8 Ways Radical Liberalism Is Causing America’s Farmland Drought Crisis

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

droughtcrisisOur heartland is suffering through an epic heat wave. Farms are ripping up crops they can’t afford to grow. Water has been turned off in countless communities. Production has reached critically low levels. Illegal migrant workers have taken over much of Middle America, leaving many citizens out of work. Food prices are skyrocketing and the rate of inflation threatens the very foundation of our currency.

Radical leftists like to claim that “global warming” is our gravest threat, despite the fact that news organizations from The Wall Street Journal to World Net Daily have debunked the controversial junk science theory. Many experts have called out the “global warming” agenda for what it truly is: a scheme by which extra-governmental internationalist groups enforce a series of lifestyle and economic prohibitions on the public. From telling farmers what to grow, to limiting consumers’ access to goods, from obligating the United States to anti-capitalist trade agreements to handing over our political autonomy to the United Nations, “global warming” is a Trojan horse packed to the gills with profoundly idiotic ideas.

Yet we still must face the very real crisis of our heartland farms and the catastrophic summer they’re experiencing. Here are eight domestic causes that we can address immediately as a nation:

1. Illegal Immigration
Look at a map of the US/Mexico border from decades past and you’ll see a remarkable difference in aridity. Mexicans have long over-farmed their land, destroying the precious layer of topsoil so necessary for healthy crops. With hordes of illegals invadingour farms and displacing American workers, they have brought their archaic, land-intensive practices with them, utterly ruining a precious resource. “Multiculturalism” and “affirmative action” also deserve much of the blame for foisting such ill-advised ethnic sensibilities on a nation that can hardly afford them.

2. Big City Habitation
Liberals love the idea of concentrated population centers where people of all races, creeds and sexual predilections mix in one frothy pot. For people in the homosexual lifestyle, urban life is an absolute fetish and this is where a great deal of carnal activity takes place. The drawback of this scenario is that metropolitan areas need tremendous stockpiles of water. With the huge amount of money donated to big city mayors by the gay elite and their ilk, politicians are able to lobby away water rights from rural farming communities and small towns. This has a steamrolling effect, pushing more and more agricultural inhabitants to relocate to the big city ghettoes, where they become dependent on government welfare. The homosexual is a unique case for water usage. Because most are unmarried and do not have children, they have a great deal more disposable income than normal Americans. In accordance with their lifestyle, much of this money is spent on resource-intensive extravagances such as swimming pools, ornamental fountains, decorative gardens and the like.  In their greedy lust for water resources, gay activists and other urban milionaires are robbing the hinterlands of their natural blessings.

liberalradical3. Marijuana Cultivation
Cannabis is aninvasive species that’s causing havoc all across America. Where Mexican cartels have seeded vast fields in our national parks, they have displaced natural vegetation and add an element of dangerous crime to what should be a public treasure. In sections of California, the reefer industry is so huge it eats up incredible supplies of electricity, water and fertilizer. Furthermore, the epidemic of marijuana addiction has rendered countless young Americans incapable of labor-intensive work. Sadly, the end result of pot farming is not an edible foodstuff. In fact, narcotic marijuana does more harm than any food product could possibly accomplish. The fad of pot smoking ultimately costs the taxpayers billions in health care costs for the uninsured with schizophrenia, heart disease, dementia and dependence.

4. The Housing Crisis
Architects of America’s housing crisis include Larry Summers (aide to both Presidents Clinton and Obama), Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.). Together, this threesome pushed many into bigger and bigger houses on bigger and bigger plots of land. Of course they had mortgages they couldn’t afford as part of these deals. In practical terms, the housing boom ate up a great deal of cropland. It took some of our most fertile regions out of the farming business forever. Today, we see the democrat’s folly of speculative mortgage derivatives and maybe tomorrow we’ll understand the consequences for our food supplies.

5. Organic Foodstuffs
American food has fed Americans for over 250 years and has done just fine. Only recently have controversial “green” activists had a problem with the meat and potatoes diet that made this nation strong. The new trend of “eco-friendly” products actually requires a massive investment of time, labor and resources. A jar of organic tomato sauce hogs up to ten times as many vegetables as a traditional jar. “Free range” beef cattle consume 5 to 15 times more grassland. Their cheeses taste no better than normal Swiss or cheddar, yet cost many times more. This ridiculous fad was cause for bemusement at first but now it appears to be a tragic, fatal indulgence on the part of our finicky liberal epicureans.

6. Radical Atheism
It would be reckless of us to discount the role of faith in America’s bountiful history. From the time this virgin soil was first discovered by religious pilgrims, it has offered both spiritual refuge and spiritual promise. Our Founding Fathers understood this and combined the values of an agrarian society with the principles of Christianity to form the greatest nation the world has ever known. God has seen us through the wars and the tragedies and we owe Him our obedience. Sadly, so many turn to moral relativism, socialism, nihilism and hedonism today with absolutely no respect for our heritage. Are the droughts His way of letting us know we’re on the wrong path when it comes to liberalism and radical atheism? It’s rather tragic that we even need to ask this question in the first place.

radicalliberal7. The Liberal Media’s Celebration of Sloth
The United States has thrived by reinventing itself every few decades. We are a country of entrepreneurs and visionaries. One common thread throughout our history, however, is our incredible work ethic. In the past decade, however, that great ideal of our manhood has been discarded by a generation of entitled, self-obsessed, over-educated youths. The celebration of the hipster lifestyle– which simply means college-educated white urban youths averse to employment, health and athletics– has threatened the momentum of American progress. They are wasting our national savings with their unpaid student loans. They are spreading a disease of apathy and cocaine addiction. Their obsession with degenerate sexuality saps the nation of its focus and Christian compassion. They are, to put it bluntly, the antithesis of everything that it means to be an American.

8. Taxes
When farms are working in a normal production cycle, owners often make in excess of $250,000 a year. Those profits are banked away for the lean years, but democrats want to raise taxes on all working families which can disrupt the health of our homeland businesses. Even worse, inheritance taxes hit family farms especially hard. Many times a farmer’s sons can’t afford both the high taxes and the farm itself, so the cherished homestead that took generations to cultivate is sold off to satisfy Obama’s IRS agents. It could be argued that this is part of a larger agenda, most notably made public with BillClinton’s NAFTA agreement, to make the United States dependent on foreign producers, particularly the socialist nations south of our border.