Is “AirBnB” a Plot to Prepare Our Homes for Mass Seizure by Obama’s Illegal Aliens?

Posted on by Henricus Institor

airbnbconspiracyPrivate property is one of the most coveted expressions of freedom and individuality in the United States of America. It is our right as citizens and our responsibility as members of vibrant communities. It should come as no surprise, then, that the socialist element in this nation seeks to destroy this very principle because it is so fundamental to our way of life.

Recently, a powerful little website has dramatically changed the way homeowners view their places of residence. That site is named AirBnB and its stated purpose is to connect people with transient renters who want to borrow a condo, apartment or house for a night, a week or even a month. If you’re away on business or taking a vacation, it seems opportune to open up your space for a bit of quick cash. In fact, the AirBnB company has become incredibly successful with this concept, raking up a paper net worth in the billions of dollars.

Venture capitalists are drooling over AirBnB’s numbers. They see the company as a way to fundamentally alter a cornerstone of American society. Yet many of the key investors behind this enterprise also happen to be supporters of Barack Obama and his dangerous socialist endgame. Is that simply a coincidence?

Dystopia, Drugs and the Death of the American Dream

There have been roadblocks to the AirBnB plan. Many spaces available on the website are actually rentals themselves, or governed by restrictive ownership guidelines. You can’t simply turn your home into a hotel without conforming to local fire and safety codes. States will come with their hands out, demanding bloated “Room Occupancy” taxes. Hospitality lobbying groups will also hit you up for membership dues. Then there are the service workers unions who are ever anxious to organize and strike against small business operators. Indeed, the hotel industry is a minefield of regulations, fees and voracious employees. And I haven’t even mentioned the bed bugs and rapes!

The gravest risk with AirBnB, however, is what it does to us mentally, through conversion experiences and the drumbeat of its “New World Order” dystopianism. The subliminal goal of this lodging movement is to detach the American dream from private property. It introduces a migratory component to our domestic patterns. It loosens us up to temporary settings and communal living. It’s a way of saying that the beautiful notion of a home, a nice front lawn, two cars and 2.3 kids is antiquated and unfeasible in this fast-paced internet age. In fact, many liberals are now adamantly against the traditional concept of the family. They agitate politically against such things as cars, commutes, suburbs and green lawns (for environmental reasons). They condemn childbearing as irresponsible (they’re pro-population control, as are Soros and Rockefeller). Some even despise the idea of home ownership itself, claiming that vacation/investment properties need to be nationalized “for the interest of the state.”

Sublets are a special circumstance for AirBnB. A number of the spaces available on the website are being rented out by young tenants, who have contractual obligations with their landlords that forbid such actions. For these individuals, the property rights of the genuine owner, the landlord, have no meaning. Simply because these tenants occupy the space, they feel entitled to dictate its use. They have no concept of what ownership actually means. In fact, they despise the idea precisely because AirBnB has taught them it’s not necessary. They’ve become free to seize any property they wish and open it up to hordes of others for a communal living situation. This scenario has nothing to do with “free enterprise” and libertarianism, and everything to do with arrogance and millennial entitlement on an epic scale.

How far will your next guests travel?

How far will your next guests travel?

If you think that’s shocking, just take a look at what actually happens when you rent your space via the AirBnB website. There are countless stories of private houses being used for drug binges and hardcore sex parties. This happens because the temporary tenant has been fully indoctrinated in the socialist agenda of disrespecting private possessions. And they go on to spread that contempt with every space they trash and every homeowner they terrorize.

Squatting on the Edge of Socialist Revolution

This would be enough to label AirBnB a sinister scam to promote anti-American values, but it gets much worse. This summer we’ve begun to see the next phase of this company’s socialist agenda.

A woman in Palm Springs, California was forcibly removed from her home by two Middle Easterners who laid claim to the house. With AirBnB’s help, the men were able to establish a type of legal “residency” there. The illegal aliens even went to court to force the woman, who they now describe as their landlord/housing manager, to pay their electric and water bills! The maneuver was surprisingly simple and legally, there is nothing in AirBnB’s contracts to prevent this from happening again and again. An oversight? It’s highly unlikely when you consider the 30-page agreement that covers the $10-billion dollar company’s relationships with its clients.

Does this mean mass home seizures are on the horizon? Have we been weakened as a people by AirBnB’s campaign against private property? How many are beholden to the concepts of transience and communalism and nationalization because of their exposure to this “lodging” trend? Does this fit the pattern of Barack Obama’s larger machinations to turn America into a socialized country? Will Americans be more compliant when removed from their homes and forced into FEMA camps because of websites like AirBnB?

