Anal Bleaching, For the Sodomite Who Wants to Look His Best

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Academic and corporate scientists are always looking for that magic fountain of youth to whiten our teeth, reduce fine lines and even make experienced women into veritable virgins again through an obscene procedure called “Labioplasty.” Now, homosexuals and pornography stars have found a new body part to improve: the anus.

In something that truly pushes the limits of decency and common sense, a new trend is sweeping America. Its name is “Anal Bleaching” and its goal is to whiten and clean the rectal area of age spots, dark skin patches, discolorations, rashes and more.

For over a century, Americans have asked medical professionals for implausible bodily improvements. Liposuction, breast implants, plastic surgery– vanity seems to be important for those people who live solely on the surface, with no spiritual depth nor sense of charity. This is particularly true for those amongst us who have lived indulgent lives of drug and alcohol abuse, masturbation, adultery, cigarettes and worse. They define their personalities through sexual conquests or, if they are celebrities, through film and television appearances. Their face and their body is who they are and when they age past 30, they lose their sense of self.

For those who practice sodomy, there is an implicit admission that they do not want to live a normal life of righteous wholesomeness. Sexual intercourse was never meant for a body area that does contribute to procreation and is a straightforward avenue for the disposal of large body waste. Overuse of the anus can cause a host of problems including fatal rectal cancer. The fecal waste associated with the anus contains a high degree of bacteria and other dangerous elements and for this reasons, millennia of human beings have been keen on disposing of it properly and far from habitation. And yet, despite all the advances of human culture we now have a group of people who celebrate the anus and want to improve its appearance for their sexual mates. A sad but perfect example of this is the song, “What What in the Butt,” the most popular video on Youtube in 2009.


Blogger Jill Hamilton is one of those celebrating this new advance in perverse medical science. On her blog entitled “In Bed With Married Women,” she notes, “Those who don’t have the proper shade of pink can achieve colo-rectal perfection through anal bleaching.” An expert on the subject, Ms. Hamilton goes into great detail regarding the history of this reprehensible technique:

“The trend started with adult film stars who wanted to look their best in extreme butt close-ups. It gained ground when people started waxing the hell out their neither regions and discovered new body parts to fixate upon. Plenty of people have the time (and the inclination) to peer into their butts noting imperfections.” –Jill Hamilton, Is Your Anus Looking Its Whitest?

Sodomites across the world have welcomed Anal Bleaching hungrily. The creams and medicines are quite expensive, yet the industry is truly blooming. In turn, the amount of sodomy that people engage in is growing at record rates. As has been reported in many places across the internet, “Ever since the homosexual lifestyle became so visible and popular, straight couples have been tempted to experiment with this incredibly painful fornication situation. Now, to avoid pregnancy more and more teen girls are giving in to peer pressure and trying this extreme hardcore sexual perversionary act.”

The danger for regular American society has been explained thusly, “For married couples, the interest in sodomy comes out of physical frustration or boredom. As years of marriage drag on, men and women seek new thrills to feel that same rush of their first copulation experience. What these couples really need is to find pleasure in parenting, to take joy in the athletic and academic successes of their children, to be humble but hardworking members of their community, whether it’s being more active in your church or volunteering to fight the homeless.” (Sodomy Is Never The Answer, November 11, 2009).

It is not clear if the Anal Bleaching technique is meant to cover up bruises or lashes from hardcore sadomasochist sessions that the homosexual often engages in. The abuse of the anus is a popular form of intercourse for those who have sex without a woman present. It also fits into the recent trend of online sex dating sites, where people post close-up photographs of their various sexual organs in an attempt to attract a mate. A boy with a pretty anus may be more attractive to the dominant homosexual, as a female porn star may get more work for the same reason.

Sadly, many a male homosexual has become obsessed with anal sex and fails to grow beyond that into a healthy relationship with those around him. In the “gay” world, the recipient of anal sex is labeled a “bottom” (in fact, in homosexual slang there are over 200 words to describe a sodomy receiver). These “bottoms” live solely through the act of being penetrated and find this a reasonable topic of conversation both in private and public. Ultimately, these types of homosexuals will disregard physical appearance, financial wellbeing and even ethnicity in the search for the perfect “top” man. Oddly enough, the “top” and “bottom” men often divide cleanly across ethnic lines, with Latinos and Blacks often describing themselves as tops and young White or Asian males, skinny and/or effeminate, often choosing the role of the “bottom.” A great number of interracial homosexual couples are linked by this perverse sexual equation.

The consequences of scientific and medicinal experimentation without any prior ethical public discussion are dire and unexpected. In this one simple case we see an increase not just in heterosexual sodomy, but in porn star performances and interracial homosexual copulation. What do our innovators have in store for us next? No one quite knows, but surely the future will be a minefield of dark, explosive degeneracy.