting in the mid 1990s, reports began to surface on an obscure bulletin board service named The WELL that something might be afoot in our oceans. People had noticed odd emissions that floated behind large vessels, such as Israeli military craft or Chinese container ships. These liquids did not dissipate quickly, but rather bubbled and frothed while protracting into canopy-like shapes with a seemingly engineered intent. Some took on a yellowish hues, others green or blue. Scientists were quick to dismiss these accounts, particularly after several witnesses also claimed to have seen “mermaids” or Loch Ness-types of monsters in the same waters. Various “experts” attributed the episodes to alcoholism, sexual inadequacy or “cabin fever,” but as with our most brilliant minds, sometimes it takes society decades to catch up to uncomfortable truths.

Aquatrails apologists contend that these observed phenomena are little more than “propeller wash” or “tail eddies.” Prop wash is indeed a common sight for boaters. It is simply the ripple of waves that a vessel leaves behind in its wake. However, there is mounting evidence that aquatrails fall far outside of the traditional Kelvin wake patterns cataloged by top minds in the field. Further complicating this controversy, federally-financed scientists have refused to undertake any large scale study of aquatrails and White House officials are unwilling to comment on the issue publicly. As we shall see, they have every possible reason to lie about this burgeoning crisis.

So who is behind the recent surge of aquatrails and what is their ultimate purpose?

One surprising figure in the aquatrails debate is none other than the father of oceanic environmentalism himself, Jacques Cousteau. Following in the footsteps of David Rockefeller, billionaire leader of such controversial organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Chase Manhattan Bank, Cousteau was a vocal proponent of population control and expanding the authority of the United Nations. Indeed, Cousteau once told a UN subcommittee, “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics – it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshies . In order to stabilize world population, we will eliminate 350,000 people per day.” (Demanding Accountability, United Nations Development Fund for Women, 1984, p. 84-85).

Adding to this conspiracy is the fact that soon after Cousteau’s combative U.N. testimony, observers first began noticing the use of chemtrails in our skies. Could aquatrails and chemtrails be somehow related? Are they part and parcel of a larger population control agenda, as specifically espoused by the likes of Cousteau, Rockefeller and other secretive members of globalist organizations? Did Cousteau have profound ties to the Illuminati and might that explain his sudden death? The answers to these questions have been hotly debated all across the World Wide Web.

Propeller chemical ejections up close (left), the long trails behind commercial ships (middle) and the resulting foam build-up on many urban beaches.

Evidence of aquatrails is mounting: Propeller chemical ejections up close (left), the long trails behind commercial ships (middle) and the resulting foam build-up on many urban beaches.

Mercury Linked to Teen Apathy

While testing has shown that the components of chemtrails vary — usually involving some combination of barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide — it is not yet clear what aquatrails are composed of. One clue, however, has been recorded by health officials the world over. It is the recent incidence of a complex compound known as monomethylmercury in our seas. As one scientist has noted:

“Here’s the mystery: Most of the mercury that enters the ocean from sources on land or air is just the element mercury, a form that poses little danger because living things can get rid of it quickly. The kind of mercury that accumulates to toxic levels in fish is called monomethylmercury, or simply methylmercury, because it has a methyl group, CH3, attached to the mercury atom.

“The problem is that we don’t know where methylmercury comes from. Not nearly enough of it enters the ocean to account for the amounts we find in fish. Somewhere, somehow, something in the ocean itself is converting relatively harmless mercury into the much more dangerous methylated form.”

The immediate effect of monomethylmercury in our waters has been dramatic. This bioaccumulative environmental toxicant can be found in the types of fish most popular with middle class consumers. Mackerel, swordfish, bass, tuna, grouper, cod, carp and breaded “fish sticks” all may contain dangerous levels. In turn, this poses a critical health risk to pregnant women at a time when their bodies are dependent on the very proteins that seafood provides. Such contaminated seafood is known to cause impairment in the brain development of fetuses.

As a direct result of mercury poisoning, we have a youth generation that lacks the intelligence and foresight to deal with the coming crises this planet faces. These young people have short attention spans and eschew traditional family rearing structures for erotic homosexuality, nonviable career choices and the tragedy of marijuana addiction. If monomethylmercury is indeed the active ingredient in aquatrails, as some have suggested, it is an incredibly cruel yet deviously effective method of population control.


A Call to Action on Aquatrails

In the final analysis, this is clearly an issue that demands further study. It is criminal for our governments to deny this crisis and it is unethical for the media to partake in the global cover-up. As citizens, we need to pressure Congress and our local officials to investigate. In order to succeed, we need to make aquatrails as significant an issue as chemtrails is in the mainstream consciousness. Candidates running for higher office, including the 2016 presidential election, must be called out on this controversy and they must state on record whether they support America’s Constitutional prerogatives or if they are beholden to the New World Order’s Agenda 21.

Is her future at risk?

Are we risking the future of America’s children?

The Internet itself needs to join this fight. We need more evidence and more first-person testimony on the danger of aquatrails. As computer users, we need to commit more time searching and researching what is happening in our skies and our seas. Information is power and there is so much information available on the web confirming the incredible danger the New World Order’s secretive agenda poses to ordinary citizens. Chemtrails has led the way, now it is time for the aquatrails experts of the Internet to speak out.

