The Eternal Artist: Why America Must Eliminate the Creative Class

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Self-centered indulgence has become a pox upon this world, a pox that threatens the health of good people in all nations. For too long we have grown fat on abundance, eschewing our larger responsibilities in the realms of liberty, patriotism and faith.

Now, a new generation of youths is claiming center stage on the global scene. They are a people extremely disinterested in true work and dangerously addicted to self-destruction. They label themselves “artists” in a malicious attempt to promote socialism and atheism. Ultimately, their goal is to undermine the very ideals that led to the bounty that they have so greedily fed from.

Today’s young artists exhibit a remarkable lack of ability. They simply refuse to celebrate the best that modern civilization has to offer. In plain language, they use their talentless scribblings to promote a filthy, lurid view of the world.

These artists aren’t at all poor. After decades of post-war success, their parents have acquired enough to own decent, comfortable homes. But these types instead chose dirty and bug-ridden dwellings. Untroubled by their surroundings, they go about bobbing their heads to inscrutable music and the throbbing needs of their insatiable libidos.


Seldom are artists found doing useful work. And when they are, it often isn’t voluntary. Their parents may force them to take normal jobs. It is readily obvious that they’re not used to working, and don’t like it either.

This helplessness isn’t to be pitied. These artists don’t want careers, but to party and dance, paint and fornicate.

It’s a myth that artists are forced into rebellion because respectable professions are closed to them. On the contrary, they welcome all the sensual indulgence eagerly because it suits their quixotic characters and wretched laziness.

One might want to regard these bearded, emaciated children as a sign that global society has failed to provide much-needed guidance. But watch these people a while and it becomes clear that they’re proud to act out against everything their parents cherish. These young people don’t have the idealism that Christians embrace. With them, the egoism of the individual is not in the service of higher common goals. Instead, creative urges, in crass contradiction of the traditional concept of morality, proclaims the unrestrained egoism of every artist to be divine law.


Christian men attach a sense of worth to every activity. They want to create something worthwhile; food or clothing, houses or machines, anything else of value to everyone. They are ruled by the feeling of being responsible for their achievements.

For the artist, there is but one thing of value: celebrity. How he gets it makes no difference.

Their first creative works are generally worthless trash. That’s how the little artists start out. Soon they’ve reached the point where they can sell crude canvases or tickets to dance performance pieces, and in no time they’ve assembled a group of like-minded fellow travelers. Not long after, they create websites. The most ambitious will next start gallery shows or YouTube channels, and then gravitate to bigger venues like concert halls and cable television.

The most cunning (that is, the most unscrupulous) eventually have warehouse parties and move into splendid lofts in wealthy cities, provided that they don’t get in the way of other artists networking the same wealthy donors.

That’s why they migrate to rich lands with rich people. They need a ready audience flush with disposable income. What intelligent Christians find of value has been reduced by the artist into mere fodder for their sarcastic explorations. He criticizes and mocks traditional values, but produces nothing worthwhile to advance civilization. The production of wisdom he leaves to the religious leaders and moral politicians of the host nation.


Artists are a people without farms or factories; a race of parasites. Wherever the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make a living from the illnesses of countries, and therefore endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness.

Artists have been this way throughout history. Their faces bear the age-old features of the perpetual violator: homosexuals, racial mutts, Bohemians, alcoholics, drug addicts. Over the course of time and throughout every nation, the eternal artist has always been the same.

Wherever artists turn up, they carry destruction to the land by destroying mankind’s goods and nourishment and spreading disease. From gonorrhea and Avian flu, to cultural Marxism and marijuana abuse, the artist carries scars of the world’s dark underside. They are cunning, cowardly, and cruel, and usually appear in impenetrable “cliques.” They represent the elements of sneakiness and subterranean destruction.


People without good instincts let themselves be deceived by this mimicry of humanity. They might even consider artists to be passionate and intellectual. Therein lies the enormous danger. These libertines remain forever foreign bodies in the organisms of their host peoples, regardless of celebrity and success.

