A Plague of Atheists Is Quietly Clouding the CIA’s Moral Mandate

Posted on by Derby Mack


There are mutterings and rumblings of a new madness at Langley. Its name is Radical Atheism and it demands an utter disavowal of our nation’s most sacred principles. This disease of warped thinking threatens to wipe out every vestige of the ethical imperative that our security apparatus once enjoyed abroad. On the homefront, it’s empowering a dangerous subculture with an intoxicating rush of real authority.

Several high-ranking officials at Central Intelligence have already sworn secret allegiance to this cause. If we continue to let these capricious secularists infiltrate the ranks, the CIA will one day face a reckoning that could compromise the foundations of American foreign policy for decades to come.

It’s well known that people of faith have long occupied the command structure of the CIA. While the agency is controversial in many conservative quarters, there is no denying that under Presidents Reagan and Bush it had the unenviable task of protecting American interests in the face of global terror.

Christians were instrumental in these missions. They imbued the agency with a profound understanding of the long arc of history, particularly as it pertained to the Biblical implications of our Middle Eastern wars. Christians are also uniquely attuned to the value of human life and have the moral authority to pursue infinite justice in the face of fierce opposition. Who else would you trust to make the vital, last minute decisions that the American public at large can barely stomach? For that grave responsibility, their souls have paid a heavy toll.

The dark cloud of Atheism may become the biggest threat to our security.

The dark cloud of Atheism is obscuring America’s mission of global peace.

Under Barack Obama, there has been a sea change at “The Company.” We are witnessing it with the rise of ISIS and Putin and Canada and Iran. Whether it be Arabia’s Islam or our northern neighbor’s Cultural Marxism, our enemies have been emboldened by our faltering commitment to international security. Each victory in Syria is testimony to the tempo of Atheism’s rise within.

Thirty years ago, there were mere millions in the Atheist orbit. Today, estimates range close to one billion. The reason why America finds itself so impotent against this plague of Atheism is not because some powerful enemy has sent a dark army to invade our shores, but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have been treated so well by the United States. It hasn’t been the impoverished or the minorities who turn to secularism, but those who have had all the benefits that the greatest nation on Earth has to offer… the finest homes, the finest college education and the finest jobs in government we can give.

While all the dossiers are not available at this time, we have learned that at least five dozen recruits have been implicated in Militant Atheism since 2009. These are people who joined conferences and committees and exclusive clubs on their university campuses. Under Obama’s mandate for “diversity,” however, this information could not be used to deny them a security clearance. There are also agents who returned from foreign fields with a newfound zealotry. Away from their communities, they may have fallen prey to the seductions of nihilistic conspirators. Yet again, fears of “cultural insensitivity” have prevented agency psychologists from taking meaningful action.

It has been said that Atheism first laid down its roots in the office of the Chief Scientist and the Technical Readiness department. From there, it spread to Information Operations and Personnel. It wasn’t long before Clandestine Services was also under the group’s control. Intelligence’s current reliance on technology has certainly come with significant hazards. Often people who live in a world of bits and bytes lack the ability to separate fact from fiction.

There is

The forces of wickedness are conspiring a stranglehold on our highest levels of government.

Dianne Feinstein of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is aware of these facts, but she has so far refused to take action. The Department of Defense under Ashton Carter, himself a physicist and former Harvard University professor with links to international scientific committees, has issued a black-out of any additional information about Atheists within the intelligence community. No one expects Barack Obama to move on this crisis, as he is a self-avowed bedfellow of international socialism.

Thus, the responsibility falls upon citizen journalists and Republicans in Congress to deal decisively with this menace. Without a moral compass, Radical Atheists pose a fundamental threat to America’s global mission of peace. They lack a deep commitment to righteousness, and instead gravitate toward the immediate. Most are not long term planners for their worldview is one of despondency. That emptiness can lead them to addictions and sexual adventurism. Foreign governments understand this and there’s always a chance they could be compromised. Some already claim solidarity to international cult leaders like Richard Dawkins, who operates under his own Shroud of Satanism.

In this age of relentless terror, nothing could be more perilous than handing over the most powerful intelligence agency on the planet to Radical Atheists. They have neither the inner fortitude nor the grassroots support to engage in any substantial acts of covert outreach. Drone strikes and black sites, extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation, all are reduced to simple violence without the ethical justifications that only Christians can provide. The Central Intelligence Agency may not be our very best ally on the homefront, but it is one of the few Federal departments working to stay ahead of our foreign enemies. Let’s keep it in the hands of those who still have faith in America’s founding values.


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