Should America Liberate Canada to Resolve California’s Imminent Water Crisis?

Posted on by Derby Mack
Was this Obama's plan all along?

Was this Obama’s plan all along?

According to the experts, California’s reservoirs are so dry, the state may not make it through the summer. Russia is threatening to shoot nuclear warheads at the Yellowstone Caldera supervolcano, thus setting off a nation-wide cataclysm. Obama’s attempts to compromise with Iran have enflamed a new disaster of anti-American hatred that could severly restrict our access to foreign fuel. We’ve been denied access to Alberta’s rich natural gas reserves due to militant Canadians and wrong-headed eco-terrorists here in the homeland. We are a nation literally on the verge of total collapse.

When a region runs out of water, it doesn’t take long for society to implode. First, businesses will start cutting back on providing services. Public utility bills will rise dramatically. The government will mandate rolling blackouts. No more free water at restaurants, no more watering your lawn. Communities will fight against each other for access: 1 percenters against blue collar; ethnic versus white. They will confiscate private property and force the people to ration what little they have. And then the hoarding will start. Frustrated, the wealthy will migrate to New York or Europe. The working class will be left to suffer… Riots, mayhem, looting… Police forces will not be enough… As entire neighborhoods go up in smoke, will they even be able to put out the fires? Congress will authorize sending the military in… In no time, we will have a national crisis. Obama will use all of this turmoil as an excuse to cancel the 2016 elections… And before you know it, we have government control over every aspect of our daily lives — complete socialism in other words — and a self-proclaimed “emperor for life.”

So how can we avoid this coming storm? Analyst Dr. Stephenson Billings notes something important about our northern neighbor, Canada:

“With the labor and green parties so dominant in Canada, another disturbing facet of danger has taken hold. The country hides a plethora of resources but little of them have been harvested. Water, oil, natural gas, timber, fish, game, gold, silver, nickel, copper, zinc, lead, coal and water are but a few of the advantages these plains offer. No, the ecological lobby is far too powerful to allow such precious gifts to be tapped. They have prevented a natural and necessary push for survival. These types would rather embrace death than disturb a single spruce tree. Yet China and other foreign countries are pressuring our vulnerable neighbor to submit to their will. This scenario could very well be the Canadian people’s demise. And ours as well.” — “Is Canada Hoarding America’s Natural Resources?”

Social unrest could give Obama the excuse he needs to cancel the 2016 elections.

Social unrest could give Obama the excuse he needs to cancel the 2016 elections.

A Manifest Destiny

If the United States moves preemptively against Canada, Obama won’t have the excuse he seeks to seize permanent control. Some have suggested that the democrats have manufactured this crisis to aim the nation at socialism. It wouldn’t be surprising, since the liberals have been in control of California for decades. Instead of planning for the future, these dems have been wasting taxpayer money on dead-end social programs like Obamacare, welfare, public transportation and an education system that indoctrinates our children in the worst fantasies of Marxism.

So can Congress force Obama’s hand on the Canadian issue? Will the socialist nation to the north really put up much of a fight? What will China and Russia do in this scenario? Does the United States’ seizure of Alberta allow Senator Ted Cruz the right to run for president in 2016 as a natural-born citizen? These are the crucial policy questions that Republicans must address in the coming months.

Most importantly, we have a spiritual obligation to reunite these two great lands. When the Americas were first discovered, we were not divided by language, borders or even culture. Both territories were born from a dream, a dream that religious pilgrims had when they left Old Europe for new lands. They envisioned this place as a shining beacon of righteousness. The bounty of the Americas justified that vision, and let the settlers know that this was a place of freedom and hope. It has been prophesied that America is the second Garden of Eden and that the great success of the United States has been ordained by God Himself. If that is true, then liberating Canada is not just smart resource allocation management, it’s the morally righteous thing to do.


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