Though they make up only 1% of the population of the Earth, their stranglehold on the means of cultural production enables them to terrorize world media, world opinion, and world politics.

We have all seen the reports of drug addiction, rape, pedophilia, suicide, sodomy, Satanism and Atheism and murder among the creative class.

Educated Americans, objective and tolerant, are quick to dismiss these news stories as aberrations. But that’s the level of degeneracy that defines this race of bitter people. They rub their hands together eagerly, plotting a revenge that will explode without warning one day. Even when dressed in proper adult clothes, their murderous nature still courses through their veins. For once your soul has been stained by the artistic life, you are forever marked.


Five beliefs guide the inner mind of the artist: Love pillage, love excess, love only your own kind, hate your masters, and never tell the truth.

In their public personas, many artists represent the radical line against law and order. In the guise of selfless humanitarians, they promise the masses castles in the sky, inciting them against civic order. Unrestrained personal freedom and self indulgence for the individual. Rejection of all ideals and higher values. Submission to the basest life of material pleasures. Criticism of all that is sacred. Revolt against everything. Incitement of the young to class warfare and terrorism.

Artists are most dangerous when permitted to meddle in politics and matters of faith, and pronounce their insolent judgment on them. The concept of God is incomprehensible to the artist by nature, and will always remain so. The artist, without spiritual roots of his own, has no feeling for the responsibilities of Christianity. What he calls art must gratify his deteriorating nerves. The stench of disease must pervade it. It must be unnatural, grotesque, perverse, or pathological. The feverish fantasies of hopelessly sick minds are extolled by art dealers and critics recklessly seeking to profit. American cultural life is being niggerized and bastardized. Painting, architecture, literature, and music are suffering equally.


sarahpalinheroUnder the leadership of brave and patriotic Christians, America must raise the battle flag against this creative class.

There is plenty of living space in the world, but the notion that the artists are entitled to live off the productivity of the rest of us will finally have to go. Artists will have to get used to the idea of performing some respectable, constructive activity as other people do, or sooner or later they’ll face trouble they never dreamed of.

Should the international artists inside and outside the mainstream declare war on Christianity, the result will not be a victory for creativity, but the destruction of the creative class throughout the world.

The eternal law of nature, keeping one’s spirit pure, is the legacy which people of faith leave to our nation forever. In this spirit, the unified Christians march on into the future.


  • Blanche Beecham

    Dr. Billings, this is possibly the most poignant piece of journalism I have ever read.

    The “culture vultures” is what I like to call this prissy, entitled class of “street art” bottom feeders like that “Banksy” fellow. Fouling our precious commerce buildings with ghetto images of poor people and rats. Poor people and rats! And Policemen kissing like they are husband and wife! There are others, but how about something that is pleasing to the eye?

    I think that Jon McNaughton is probably the greatest painter of the last 2,000 years. His portrait of Jesus making the Constitution of the United States makes me proud to be an American. He has done some controversial work, such as “Obama Sets Fire to the Constitution Like Satan Told Him to Do”. I really don’t like that one much because it makes me have the acid reflux like crazy. It is very emotionally draining.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for the support, Blanche! I sometimes worry that I get a bit too intellectual when I got a fire in my loins and that word processor all warmed up! God bless and hope the end of the summer is treating you and the family well!

      • Blanche Beecham

        Well, I’ve been putting my unmentionables in the ice-box, rotating my underpinnings throughout the day to stay cool. It seems to work.

      • Reasonable citizen

        I dont think you have to worry too much about being too intellectual.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Suck my cock.

        • ConcernedCitizen

          Yup that about shows you in a nut shell. What a dumb fuck you are!

        • magicraftsman

          now there is an intellectual reply! You are a fucking moron!

        • cyn

          I just shared that with 5ooo people.

      • Aran’Gar

        As a Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer how do you avoid the risk of creativity?

    • Akira Lasker

      This is possibly the most ignorant piece of journalism I have ever read.