We have a grave responsibility before us. Children are succumbing to the brain-altering effects of these sea-borne dispersals every day. The rise of sloth and sin is evident to all willing to look. Our young people are suffering and the Internet has the power to save them. These innocent souls barely grasp what evil is being done to them by the globalists. A generation from now, will America’s youths be too dimwitted to comprehend their own stupidity?

Your clicktivism can stop aquatrails and save our children! Get online and do something important now!


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Henricus Institor is the “nom de plume” of a former Internet hacktivist and high ranking member of the atheist radical elite. Yet even there, amongst the most dangerous liberals in the world, he could not hide from God’s Calling. He was reborn in the Blood of Christ in 2011 and today “Henricus Institor” serves as’s foremost expert on secret left wing agendas and global power conspiracies.

  • WideWake

    When will people wake up to the truth that the government IS NOT on our side. And that pilot came out the other day and admitted to chemtrails spraying and hes not the first so why are so many in denial? There is a clear reason cancer and other diseases are skyrocket like my thyroid problems they are epidemic and no one is paying attention but the med insurance is making BANK from it all.

    • Nikola Nikolov

      And not only that, brother. We should rebel and fight them back until we stop them, all together united. I dont understand how can people be so passive and apathetic about all this what is happening..i just dont know how to feel about all this, people should understand and start making actions right now.

    • Not to mention how the animal kingdom is trying to overthrow humanity as we speak too.

  • de.vane.289

    Just curious if they do this in lakes now too because I have noticed the water in our lakes is different then when I was a kid 20 years ago. More boats and its feels heavy like the chemical weigh it down.This should be easy to test?

    I live in Idaho and people here are finally cluing into the chemtrails spraying but they also own or control all the boards of the major newspapers and tv here so you do not see any reporting on it but it has gotten real intense this spring and I have many neighbors who got sick if they work outdoors. You ever see those Chinese who wear the face masks? There’s a reason and they know because they have a huge population and the government there wants depopulation just like our 1 percent.

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      Water is more heavy, if really believe water can get heavier. Please don’t bread

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    People really need to know about this things and get the word out. Chemtrails are the perfect example of an United Nations out of control and too much power going to Obama. Ron Paul always made the case for smaller federalism and this is the proof right here why we need to get rid of things like the Fed Reserve and Dept Education.

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      So if we get rid of the fed planes won’t produce exhaust any more?

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  • Blanche Beecham

    It is no coincidence that shark attacks are increasing off our coasts. We have been sleeping at the wheel while the Agenda 21 shadow pact plans to have us all riding mountain bikes to work and losing money on our Florida time-shares. These aquatrails are driving sharks into the coast to feed on what is left of the American dream.

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    I love the people who think this is a serious website, and not a collection of parodies 🙂 (or rather I hope they don’t reproduce)

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      Hey took me up to your post before I was sure…lol…I’ve read wacko conspiracy sites before but this one is pretty subtle. Well done!

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        Wikipedia tells us the following bit of enlightenment:

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    Gawd you all need a team of psychologists to help you out.

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    It’s true. When I was in Key West last June, I ran into some people who are kind of a “motorcycle” gang, except that they ride jet skis on the water. They follow around large boats and ships for the aquatrails, and in fact, part of their initiation is that the new person has to dive off a jet ski into the chemical water and drink some of it. It’s kind of like a baptism.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      That should be investigated. We need more people to speak up and out about the chemtrail/aquatrail conspiracy.

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    Tell me this site is satire.
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      The site is satire. The hordes of idiots, are mostly actual idiots.

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    Tell me precisely what chemicals are involved here. PRECISELY. In fact, let’s find out what sort of chemical tanks are on these ocean liners and ships and how they’re receiving those chemicals. Let’s look at engineering drawings that show those chemical tanks. Let’s find out from engineers how a ship engine could process those chemicals in an ICE engine. Let’s find out the trucking companies that supply those chemicals. Let’s ask WHY would anyone pay for these chemicals just to be spewing them into the oceans.

    Let’s ask questions like that.

  • Ryan Elson

    This article is ridiculous on so many levels… are you trying to make agenda 21 slot in with the rest of this stuff so that people who talk about it are considered tin foil hatters?? I try to keep an open mind on these subjects but I just never find a satisfactory body of evidence for it. Indeed the UN is a problem, agenda 21 a conspiracy for world dominance, and world government. Perhaps genocide given the types of people leading the charge. But the chemtrails and aquatrails is where you lose me. That is where evidence turns into flimsy conjecture seeded with more BS than actual scientific process. The referencing is bad as well, yet another reason why I remain unconvinced.

    • MBDK

      WAKE UP, SHE-PULL! The proof is all over the internet! Ever since aquatrails were first noticed, it is a know fact that the average IQ of internet users has been dropping by a rate of 1% purr year. I know, because the more I use the “net” (it’s called that because it is a TRAP), the stoopeduhr I found that I saw I could detech me or not me bekum…eeng. Since a doctor on TV said the average IQ is 98.6, that means wheel all be brainless in under a hundred thousand years or more or additionally later. But since my last vacation…er…vaccination, I don’t seem to care anymore. I’m going for a swim…

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    Stupid overload……

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    I just figured it out. The real reason for aquatrails is about fishing for comments. Pay out the line, wait for the tug, and lift the rod and set the hook. It’s obviously part of the secret left wing agenda to make us true patriot conservative right thinking people look more foolish than we already do.

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