13 Shocking Conspiracies That Gay Marriage Is About to Unleash Upon America

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Radical homosexuals have an uniquely debauched view of the institution of marriage.

Radical homosexuals have an uniquely debauched view of the institution of marriage.

With its ruling on hardcore homosexual marriage, the Supreme Court has destroyed one of the great foundational principles upon which this nation was founded. Traditional matrimony is, for all intents and purposes, over. Christianity will soon be illegal. American civilization can begin its woeful descent into obsolescence. 6,000 incredible years of human history have been crushed under the weight of political correctness. We people of faith and patriotism will be cast aside in this “brave new world.” Or else we’ll be packed into cattle trains headed for the nearest FEMA camps…

As we prepare for the dark days ahead, it’s important to note that our culture is about to change very quickly. Some things will appear minor, while others will be frighteningly dramatic. Many are threats that we have warned you about before. Below we’ve gathered the Gay Agenda’s top priorities for the coming years. This is not a list to be taken lightly.

1. Obama will declare June 26th a national holiday honoring gay marriage, but it will secretly be a celebration of hardcore sodomy.
“Now that they’ve tasted the fruits of power, homosexuals are demanding evermore. They will only be satisfied until all are forced to submit to their darkest desires… Once the buzz of the Supreme Court ruling wears off, an ache will form in the pits of their stomachs. Like a street junkie burning for a fix, these radicals will seek out that high again and again. And the next hot injection of ‘pride’ will be their very own national holiday.” – Will Gays Demand a National Holiday Honoring Sodomy?

2. The mainstream media will conspire with federal courts to abolish traditional gender roles. Every last vestige of American masculinity will be obliterated.
“Experts have noted that we are living in an era where the notion of virility is being openly assaulted by those in the homosexual agenda. This has been done by emasculating everyone from our comic book heroes to our sports legends. We are fed a steady diet of effete celebrities on televisions and in movies. It seems that the liberal media is profoundly invested in the idea that old-fashioned, hairy chested American brawn is a thing of the past. Instead, we have naturally smooth, lithe and culturally sensitive archetypes — like James Franco or Jon Stewart — held up for our young people to emulate.” – Penile Enhancement Spam Threatens Your Masculinity. And That’s Exactly What the Gay Agenda Wants

With the traumatic changes homosexuals have forced on American society, could something far worse be next?

Sodomy is a brutal sport in the gay underworld.

3. With advances in Obamacare science, gay male pregnancy will become commonplace. And your tax dollars will pay for it!
“Recently, there have been shocking developments in the field of pre-natal science that rush far past common sense and the natural laws of God. When one views this in conjunction with the rise of gay visibility in our culture and the radical attempt to redefine the American family in some demented scheme to introduce militant socialism to this country, it becomes clear that the homosexual element has contrived the gay bear scene with something deeply sinister in mind.” – Is the Gay “Bear” Scene Opening the Door to Homosexual Male Pregnancy?

4. Our borders will be overwhelmed as exotic foreign gays seek “white meat” to service their insatiable desires.
“Latins prey on innocent white men from conservative homes because they know they know they’re vulnerable to this ploy. They seek them out in locker rooms or dark street corners. They follow them through the crowds in those late night discos. At busy urinals or maybe through internet chat rooms, they entice these young men with strange propositions, such as a green-card marriage.” – Did an Illegal Immigrant’s “Latino Sensuality” Lure My Son Into Homosexuality?

5. Federally-protected homosexual recruitment in our schools will skyrocket.
“Glory holing” is a homosexual game. It involves two or more young men engaging in an erotic encounter. All those who participate may not be aware that the actions they are pursuing are gay in nature, but the result is unquestionably homosexual. Glory holing takes place in campus bathrooms. Because of the peculiar types of young men escalating this fad, these actions occur exclusively in library lavatories deep within the bowels of a building.” – “Glory Holing,” The Shocking New Campus Sex Game Putting Young Men at Risk

Young men new to the city are a common target in late night discos.

Sweat-drenched lust is the defining feature of the life in many “homosexual-only” zones.

6. Much like Europe, radical groups may declare “homosexual-only” zones in major cities.
“Locals know enough to avoid these places, but for tourists, a simple wrong turn on the way to the Louvre can land you in a heap of trouble. In Paris, for instance, the Marais gay zone is an erratic mess of cobblestone alleys and ugly, decrepit buildings. Male prostitutes gather on the street corners, their big-lipped smiles are little more than a prelude to knock-out drops and a stolen kidney. Madrid’s Chica Barrio is infamous for its sexual bathhouses, where a late night shower can turn into a gang rape… In all of these ghettoes, erotic paraphernalia is openly displayed in storefronts, enticing passersby with brightly colored instruments of colonic violation.” – Homosexual-Only Zones Plague Many Foreign Cities

7. Gays will fight for monetary and possibly even physical “reparations” from the heterosexual population.
“The basic idea is this: as reparations for ‘homophobia,’ heterosexuals will need to pay a special tax each year that funds a wide range of socialist programs like ‘pride’ parades and sensitivity training. Yet this tax could also be levied on our sex lives, determining that heterosexual men must be forced, much like Obamacare, into a physical program that goes against every fiber of their being. In this case, it would be an erotic act, most likely sodomy, to be performed on gay men possibly a certain number of times a month or a year.”  “Sodomy on Demand” Laws May Be Coming to Your Hometown