      I say so because I actually see a lot of Christian artists in the contemporary scene who are passionate about Christ and make their contemporary art about Christ. They minister and run Bible Studies. So, firstly, there is that: not all artists are about ‘celebrity.’ The fact that this article which has a Christian spin ignores this shows that ignorance.

      Secondly, do you like watching movies? Or any television? How about reading? If so, how can you agree with this piece? This line of argument can easily be extended to include these pursuits.

      And finally, have you heard of ‘gentrification’? If not, look it up. It’s the proces of urban renewal where suburbs increase in economic value. This process starts with the creative class. Businesses move in to capitalise on their needs: paint shops, cafes, restaurants, places to meet, more accommodation. As the upper classes see this cool stuff happening in the suburb, they move in and continue a cycle of economic improvement in the area. THIS IS WHY ARTS IS FUNDED BY GOVERNMENTS BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY PROVIDES AN ECONOMIC RETURN.

      Nice meme you have got there though, it’s a good laugh m8

      • Satire

        It’s satire.

    • Blanche Beecham

      I have explosive diarriah.

    • Yeshua ben Yosef

      You like paintings? You will truely burn in Hell! Vile woman, those paintings were created by artists! In fact, anyone who enjoys so-called Christian art is a true heathen, for they too were created, by artists. Artists who do not have a proper job, but PAINT! How can you enjoy gospel, or read books, or admire architecture, or enjoy the sports? All these were invented by people who did not have proper jobs. A true Christian does not read, watch TV, use the internet, enjoy art, music or sports, or in fact anything created by mankind. For everything created, was created by people who had too much time beside their regular job. A true Christian society, would never even have developed agriculture. If we were all true Christians, we would honour Him by reverting to our hunter-gatherer roots… Anyone who does not do so, will be cast down unto Satan. By default, any Christian who has access to internet, or any electronics at all, is forever doomed. Do you understand me? Your soul is tarnished, and He will NEVER love you…

  • Laura

    I don’t know who Banksy is, but she don’t sound like a Christian woman, much less of an artist.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    It all boils down to this: either you love America or you don’t. These hipster idiots have to realize that and actually to work at something once in there lives.

    • Viriato Queiroga

      “To” is surplus and *Their

      If you love America so much, please learn how to spell properly.

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Fuck my cunt then I’ll lick your cock.

      • magicraftsman

        There you go again, Showing just what a sleaze bag you really are. I’m more worried about people like you in our society that artists adding to humanity.

    • Yeshua ben Yosef

      How can you love America? That hate-spewing country that embodies inequality? You guys cannot even comply to your own constitution, which embodies SECULARISM…. Yet Christianity is pushed down the worlds throat by you oligarchic fascists… You attack millions because one of them hurt you, and call it justice. You destroy cultures, cities and races, and tell them it is their fault…. You want to be so much like the Roman Empire, and yet you understand none of it’s virtues…. You think you live in a democratic republic, but you live in an corporate oligarchy, lead by Senators who are paid by military companies, and thus make a living from killing other people. I hate the American culture, and the American values, because THERE IS NO AMERICAN CULTURE, and there ARE NO AMERICAN VALUES…. All Americans can think about is enriching themselves and leaving everybody else to die, the Nation of Selfishness

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Actually most hipsters have great jobs. Thats how they can afford to wear the clothes that make them hipsters. Go back to school

    • magicraftsman

      Excuse me, I am an artist and actually run 3 businesses, and raised 2 very productive, happy and educated daughters. I work very hard to make this a better world with the work I do. Your comment really makes you look like an very uninformed idiot.

  • Hello2u2

    I have never laughed so hard in my life. There are tears in my eyes.

  • Whitney Eskew

    intelectual, this is not

    • Chuckl8


  • science

    This is some very grimdark satire my friend. Kudos to you, as a mathematician, philosopher, musician, and poet, I experienced the terror associated with the deep introspection that came forth when imagining someone of your depicted level of putridescence actually existing in the same universe as myself. Scary scary stuff. Keep up the great art!

    • Dr. Stephenson Billings.. well he’s a poet. And a children entertainer – em “Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer” WTF?

