Penile Enhancement Spam Threatens Your Masculinity. And That’s Exactly What the Gay Agenda Wants

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
undermine traditional notions of American manhood

Ads like these undermine traditional notions of manhood and promote a subversive agenda.

For years now, normal heterosexual men have been bombarded by one heartbreaking message: your reproductive organs just aren’t that impressive.

It’s a traumatic experience to be beaten down like this each and every day by our email inboxes. These notes are all the more devastating as they appear to come from medical experts and adventurous women alike.

It’s easy to dismiss these emails as simply fraudulent spam. Yet when one considers that only an infinitesimally small number of people click on these ads and of those, another infinitesimally number might actually purchase the products sold, a larger question arises. If these senders aren’t actually interested in monetary transactions, could the true purpose of these missives be something else?

A broader look at the origins and effects of penile enhancement junk mail raises many fascinating issues. On the surface, there is the very real damage this harassment does to the male ego. If we are constantly reminded that we fail to live up to a mythic and ethnic ideal of phallus size, what does that say about masculinity in general? Are we to believe that somehow American manhood is, by correlation, also lacking?

Metrosexual icons like actor Robert Paterson send a message of androgyny to America's boys.

Metrosexual icons like actor Robert Paterson send a message of alluring androgyny to America’s boys.

The Sexual Assault on American Manhood

Other experts have noted that we are living in an era where the notion of virility is being openly assaulted by those in the homosexual agenda. This has been done by emasculating everyone from our comic book heroes to our sports legends. We are fed a steady diet of effete celebrities on televisions and in movies. It seems that the liberal media is profoundly invested in the idea that old-fashioned, hairy chested American brawn is a thing of the past. Instead, we have naturally smooth, lithe and culturally sensitive archetypes — like James Franco or Jon Stewart — held up for our young people to emulate.

The myth of the oversized phallus can also be traced back to the homosexual agenda. Within this subculture, the male reproductive organ is a thing of grave occult-like worship. African and Arabic men who are preternaturally girthed are praised like religious saints. Their photos are cherished like devotionals, and their measurements are posted online like scores from basketball semifinals. On iPhones and message boards, gays will often chatter about specific penile lengths with sardonic, gossipy obsession. In the heat of the night, such numbers suddenly become more important to the homosexual than fashion and celebrity news.

Understanding this, it does not take much deductive reasoning to locate the source of male organ enhancement spam. Homosexual elitists are unusually adept at technological campaigns and their stated goal of redefining our culture is paramount in the age of Obama. We are living in a time when those in the New World Order are attempting to use illness as a means to socialism under the guise of Obamacare. We are living in a time where Illuminati power players brought our nation to the brink of financial collapse. We are living in a time where the very water we drink in our homes cannot be trusted. Is it really much of a stretch of the imagination to see the hand of the homosexual in our Gmail inboxes?

We are living through the worst offensive of socialist psychological warfare. Yet if we remain vigilant and forever informed about the methods of our enemies, there is hope we can triumph. Please remember this when you click open your inbox today and be defiantly unashamed of how God himself made you.


  • Heisenberg

    But what about those of us that actually became fulfilled by the promise of a large penis? What have you to say for those us that are now referred to as “tripod?”

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Quit trying to show it off, you perv.

    • Blanche Beecham

      A large penis certainly isn’t going to be accurate for surveying, so I have no idea why you would earn such a nickname.

    • NoBonerForYou

      Personally I have made a living from my ‘big dipper’ as you can see, but it wouldn’t bother me if I fell short

  • Flett

    Utter nonsense…

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    There really is no purpose for this sort of junkmail garbage but the internet is like a sick person, sprouting weird diseases everywhere.

    • NoBonerForYou

      I thought you worked for these clowns?

  • Albert Toppers

    Thank you for this important and timely read, Dr. Billings! As always, your way with words truly touched me!!

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      I love your icon of the clowns! Tots adorbable!

      • Albert Toppers

        Thank you, Kaylee! It is nice to meet you and God Bless! I’ve long been an admirer of the clown arts. I dabble a bit too myself!

  • Edward Przydzial

    death of the family. the war on men is much deeper… watch tv commercials. watch the ‘old spice’ spots. scary as hell. watch the white man in particular is the buffoon in many advertisements as they tell white woman they want black men… most men in hollywood are bi or homosexual so we’ve been watching this and seeing the WAR ON MEN since the 1950’s… tv, magazines, radio and even variety shows… dig deep and take a good look. the brady bunch was a tv show. but, think about the show for a minute, broken family grows into one. divorce and family under the micro-scope by the social engineers in hollywood’s television city. wasn’t dad in reality, a homosexual? yes he was. in the 70’s they really started putting these messages and other manipulations in the ‘innocent’ shows like the partridge family, courtship of eddie’s father, jody and buffy had no mommy… just a butler. hmmm… men have been targeted by the social engineers for a long time and black men have been put up on a pedestal as white men are maligned, disrespected and feminized. look at your sports hero’s… a distraction. most men know their favorite football team but have no clue what the word socialism means or blind to the reality of what our evil government is doing in their name. men have been emasculated as weak clown like idiots while woman are told they’d rather be with the black man. black woman do not attempt to stand up and stop this… now we see the world see’s men with brains, strength, pride as the target. the enemy. welcome to upside-down obama land folks. rules for radicals. 😉

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      I was suprsied when I heard that Mr Brady was Homosexual. Really changed the whole meaning of that show for me but he was always a little too senstive and wearing fashion. I realize it has so many inside gay jokes and when I have children I wont let them watch it.

      • Gaz McBaz

        Oh KA, you’re such a troll, paid for by the good people at Hard Dawn. Loving it!

    • NoBonerForYou


  • whodunnit

    If this website is for real I’d like to point out something. Your name sounds like Hard-on, and the picture of a naked man with a very phallic looking gun posing behind a sunset really isn’t helping you look any less gay.

  • Ryan McLaughlin

    Wtf did I just read?

  • Ryan McLaughlin

    I thought only 13 year olds were concerned with their penis size…. I had no idea a grown man could be so shallow and warped in the head that he would put that much importance on member size.

  • TheBino79

    What pure and utter drivel.

  • Cassidy Pen

    It’s a well known faith fact that starting a personal relationship with Jesus will significantly enhance a person’s life. You will notice a new vigor in your step and your day-to-day routine will become a fresh experience every time. Soon, your natural physical strength and vitality will increase as you become wholesome and pure. When you realize your body is a temple and must not be mishandled or poisoned by what you consume, both orally or through written and spoken media, you will notice that even your sexual stamina and size grow in keeping with your resolute faith.
    You liberal atheists will shun my words and speak against me and God in your rebuttals but I can say once and for all that I am proud and renewed since I found Jesus. You should try it. You’ll find that you aren’t just a miserable lump merely counting the days until your body and soul deteriorate.

  • NoBonerForYou

    You can see by my picture what I think, be a good sport and bend over and take it up your poo hole you tool!!!, Men have far more to worry about than the length of their crankshafts like working, providing, not getting the ruler out and measuring their dongs, In reality you have no purpose you moron!!!

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