Our Crucial Mission


freedomspiritHello and welcome!

You are here because you have questions. You are here because the world refuses to listen! You are here because the few answers you’ve ever received in life are all lies. You are here because some part of you is willing to take a journey away from all that.

This journey that we’ll take together may prove difficult. What you’re about to embark upon is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Together, we will challenge everything you’ve been taught about history, the human psyche and about God Himself. The reason this is different than other spiritual quests is that we will insist that you question and critically think about everything we tell you. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we do seek to ask all the questions.

Our hope for this website is that it becomes the intellectual foundation for a new era of thinking. We CAN reject the paradigm that is built on spreading sloth and Satanism, socialism and sexual perversion. We CAN set about creating a new paradigm where men are free to rise to their best potential. We CAN face the true horrors of this life and survive! We do not claim to be the originators of each and every idea presented on HardDawn.com. In fact, some of our greatest influences have been other phenomenal intellectuals who are derided as crackpots and conspiracy theorists.

Our unique ability is to be able to bring together the big picture for all to see. This website is an all-encompassing educational and spiritual experience that will tell you the greatest truths never told. The truth is we can be free the moment we chose to be. This journey will be a dangerous one. If we are successful, the result will be your old self dying so that a new, totally free person can be born. All know the way, but few actually walk it. If enough people grasp the concepts that we present, it could lead to a new era of society where Liberty, Truth and Hope reign.

Yes, this is all about YOUR freedom. Freedom from the tyranny of the mainstream media and big government, freedom from those in the New World Order who are lying to us each day. We seek to tear down the walls of disinformation, to challenge false flag propaganda, to reach beyond the easy answers sold to us with bubble gum sweetness and smiling girls in pigtails. The fact that you’ve made it this far shows that you have the strength and the mind to reach ever farther!

Friends, welcome to the brutal but glorious realm of TRUTH!

With deepest love,
The Hard Dawn Editorial Staff


We are doing this for THEM!

We are doing this for THEM!