  • Georgia Randy

    I saw a great piece of art the other day. A sublimely glowing Jesus was playing quarter back for the Georgia bulldogs. He was throwing a touchdown pass to A.J. Greene who was fighting free of a Harvard uniformed defender with obama on his jersey and horns erupting through his head. A haloed Ronald Regan referee was signaling touchdown and a horned devilish Steve Spurrier was throwing down his visor as the clock ticked to 0. It was so inspiring and meaningful words cant do it justice. That’s the purpose of great art Dr. Billings! before condemning all young artists as a single degenerate group lets remember there are still those artists who like Michael Angelo have the touch of the divine in their souls and show gods will through a most amazing lens.

    • AGPhillbin

      You idiot. There is no such artist as “Michael Angelo!” His name was Michelangelo Buonarroti. I bet you imagined the Pope yelling up at him, “Hey, Mikey! How’s that ceiling coming along!? Got enough paint!?”

      • Michael Angelo! and oh yeh Raf-a-El was a muslim

    • AGPhillbin

      My apologies to you — you actually write wonderful satire! So good, I didn’t initially recognize it! Good work!

  • chrisskoyles

    I came across Hard entirely by accident today. I’ve been reading a few posts now, and I still can’t determine if this is supposed to be satire or not. Either way, I laughed my ass off. Please tell me that was the intention? 😀

    • For Billings

      I think it’s the most hilarious thing but I think they’re for real. It’s also kinda sad.

    • they’re as real as their delusions allow them

  • Cassidy Pen

    I’ve always believed these smelly hipster types lie all the time. I know feel a bit sorry for them to learn that they lie to themselves each and every day. I don’t understand how the can live in such a private hell.

  • theron

    “The most ambitious will next start gallery shows or YouTube channels, and then gravitate to bigger venues like concert halls and cable television.” so much win

  • For Billings

    Intelligent as I’m sure you may seem to some with your dazzling sophistry, I’m not surprised to see that you’ve made a serious etymological mistake as of the ninth line of your masterclass on ‘opinion-as-fact’: “They label themselves ‘artists’ in a malicious [etc.]” You go on to vindicate the brigands in question’s use of the word ‘artist.’ As I’m sure you’re well aware the term ‘art’ originates from Latin ‘artem’ which meant: ‘practical skill; a business, a craft.’ Later the French incorporated it into their language as ‘art’ meaning: ‘skill as a result of learning and/or practice.’ Now, judging by those simple definitions, no one can deny that someone who masters the trading of stocks on Wall Street, for example, has skill, accrued through learning and/or practice, through which he has created a business; or ‘craft’ if you will. And what is ‘craft’ anyway? To build; to construct. How about building a retirement fund? Handled with artistry one could live comfortably through their ageing years. By their true definitions, I could call you an artist, simply for building your life from the ground up. But I won’t need such a tenuous link. You’ve provided me with a far strong one right there in your little bio that I just know you wrote yourself. You describe yourself as an entertainer, do you not? One of the modern day definitions of the word ‘artist’ is: ‘a person who works in one of the performing arts’; public speaking of any kind being a performance. By all accounts, you should feel equally about yourself as you do the subjects of you article. Why do we want to vilify the arts anyway? Art is what makes Man amazing and unique. It’s the force telling him he can build a taller building. Fuck it, he can build the tallest building! Art is the pure demonstration of Man’s curiosity as he exerts himself on his surroundings. Do you like that snug little house you live in Mr. (*sorry*) Dr. Billings? Do you like those Soda Bottles you seem to think holding onto is cool? Without the curious mind-frame of Man, you wouldn’t have such pleasures. The instinct to create and explore is what has carried men across seas and through jungles to find better lands and more resources. Are you saying all the advancements we’ve made as a civilisation have been nefarious and should be condemned? Are you saying all the things that built the great country of the U.S.A. are reproachful? Hell, Art is the force that motivated you to slander artists in the first place. What’s funny to me is that you chose the same subject to serve as the target of your slander and messenger of said slander. I’ll have you admit the irony is quite remarkable. Palpable, I believe. But please, do carry on in your blind existence to the true glory of free thought, and Man’s faculties. Really, you belong in a tree, some many evolutionary cycles back. Do catch up though. You’re slowing the rest of us down. Enjoy.

