Atheists, Abortionists & the ACLU Must Take the Blame for Ferguson Riots

Posted on by Derby Mack
Is Obama using the riots to distract from Benghazi and the IRS scandal?

Is Obama using the riots to distract from Benghazi and the IRS scandal?

America is being attacked on its very own soil and the results are the worst we have seen all summer. This is only the beginning, according to Barack Obama’s long-term agenda to destroy this nation from within. With biological warfare — Chemtrails, HAARP, tap water fluoridation — potentially available to urban rioters and their radical liberal handlers, what we’re witnessing in Missouri, as terrible as it is, could be miniscule if God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve for electing Democrats time and again.

We have just entered the antechamber of progressive terror. We have not yet begun to see what these socialists can do if they seize power over the majority of the population. They will continue to incite urban unrest as an excuse to militarize the police and assault our Second Amendment rights. This is a false flag conspiracy to justify more gun seizures, more FEMA camps and more laws outlawing fundamental Christian principles.

The ACLU has got to take a lot of blame for this. Throwing God out of the public square — successfully with the help of the federal court system — out of high school football games, out of veteran’s memorial monuments, out of the Oval Office, has been an incredible insult to our sacred manifest destiny as an exceptional people.

The abortionists and the radical atheists have to bear some of the burden for Ferguson because God will not be mocked. When we post anti-Christian memes on Facebook and Twitter all day long, we make God mad. I really believe the pagans and the militant vegetarians and the hardcore sodomites who are actively trying to make America forgive their alternative lifestyles, all those who try to secularize this great nation, I point the finger in your filthy faces and say, “You freaks helped this happen!”

The problem is that we’ve accepted this radical agenda at the highest levels of our government and so we’re responsible as a free society for what the top people do, and the top people, of course, are all cultural Marxists and dominant homosexuals.

What happened to the American tradition of calling

Gone are the days when proud Americans weren’t afraid to call out those at fault for our apocalypse of faith.

Has anyone noticed how Ricky Gervais, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and all the Christ-haters from the liberal media totally disregarded Republicans like Sarah Palin or Rand Paul when they called for a rebirth of patriotism in America? They have shown no interest in equipping our children with the type of strong upbringing in faith and morality that could have prevented the Ferguson riots. When was the last time any of these liberal media elitists sang, “God Bless America”?

This is the vital lesson from Ferguson. All Americans need to heed this crisis when we go to the polls. Remember the looting and the violence in Missouri and worry about what that would look like in your hometowns. How would your family survive? Would you be able to protect your sons and daughters, your small businesses and your private property?

The horrific events in Ferguson are truly a call to arms for all believers of the Second Amendment. It is America’s woeful cry for help as we suffocate under the reckless whims of progressivism, with everything from affirmative action to voter fraud, the lies of Benghazi to Obama surrendering the Middle East to ISIS.

Moderates laughed when we condemned Obamacare as the first step to the complete upheaval of the American way of life. Now we’re living in the midst of their socialist revolution and no one is laughing.

With this nation being torn apart, all Americans ought to be falling to their knees and calling on God.


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