No one quite knows what will become of this nation once you eviscerate the American dream of home ownership. With illegals mobbing our borders and this new AirBnB “squatting” trend offering them an easy way to establish free residency in this country, the future looks grim. We no longer respect the idea of private property, nor do we understand its role in motivating this nation to exceptionalism. Instead, a new generation is coming to adulthood with a rhetoric that reeks of communalism. They want to seize what is not legally theirs. They want to nationalize the rest. With AirBnB, these socialists have finally found a way to do that, to gouge the capitalism at the heart of our sacred destiny.


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Henricus Institor is the “nom de plume” of a former Internet hacktivist and high ranking member of the atheist radical elite. Yet even there, amongst the most dangerous liberals in the world, he could not hide from God’s Calling. He was reborn in the Blood of Christ in 2011 and today “Henricus Institor” serves as’s foremost expert on secret left wing agendas and global power conspiracies.

  • Blanche Beecham

    This was a very enlightening article. Home ownership, the concept of property rights – these are freedoms we take for granted until some filthy foreigner comes into our home and leaves us dealing with a bedbug infestation.

    • Manche HooHum

      Lady you are bat shit crazy. AirBnB is just a site that helps people make a little extra money from their homes. Considering the high price of apartments these days most Americans need all the help they can get. For some it’s the difference between survival and homelessness. You’re lucky you’re living the American Dream 1950’s style but the rest of the world has moved on.

      • Blanche Beecham

        Manche, not so long ago, forum comments allowed for something called “up-fisting”. There was a fist icon with a thumb up or down that users could reliably click to tell others what they thought of the comment. Today, internet users are more cordial, especially on this honorable electronic journal of conservative thought. We don’t call people crazy in a fecal manner. I am temped to down fist you for your manners, but I just can’t bring myself to be so publicly petty.

  • Derby Mack

    We need more investigative journalism like this on the internet! Bravo my friend!

    • daniel

      I’m not entirely certain this qualifies as investigative journalism.
      This is an “op-ed” meaning the “Opinion of the editor” piece- as there are no facts – dates, names, locations (the reference to “middle easterners” is a fantastic example) the article reads as what the author intends it to be.

      They are afraid of airbnb, though the exact reasoning constitutes a jump in reason or logic I can’t quite follow

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    I had a friend who stayed in AirBNB in New York City. Apparently its a very gay place.

  • daniel

    Sadly, as a very excited user of Airbnb, I must respectfully point out the reason of Airbnb’s existence.
    Assuming that foreign lands and people who live there are not “filthy” or bedbug infested (really? bed bugs?)
    Let’s say that Blanche Beecham has finally decided to visit Paris, a dream of a lifetime for her.
    However she is more interested in exploring local neighborhoods in Paris, so she goes to Airbnb’s website, selects a neighborhood that is more residential and “artsy” – hold on Blanche-artsy doesn’t mean to “gay friendly” even though they refer to Paris as “Gay-Paris” *pronounced “Par-eee”
    and Blanche has taken a little high school French, but LOVES french cooking.

    So, she could spend 40-50% more for a hotel without a kitchen, or find a lovely flat (the rest of the world often refers to apartments as flats) with a kitchen so Blanche can go to the market, talk with REAL French people -*please don’t call them filthy to their face*- and talk about FOOD, perhaps faith nourishes you, but food is what JC really shared with the masses on the mound..He shared loaves and fishes

    Do you see what I said?


    Which is precisely what Airbnb is trying to get people to do, they are trying to reunite all the tribes of Babylon separated by thousands of years simply by opening their homes to strangers-there are important safeguards, and there are ways that the wicked can take advantage of well meaning people, but to describe Airbnb, who really is doing God’s work by bringing us together as part of HIS family, not merely an American one, as a plot to seize property, really only sees the one bad seed in the forest of holiness.

    Sadly, as this author views the world, I don’t see much of the Love of Jesus Christ in him, I see doubt, and sadness and fear. Have faith dear author, the Lord works in mysterious ways..Airbnb happens to be one of them

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Wow, what holier than thou nonsense. Get a grip of your self, lady, and stop blaspheming Jesus Christ.

    • Blanche Beecham

      Let’s ignore for a moment the French people see themselves as a completely different race – Franco. “Huh, wha?” a reasonable person might say. Yes, the French people made up their very own racism. I would never go someplace where ladies don’t shave their arm pits and work food service.