    • Nope

      HAHAHAHA!! Precisely what I was thinking!

  • mcquestion5000

    Satire or not, Hitler would have loved this. 😉

  • artistinresidence

    Wow. I thought I’d seen crazy but this takes the cake. The thought of letting this guy near children is frightening. Unless, that is, he lives in a van down by the river!

  • Jazz88

    Is this a joke, or have I uncovered another group of nut jobs?

    • martin woyzeck

      I’m thinking the same thing. Since the self proclaimed author replied to the first christian right nutcase commenter, I’m thinking he’s serious

    • Muffy


  • Heather Atkinson

    Not sure ‘eliminating’ the creative class is the answer. Getting them off the public dole most certainly is. A return to the patron system, where people directly support artists who produce art they enjoy, along with a return to standards of excellence within art itself, would be a HUGE step in the right direction.

    • Had to laugh

      Oooo. Please define ‘standards in art’ for me!

    • Penny

      isn’t that what parents are for in US society? Family first folks! Support your OWN artist and get the art cheap (Van Gogh’s brother supported him and got most of his paintings when he died)

    • yes what are these so called standards? Hysteria?

    • smendler

      Well, we need someone to design and build great monuments for our leaders, for those great Christian businessmen upon whom God has showered His favors

  • Quasimodo

    Ha ha this is a good joke, when you say “artists” and “creative class” you really mean “Republicans” and “rich people.” Know how I could tell? Because Republicans are the anti-Christ and Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye if a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Gates of Heaven”

  • Kim

    And yet- you decorate your article with the work of artists- from the graphic design separating your paragraphs to the photographs which accompany it. For thousands of years, wealthy Christians have paid artists to make work which supports their cause. And guess what? Writers are artists too. Which leaves you being a member of the very group you speak so harshly of. Remember: “Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.”

  • Kim

    And remember- it was the avant-garde artists of Modernism that helped our country take a stand against Communism, by showing that we as Americans stand for freedom and individualism. Are you not a patriot, Dr. Billings?

  • WS Burroughs

    Dr. Billings, this is possibly the most poignant piece of journalism I have ever read. unfortunately it’s also a load of crap. Don’t worry Dr. Billings, I don’t think you have to worry about being too intellectual.

  • Had to laugh

    This is one of the best bits of self-parody I think I’ve read in a long time! Thank you! And the photo of Palin makes it look almost sincere! Well done!

  • martin woyzeck

    Award winning journalist?! Of what……??? The ‘razzle’ awards for mindless drivel?!


  • bongo

    I’m a professional musician, and this strikes me as actually mostly true… maybe I’m in the wrong business.

  • Lolpenguin

    “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”

    ― Socrates

  • invisigirl

    I think that reading this trash stole points from my iq. Maybe the writer should actually leave their house more. Christians have commited genocides and crusades, artists built cathedrals and Rose windows for thankless jerks like you and your hateful kind. Calling you christian is an insult to good christians.

  • Gaylord Stanley Feltch

    You get them artist. Save that there world. God is the artist that created it.

  • razor

    That was a first rate article, you certainly had me going for a while. I was honestly thinking you had simply reprinted something from the 50’s about the beatniks for a while and was happy to see your insight to the current generation of ne’er-do-wells.

  • Bob

    Hey, those antique soda bottles you collect?


    Shhhh, it’s okay. Before you say that they’re just soda bottles, remember that art is usually in the eye of the beholder, and YOU are the one collecting them.

  • Yes they are all part of Satan’s plan. They turn your husband gay

  • JoeSchmo

    You guys….This isn’t how you do satire.

