Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

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Marijuana_smallAddiction. It’s not a pretty word. From gambling to pornography, there are so many ways a soul can get lost on the path to maturity. You’re not only putting your mind and body at risk with your incessant cravings, you’re also destroying your eternal spirit. It’s an insult to God our Creator to take that beautiful thing He has given you and to destroy it, to trash it with filth and desire, with hardcore kicks and toxic smoke. Yet many of our fellow friends in faith continue down this wretched, rambling path, thinking somehow that Jesus Christ himself would look the other way at their secret escapades with a certain magic weed.

There is no place for drug addicts in Heaven. That is made abundantly clear by many passages in the Bible, from Galatians to Corinthians, from Peter to Luke. In the last year alone, over 26 million Americans have abused marijuana at least once. Do these people seriously expect redemption? Even the casual user, egged on by a liberal society that approves our culture of extreme selfishness, thinks they deserve a free pass. They will show up in church, their long hair tucked in the back of their ragged old sweaters, thinking that their peers do not notice. We do notice! We notice the unkempt facial hair, the stale human smell, the guilty look that says you were up too late last night.

Do you honestly believe that you’re not an addict? Do you say to yourself that you’re just a casual drug user? That you’re doing no harm to this world? Here is a simple set of questions for you, my pot-smoking friends who claim to follow Christ. Take an honest look at yourself and see where you have crossed the line from experimenter to desiccated soul.

1. Have you ever smoked marijuana to escape your problems?
People often turn to substance abuse to avoid real life situations that they are incapable of coping with because they lack the will or emotional strength.

2. Do you suffer from depression because of your drug use?
Narcotics drain the spirit of positive energy and make people generally unhappy. They begin to distrust every form of tradition and morality they encounter and they turn their backs on Christ.

3. Have you lost interest in physical exercise and hard work?
Marijuana seriously reduces the motivation for healthful bodily activities so necessary for a vital, successful life. Such inactivity also makes the abuser antisocial and lonely. Remember, Colossians 3:23 tell us, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

4. Do you suffer from pimples and acne even though you’re no longer a teenager?
One’s skin is an indicator of what’s happening on the inside, and pot smokers cannot escape the scourge of frequent pimples.

5. Ever woken up the next morning and regretted a sexual experience?
Marijuana lowers inhibitions and smokers regularly engage in perverse acts of copulation. Guilt, regret and shame are common and there is no way to avoid this when one lights up.

6. Can you remember the last time you turned down a marijuana “joint”?
Addicts are incapable of saying the word, “no.”

7. Do you ever laugh inappropriately?
Hallucinogenic drugs corrode the brain to such an extent that the toker fails to navigate social situations properly. They live deep inside their heads and laugh randomly to the shock and dismay of those around them. It’s an embarrassment.

8. Do you feel that drugs enhance your enjoyment of music?
Music bands like the Phish or the Grateful Dead are notoriously connected with drug abuse for in their meaningless strummings the addict finds a soundtrack worthy of schizophrenia.

9. Have you ever hurt your children or your spouse while high on drugs?
Violence is a sad reality of the pot smoker. If you’re high and want to beat someone, the best idea is to lock yourself in a closet or bathroom until you “come down.”

10. Do you own Visine eye drops, cigarette rolling papers or incense?
If you’re so immersed in the lifestyle that you need to purchase paraphernalia, that’s a problem. How far will this go? Will you borrow money to buy special pipes and imported crops?

11. Ever made a late night ATM withdrawals to pay for your habit?
The danger here is that many of these machines are located in inner city neighborhoods where robbery and other crimes are rampant. Are you willing to take that risk simply to feed your vile needs?

12. Do you choose your friends based on their ability to “score” drugs?
Friendship can be a deep and powerful thing, but when it is based solely on a shared addiction it is hollow. Take a look at those you spend the weekends with: would you really be willing to endure their personalities if they didn’t have a supply of marijuana?

13. Have you ever been hospitalized for marijuana usage?
This may seem like an obvious question, but it bears asking. Take a good, hard look at yourself!

14. When you smoke, do you put yourself in situations that you would consider dangerous when sober?
Are you hanging out in after hour clubs or violent ghettos? When you’re high, are you miles away from the people who truly love you? Ask yourself why!

15. Have you ever called in sick to work so you could abuse pot?
A common problem for any kind of addict, putting indulgence ahead of proper work will eventually lead to impoverishment.

16. Are you familiar with the terms: 420, bud, yellow submarine, homegrown, mow the grass or Humboldt Country?
The layperson is not so educated on drug terms. If you think you’re not an addict, but know all these words maybe you need to think again.

17. Do you suffer from frequent hallucinations?
Have you imagined your skin crawling with spiders or the government spying on you from the old tree in your yard? The paranoia is only going to get worse and shows that you are on the road to damnation.

18. Are your fingers burned or discolored?
The people who love you will notice how the cruel habit manifests itself on your body. You think you can hide, but you can’t. You are a walking signpost of the dangers of addiction.

19. Do you ever have unexplained moments of grandiosity?
A pompous attitude is a side effect of pot smoking and while it is hard to detect when you’re on drugs, others around you will notice and warn you of this. Pay attention to your friends when they warn you about your arrogance!

20. The most important question of all: Would you give up marijuana if God asked you to?
God demanded the greatest sacrifice of Abraham when he asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove his faith. Abraham was willing to murder his beautiful son to prove to God that he loved Him. Would you be willing to do the same with your immature and dangerous habit? Are you capable of giving God that gift?

Am I Addicted to Marijuana

My friends, THERE IS HOPE! The key is admitting that you have a serious and deadly problem and that you’re throwing your life away chasing down some senseless kicks that are only hurting those who love you! You have to prostrate yourself before our Lord God and beg His forgiveness for your disgusting sins and then, only then, can you begin to heal. Here are some wonderful resources for you as you climb free of the marijuana nightmare!

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