Help! I’m a Trump Supporter But All the Cool Kids Are Voting Bernie and I’m Feeling Peer Pressured!

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

berniepressure2Hey Kaylee!

So there’s this guy I really like at school named Hopper and he talks all the time about Bernie Sanders and it’s freaking me out! His group of friends are really cool like the artists and musicians you know? But my dad has been telling me about Trump and I think it’s amazing because he really doesn’t give a f*** about the liberal media and wants to really make this country great again so I just don’t know. I really like Hopper but sometimes I think he’s just trying to get my vote for Sanders. He invited me to a rally but is that like even a date? Maybe it’s some sort of socialist thing and that freaks me out! Like I’ll be peer pressured into sex with him. Dad has been telling me sex is a big thing for the liberals and they have all these weird ideas about how to do it. I’m 19 and this is my first election so I’m super excited and maybe I’m ready to try something with Hopper but I want to stay loyal to my dad. Help! — Signed, Freaking Out in Chattanooga

Dear FOC,

What an important question! Thank you for the email and for the chance to talk about how vital this election is for young people today! You will need to consider your vote very, very carefully! There’s a bit to discuss so let’s jump right in!

As citizens of the United States, we all have a responsibility to vote for the person we think will do the best job. You must consider your own self-interest, as well as the good of the nation as a whole. Who talks about issues that mean the most to you and your family? Who do you trust? Do you honestly believe that Bernie Sanders can bring prosperity to your community? What will the next president do to insure there are jobs available when you finish school? Will Donald J. Trump keep America safe from the terrorists and Russia? These are crucial issues to consider. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s YOUR decision and YOURS ALONE! Don’t let anyone pressure you into a political agenda that you’re not comfortable with!

As for Hopper, I think we need to look more closely at his motivations here. Sometimes young women are drawn to the bad boy types, the “rebels without a cause.” Ask yourself, was Hopper interested in you before the topic of Bernie Sanders came up? Do you talk about other things when you’re alone together? Does he seem more devoted to his candidate than to you? I’m a little afraid that he could be using you to get another vote for the liberals. He may also be using the cover of politics to get into your pants.

Who do you trust most to keep America safe from terror and Russia?

Young voters need to ask themselves, Who do you trust most to keep America safe from terror and Russia?

Sometimes young people are drawn into the excitement of a new trend for all the wrong reasons. You just want to be liked and the stress of being unpopular can force you to make bad decisions. Whether it’s drinking alcohol, listening to controversial music or even attending the speech of an extremist presidential candidate, you will come to regret not staying true to your heart. And sorry but going to a Sanders “rally” is NOT a date! You should never join a radical political party just because “all the cool kids are doing it.”

The hard facts about the Bernie Sanders’s underground scene may shock you, but your father is right. There is a great deal of idealism in that world. The socialists want the government to give everything away for free while enforcing the destruction of America’s sacred family values. They don’t believe in God, and certainly not in the sanctity of a young woman’s virginity. Is it any surprise they don’t give a lick about our border with Mexico? There are numerous accounts of chronic marijuana abuse among Sanders supporters and also grave reports of rampant sexual promiscuity. This is why you see so many artists and musicians “voting” for Bernie Sanders. You also have plenty of hipsters, minorities, Hollywood actors, homosexuals, feminists, anarchists, community activists, abortionists, union members, gun control nuts, atheists, psychologists, federal bureaucrats, internet users and unemployed people. Do you really want to call this unwashed mass of freaks and fornicators your new friends? The choice is yours!