  • Low_Budget_Dave

    Artists, by their very nature, are capitalists. They are producing a product that is sold on the free market at whatever rate the market will bear. There is a very small group that works for the government, but even that group has to submit a bid to win a contract. They are far less subsidized than, for example, banks.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Actually most are subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts, a taxpayer funded pork program. Then there’s the colleges and nonprofits which are either directly funded by the gov’t, or heavily subsidized by insider deals and tax breaks. There is little real market for the crap these people produce. And the people who do buy realize its all a pryamid scheme and then just hoping to pass the ripoff to the next constumer. Have you ever seen Pawn Stars?

      • Low_Budget_Dave

        Billings: That is just silly. The total NEA budget is only about $150M. The art market in the United States is over $15 billion every year. By any objective standard, the NEA subsidizes less than 1% of the art market.

        In contrast, the IRS subsidizes the NFL to the tune of more than $1 billion per year. With all that money, you would think the NFL would give back to the economy, but they don’t. Instead they hit up 20 different cities and 12 states for another billion in taxpayer subsidies each year.

        You are complaining about small change, while taxpayers are getting fleeced for billions.

        As you mentioned, it is a collector’s market, and the pieces are only worth what someone else will pay. This is the definition of capitalism, and it is what made our economy strong. If you don’t want a stainless steel Mona Lisa, you don’t have to buy one. But if I want it, then it is my right to spend my salary however I want. Don’t worry that your precious tax dollars went to it, they didn’t.

        Your tax dollars mostly went to the military complex to fund a couple of pointless and endless wars. But a hefty chunk also went to tax breaks for billionaires and corporate welfare for Wal-Mart.

        Your opinion is that a Jeff Koons statue is worth less than a Mercedes, but the guy who bought the statue disagrees. And it is a free country, and it is his money. And his statue will be appreciating in value long after your Mercedes is a scrap heap.

      • Samaritan

        I’m not sure you understand what a pyramid scheme is.

  • Religious ppl are artists too

    All I have to say is

    Dear God,

    Piss Christ, 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano,


  • lenah1

    As a Christian, I am embarrassed by this article. Who is his right mind would want to “be like,” this narcissistic, judgmental, “superior” writer? What a poor example of “Christian” he is. I can’t imagine anyone in his right mind being attracted to Christianity by anything written here. Worse, he is factually inaccurate.

  • CaptainMurphy

    lol is this article a joke? I really can’t tell.

  • Nic

    With respect Mr Billings. Do you include the honourable Johan Sebastian Bach, a great and divinely inspired creative mind in your modest ponderings. The acclaimed and admired Peggy Guggenheim who we hear about as far as distant Australia. Would the honourable Mr Tiffany and his augustly talented offspring Mr Louis Comfort Tiffany agree with your all encompassing and inclusive missive. The modern creator of art expressing the divine light of God. Within EVERY generation is the capacity of humanity to demonstrates Gods love and creativity to shed light upon the need for social change. Does not “Guernica” hang in one of the most prominent places on earth. To express the desire to eradicate a whole genre of expression is akin to Satans homicidal spirits. As Christians, are we supposed to love the sinner, as much as we might hate a sin? Would you rather have your audience believe you to be a hate monger? Are ALL artists homeless? Are all Artists bug ridden? Are you spewing spiteful invective at every Christian artisan who chooses to express their discontent at the rigid authoritarian environment that has no compassion, sympathy or empathy. Have you taught art to those with acquired brain injuries? Do you teach art to toddlers with autism who have no language skills? Do you teach and inspire the death, blind and immobile members of our communities to feel empowered and useful. Art has long been recognised as one of the most important and blessed tools of healing. Do you condemn the raped child who cannot express in words his or her pain. For some, only the visual arts can salve their pain. I am sure your words would not bring the healing power of my personal saviour Jesus, to these grown up children you mention so scathingly. Open your own eyes and remove the plank there in! Maybe then with prayer and forgiveness of your own hate filled words you might be given the eyes to see the hurt and pain in the works of these children. Maybe because YOU were privileged with love and kind rearing. I hear awful stories of rape and molestation from women of both wealthy, industrious and Christian families. Don’t tell me they should be great full for such sickening abuse. Homelessness is often the only escape. Painting and tagging, often the only affordable self expression in their homelessness. take another look Mr high and mighty lord of judgement. Offer something real and tangible. Crucifying art doesn’t remove rapists, pedophiles, child bathers and mind control freaks from our wealthy and industrious families. Satan influences even ministers and Journalists alike. I love my church, I love my community, I even try to love the homeless. Look at their anthology on a one to one basis and maybe your all encompassing grant opinion might discover a little humility along the way! With the love of JESUS anything might be healed, anyone. Even those with bugs. Try a little more love in your words and maybe Jesus will move this mountain of hate you appear to have against creativity. After all, is not God the greatest and most supreme artist of all. Seven of the most important days of Gods artistic effort brought forth the heavens and the earth. Without Almighty Gods art practice, neither you or I woul exist today. With Gods love be miracles.

