The Eternal Artist: Why America Must Eliminate the Creative Class

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Self-centered indulgence has become a pox upon this world, a pox that threatens the health of good people in all nations. For too long we have grown fat on abundance, eschewing our larger responsibilities in the realms of liberty, patriotism and faith.

Now, a new generation of youths is claiming center stage on the global scene. They are a people extremely disinterested in true work and dangerously addicted to self-destruction. They label themselves “artists” in a malicious attempt to promote socialism and atheism. Ultimately, their goal is to undermine the very ideals that led to the bounty that they have so greedily fed from.

Today’s young artists exhibit a remarkable lack of ability. They simply refuse to celebrate the best that modern civilization has to offer. In plain language, they use their talentless scribblings to promote a filthy, lurid view of the world.

These artists aren’t at all poor. After decades of post-war success, their parents have acquired enough to own decent, comfortable homes. But these types instead chose dirty and bug-ridden dwellings. Untroubled by their surroundings, they go about bobbing their heads to inscrutable music and the throbbing needs of their insatiable libidos.


Seldom are artists found doing useful work. And when they are, it often isn’t voluntary. Their parents may force them to take normal jobs. It is readily obvious that they’re not used to working, and don’t like it either.

This helplessness isn’t to be pitied. These artists don’t want careers, but to party and dance, paint and fornicate.

It’s a myth that artists are forced into rebellion because respectable professions are closed to them. On the contrary, they welcome all the sensual indulgence eagerly because it suits their quixotic characters and wretched laziness.

One might want to regard these bearded, emaciated children as a sign that global society has failed to provide much-needed guidance. But watch these people a while and it becomes clear that they’re proud to act out against everything their parents cherish. These young people don’t have the idealism that Christians embrace. With them, the egoism of the individual is not in the service of higher common goals. Instead, creative urges, in crass contradiction of the traditional concept of morality, proclaims the unrestrained egoism of every artist to be divine law.


Christian men attach a sense of worth to every activity. They want to create something worthwhile; food or clothing, houses or machines, anything else of value to everyone. They are ruled by the feeling of being responsible for their achievements.

For the artist, there is but one thing of value: celebrity. How he gets it makes no difference.

Their first creative works are generally worthless trash. That’s how the little artists start out. Soon they’ve reached the point where they can sell crude canvases or tickets to dance performance pieces, and in no time they’ve assembled a group of like-minded fellow travelers. Not long after, they create websites. The most ambitious will next start gallery shows or YouTube channels, and then gravitate to bigger venues like concert halls and cable television.

The most cunning (that is, the most unscrupulous) eventually have warehouse parties and move into splendid lofts in wealthy cities, provided that they don’t get in the way of other artists networking the same wealthy donors.

That’s why they migrate to rich lands with rich people. They need a ready audience flush with disposable income. What intelligent Christians find of value has been reduced by the artist into mere fodder for their sarcastic explorations. He criticizes and mocks traditional values, but produces nothing worthwhile to advance civilization. The production of wisdom he leaves to the religious leaders and moral politicians of the host nation.


Artists are a people without farms or factories; a race of parasites. Wherever the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make a living from the illnesses of countries, and therefore endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness.

Artists have been this way throughout history. Their faces bear the age-old features of the perpetual violator: homosexuals, racial mutts, Bohemians, alcoholics, drug addicts. Over the course of time and throughout every nation, the eternal artist has always been the same.

Wherever artists turn up, they carry destruction to the land by destroying mankind’s goods and nourishment and spreading disease. From gonorrhea and Avian flu, to cultural Marxism and marijuana abuse, the artist carries scars of the world’s dark underside. They are cunning, cowardly, and cruel, and usually appear in impenetrable “cliques.” They represent the elements of sneakiness and subterranean destruction.


People without good instincts let themselves be deceived by this mimicry of humanity. They might even consider artists to be passionate and intellectual. Therein lies the enormous danger. These libertines remain forever foreign bodies in the organisms of their host peoples, regardless of celebrity and success.

Though they make up only 1% of the population of the Earth, their stranglehold on the means of cultural production enables them to terrorize world media, world opinion, and world politics.

We have all seen the reports of drug addiction, rape, pedophilia, suicide, sodomy, Satanism and Atheism and murder among the creative class.

Educated Americans, objective and tolerant, are quick to dismiss these news stories as aberrations. But that’s the level of degeneracy that defines this race of bitter people. They rub their hands together eagerly, plotting a revenge that will explode without warning one day. Even when dressed in proper adult clothes, their murderous nature still courses through their veins. For once your soul has been stained by the artistic life, you are forever marked.


Five beliefs guide the inner mind of the artist: Love pillage, love excess, love only your own kind, hate your masters, and never tell the truth.

In their public personas, many artists represent the radical line against law and order. In the guise of selfless humanitarians, they promise the masses castles in the sky, inciting them against civic order. Unrestrained personal freedom and self indulgence for the individual. Rejection of all ideals and higher values. Submission to the basest life of material pleasures. Criticism of all that is sacred. Revolt against everything. Incitement of the young to class warfare and terrorism.

Artists are most dangerous when permitted to meddle in politics and matters of faith, and pronounce their insolent judgment on them. The concept of God is incomprehensible to the artist by nature, and will always remain so. The artist, without spiritual roots of his own, has no feeling for the responsibilities of Christianity. What he calls art must gratify his deteriorating nerves. The stench of disease must pervade it. It must be unnatural, grotesque, perverse, or pathological. The feverish fantasies of hopelessly sick minds are extolled by art dealers and critics recklessly seeking to profit. American cultural life is being niggerized and bastardized. Painting, architecture, literature, and music are suffering equally.


sarahpalinheroUnder the leadership of brave and patriotic Christians, America must raise the battle flag against this creative class.

There is plenty of living space in the world, but the notion that the artists are entitled to live off the productivity of the rest of us will finally have to go. Artists will have to get used to the idea of performing some respectable, constructive activity as other people do, or sooner or later they’ll face trouble they never dreamed of.

Should the international artists inside and outside the mainstream declare war on Christianity, the result will not be a victory for creativity, but the destruction of the creative class throughout the world.

The eternal law of nature, keeping one’s spirit pure, is the legacy which people of faith leave to our nation forever. In this spirit, the unified Christians march on into the future.