8. High tech companies will seek profitable ways to enslave our children to sexual degeneracy, pushing our culture to depths of decadence unknown in human history.
“Early computers had bright and colorful monitors that were uniquely calibrated for viewing the confusing hues of male-on-male pornos. Later, the laptop revolution meant that young men could sneak away from mother’s eyes to browse illicit websites and post X-rated personal ads on Myspace and Craigslist. The iPhone and iPad revolution took this one step further, freeing gay men to shop for ‘bottoms and tops’ from virtually any location– at work, in the classroom, the locker room, etc. Even more shocking, Apple introduced a vast line of ‘apps’ that are specific to their iPhones and that are meant solely for homosexual use. There is one called ‘Grindr,’ which uses GPS technology to locate an immediate anonymous ‘hook up’ no matter where you are in the world. The result? Sodomy on demand is often less than five minutes away!” – Did Apple Sell its Soul to Satan so That the Gay Agenda May Triumph?

urinal9. Gay bars and discos will cement their control over young men’s lives, crushing any last hope of a revival of heterosexual marriage.
“Drag queens stand on grimy tables belting out gassy show tunes. Deviants disguised as cops, cowboys and leathermen line up at the bar. Half-naked Latinos gyrate their bountiful sacks whenever the mood strikes, whipping up instant crowds who offer histrionic shrieks of ‘You go, girl!’ for these tropical fruits. In one corner, an older ‘sugar daddy’ beckons a long-lashed runaway with a crumpled dollar bill. The teen stretches out his pickpocketing fingers and examines the expert tailoring of the man’s exquisite dinner jacket. A hairless Asian strikes a figura serpentinata pose for a muscled gym rat. The fresh-faced former farm boy responds by moistening his bare nipples with a finger of spit and an imagination of astonishing depravity.” – The 10 Most Dangerous Secrets of the Radical Homosexual “Gay Bar”

10. The small percentage of homosexuals that make up our population will be granted a set of exclusive rights and privileges that they’ll use to suppress the rest of the nation. This new elite will be known as “The 2%.” 
“Inspired by Peggy Macintosh, I wanted to identify some of the most shocking but unspoken ways that degenerate sexuality empowers radical entitlement in America. I have chosen those conditions that attach more to sodomy-based privilege than to political party affiliation, socialist sympathies, ethnic status or urban location, though of course all these other factors are inexplicably intertwined. My straight coworkers, friends, relatives and acquaintances cannot count on any of the special privileges that the homosexual enjoys each day.”  Homosexual Privilege: Unpacking the Sweaty Lavender Fanny Pack

11. The explosion of gay visibility will be used as a cover-up for increased Chemtrail spraying, further undermining the power of Christ in our lives.
“The stories placed in our media about John Travolta’s sexuality follow a standard ‘false flag’ type of protocol. They are spectacular while being strangely vague. They divide public opinion. There are unreliable witnesses and grainy photographs. We are offered no clear answer. Instead, we are encouraged by the press to debate and doubt and defend… while the true purpose here is to deflect. In this case, the goal of misdirection has been accomplished with astonishing success. Because of the gay rumors, no one is talking about John Travolta’s role in the international conspiracy to spray the planet with Chemtrails.” – Are Travolta’s Gay Rumors Just a Cover-Up for His Role in the Chemtrails Conspiracy?

RuPaul styles herself as an Illuminati princess and will stop at nothing pursuing the dark agenda of gender destruction.

Pop star RuPaul’s ties to the Illuminati are well known in Hollywood circles.

12. This major victory for the Illuminati will only embolden the secret powers that be to tighten their grip on our culture. Hapless Americans will fetishize whole new realms of disturbing occult practices at the Illuminati’s behest.
Drag Race is much more than a Gay Agenda plot to lure the heterosexual population into hardcore sodomy. By assaulting patriotic Christendom with seductively sensual transgenderism, the show is opening the door to much, much worse. Some may dismiss my panic here, but few would deny that we are living in an age when the 1% is seeking to enslave us. Few will deny that the mainstream media is one of the most powerful tools in the global elite’s arsenal. And few will deny that RuPaul– always trending on Twitter, continually dominating cable ratings and now working on her own Hollywood blockbuster– is part of the new ruling party of the global media elite, otherwise known as the Illuminati.” – RuPaul’s Drag Race is Luring Kids Into the Dangerous World of Illuminati Shape-Shifting

13. With homosexual/Illuminati control of American culture complete, Hillary Clinton will be crowned our next president to complete Obama’s secret socialist mission. 
“She will take vengeance on us good, hardworking people. Basically, anyone with a job is a target. She will rape and pillage middle America until there is nothing left. She will destroy our schools and our churches. She will bankrupt our business through every half-baked socialist scheme she can think of. It begins with gutting the military. What better way to show the world we apologize for our freedom and the God-given success of capitalism? Why not give the Canadians and Mexicans a chance to play a stronger role in the Americans? And who cares about the Middle East when the ghettos of America needs expanded welfare programs to pay for free community college and Obamacare marijuana prescriptions. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT LENIN DID, SHEEPLE!”– Hillary’s Secret Socialist Agenda: Gut the Military, Nationalize the Banks and Surrender the Middle East