  • Nic

    This is for Blanche, stop degrading yourself by forning, as in fornicating over a mans vitriolic words. If women stopped ridding on the coat-tails of fashionable hate journalism, and stopped massaging the ego of hate writers then maybe they would go away and write something useful and constructive that might actually please God with its love, hope and kindness. Something that actually demonstrates some of the fruits of the spirit. Try teaching at the local neighbourhood centre. The YWCA, FOR INSTANCE. Do something that gives back to a community spirit. Loving and uplifting actions could cure the world of its evils. Maybe if you gave loving encouragement to a local rape victim who is homeless, maybe they might become the next Mother Thereasa. Who knows what one act of grace can turn into. That’s why the walk of faith is both blind and only by grace alone.

  • sad

    hahaha this is hilarious Billings u r either a troll extraordinaire or a complete and utter a’hole! Can’t wait to read how chemtrails are poisoning angels. Better than weekly world news. Bring Back Batboy!

  • smendler

    But we can let Thomas Kincaid live, can’t we?

  • Paul

    This site is absolute bullshit! every article is nonsense and you claim to be ‘against the system’ yourself, but still you propagate the message of one of the largest and most controlling ‘secret’ organisations possible, christianity. And so much for your ‘wretched laziness’. I am a creative and honestly I probably work much more than you do, given that you have enough time to pen such drivel.

  • magicraftsman

    I am an artist, and think this is the biggest bunch of bull shit I’ve read in a long time which is reminiscent of the fascist propaganda that drove the great artists to the US during WW2! Blanche Beecham, seriously? Jesus making the constitution? Hahahaha, Are you that much of an idiot? What happened to Thomas Jefferson? And you Stephenson Billings, are either a fucking moron or a fascist promoting the coming dark ages demonizing the intellectual pursuits, science and truth. I have read the Bible several times and the things that stick out in my mind is it’s not your place to judge anyone and the faux Christians writing this kind of crap are the most narrow minded judgmental people on the planet which is as contrary to the true meaning and intent conveyed in that book as I have ever seen.

  • Atomic Cannon

    I have a hard time disputing any of the information presented in Dr. Billings’ exposé. This is largely due to not having the time, being a homosexual contortionist with an oral fixation.

  • Doug Freundlich

    It’s difficult for me to take seriously someone who decries decadence but yet does not know the difference between “disinterested” and “uninterested,” as in “They are a people extremely disinterested in true work.” To be disinterested means to have no material advantage at stake in a conflict; that is, one is disinterested in a situation whose outcome will neither benefit or harm that person. To be uninterested in something means that the something in question does not hold any fascination; what one finds uninteresting is likely to be a source of boredom. Therefore, someone can be disinterested in something while not being uninterested in it; vice versa, someone can be uninterested in a matter where one is not disinterested in it. The young parasites described here are certainly uninterested in work, yet they cannot be disinterested in it, for it would certainly be to their material advantage to be gainfully employed.
    As refreshing and heartening as it is to discover someone who sees through the facade of these so-called “creative” types, it is disheartening and stale to encounter such a basic error in English usage, and when the accepted canons of language fall, there is nothing left to do but retreat: “And freedom shall awhile repair/To dwell a weeping hermit there.”

  • Tomster

    My name is Dick Headchristian and if I were Muslim I would be offended by this piece. First of all, it does not proscribe graven images. It refers to pictures of your Prophet Jesus (I’m sorry, MY Prophet, since I am neither Muslim nor atheist hipster.) Second of all, it overlooks the splendid contemporary art scene in Dubai. I could go on, but I h ave to go retch.

  • dreamer23

    I’m pretty sure this article is plagiarized fro the “Protocols of the Elders of MICA, RISD & SCAD”… 😉

  • cyn

    are you kidding me…is this parody because only a complete narcissist would write this or believe it

  • ken pfeiffer

    This is funny shit!

  • lisa dodge

    What happened to live and let live? Didn’t your mother teach you that everybody is different and thats ok?

  • Robert Wallis

    I thought part of your diatribe was lifted from Ancient Greece and late Republican Rome. However, classical origins or not, your premise is that of a dour Calvinist Luddite who wants to return to some sort of fallacious Arcadia that never existed. Opposed to dear Blanche, this is is most puerile piece of journalism I have ever read. As a person of reasonable years and experience, i.e. a retiree, who has worked at both end of the spectrum, technological as well as the fine arts, I can assure you that you are completely off-base and in error. It doesn’t matter that a few people choose to live a libertine life of painting and fornicating as you so well state it. The creative drive is what elevates us from the beasts of the fields, and that includes the hordes of knuckle dragging simpletons that must be your followers. If you’ll pardon the pun, your true “colors” came out when you cited “racial mutts” in your rant. “Racial Mutts”?? To borrow from your own belief system, are you giving lesser value to another of God’s children? Do you believe that these people were brought into this world to suffer ignominious treatment from the likes of you because you perceive them to be of lesser value? That, sir, is not at all a true Christian belief.

    The creative drive, expressed through visual, aural, and other means, leads to creative thinking which is need sorely to keep this country at the forefront of the world in all fields. The type of society you propose eliminates the free choice and will that we are given as a birthright. Eliminating the freedom of choice, in the name of a lockstep iron-clad and unvarying sort of fundamentalist moral tyranny, flies in the face of the Creator who gave us the choice to follow our own path, for bad or good. How we handle those choices is incumbent upon ourselves and not from the Jeremiad preaching of yourself. Quite frankly, your essay reminds me too much of a little boy who is afraid someone else is having fun and not him.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      What a bunch of hippie claptrap.

      • Robert Wallis

        What a bunch of ignorant drivel. For someone with a Doctorate after your name, you seem to have not learned very much. Then again your diploma was probably obtained from the back of a matchbook. As far as “hippie claptrap” goes, anything that smacks of at least 20th century thought must frighten the hell out of you. Do keep in mind that we’re now in the 21st century. FWIW, the last surviving hippie was seen somewhere north of San Francisco circa 1974.

        It must be customary practice for you to be dismissive of other ideas, particularly when mainstream religious values are cited in opposition to your arguments. I really expected, albeit remotely, that you would have responded in a better fashion with a higher level of education than what you did.

        When I first read your diatribe, I was horrified at what I read. It was appallingly retrograde and I kept comparing it to a Rush Limbaugh type of persona. For the first several years I thought Rush was a harmless buffoon playing for laughs, then I came to realize he was a dangerous loose cannon. Then a little digging as I wrote my response to you reveals the truth. As I pondered the truth, the sky broke above me, I heard the fluttering sound of dove’s wings, the sun beams broke through the low hanging clouds. Indeed, I was illuminated as Paul on the road to Damascus and I beheld the light of Truth. I need say no more. I shall go away as a changed person bathed in the Light. Blessed Be.

      • Robert Wallis

        In that case, let me boil it down to the simple level you can understand; bite me.

  • Llewelyn Garuda

    Dr. Billings is a children’s entertainer? This man should NOT be around kids.

  • Dodge Intheshed

    Hates artists, collects bottles.

    • Dodge Intheshed

      Sorry folks, I thought this was a serious site. 🙂