13 Mind-Blowing Secrets About Radical Liberalism That the Illuminati Media Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

liberaldangerAs Americans, we stand at the crossroads of two very different future realities. On the one hand, we have leftist demagogues like Bernie Sanders pushing us into socialist servitude at the hands of the global elitists embedded at the United Nations. Opposed to this, there are patriots in our Tea Parties, our local militias and toiling away on the forefront of our national economic fiasco. The path we take and the company we keep on our upcoming journey wholly depends on our willingness to listen to alternatives to the mainstream corporate media.

Today, we expose the radical liberal agenda for what it truly is: a vast Illuminati scheme to destroy America’s most sacred values. The reports contained below are some of the most vital of our time, stories that journalists risked their lives to bring to you, our loyal readers. May they speed you on your way to freedom!

1. Atheists and the ACLU are fueling black urban unrest.
“These radical groups have got to take a lot of blame for the Ferguson riots. Throwing God out of the public square — successfully with the help of the federal court system — out of high school football games, out of veteran’s memorial monuments, out of the Oval Office, has been an incredible insult to our sacred manifest destiny as an exceptional people.”Atheists, Abortionists & the ACLU Must Take the Blame for Ferguson Riots

2. Homosexuals will soon get their very own holiday honoring hardcore sodomy.
“Homosexual activists have styled themselves as the intellectual heirs of the civil rights movement. And as civil rights is marked by a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day, the gays will agitate for the same privilege. The holiday will likely fall on the date of the Supreme Court decision. The liberal media will sell it as a moment to celebrate the newly redefined institution of marriage.”Will Gays Demand a National Holiday Honoring Sodomy?

3. Chemtrails are causing widespread erectile dysfunction as part of a nation-wide Illuminati depopulation scheme.
“Many doctors have noticed a dramatic increase in skin rashes, lethargy and decreased sexual activity in their patients. For patients who are particularly tuned in to the chemtrail crisis, the anxiety that results from this knowledge can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. This is often compounded by an unhealthful diet of sweets and carbs. Excessive masturbation is yet another problematic facet of the chemtrail aware. Taken altogether, this poses unique problems for young couples today.”Are You Not Having Enough Sex Because of Chemtrails?

satanvictory4. Doritos, with their hidden undertones of Mexican culture and Illuminati symbolism, are chipping away at heartland patriotism.
“There are close to 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States right now. The vast majority of them have come from south of our border. We’re talking Mexicans, Colombians and Dominicans. These are the sorts of people who eat barrels full of “tortilla” chips on a daily basis in their native barrios. It’s a world of crime and corruption, lewd sexuality and 100-degree temperatures. Tortilla chips were designed for exactly this sort of harsh lifestyle.”Dorito Danger: How Mexican-Style Snack Chips Are Threatening America’s Borders

5. Computer company Apple has long promoted the radical gay agenda, but the press refuses to warn America’s families.
“Apple has long enjoyed success within the homosexual subculture. Early computers had bright and colorful monitors that were uniquely calibrated for viewing the confusing hues of male-on-male pornos. Later, the laptop revolution meant that young men could sneak away from mother’s eyes to browse illicit websites and post X-rated personal ads on Myspace and Craigslist. The iPhone and iPad revolution took this one step further, freeing gay men to shop for “bottoms and tops” from virtually any location– at work, in the classroom, the locker room, etc.”Did Apple Sell its Soul to Satan so That the Gay Agenda May Triumph?

6. Atheists worship “Neanderthals “with a hedonistic fervor because they’re drawn to the notion of a raw, animalistic sexuality.
“They thrill at the notion of a man-beast with supernatural powers throwing himself around the primordial sludge, beating his chest and howling at the moon. The image represents their darkest sexual desires and frees their minds to legitimize the foulest moral crimes. It is lust and insanity and pain all wrapped up in a myth so delicious, it’s launched a thousand Hollywood fables.”Why Do Atheists Believe in Neanderthals?

7. Pop icon Lady Gaga very likely killed Lou Reed, but the media won’t investigate because the singer is too good at bombarding teens with Illuminati messages.
“One former friend says that Lady Gaga became fixated on Reed’s insult, repeating the word “nauseating” to herself again and again. Reed’s public declarations that Kanye West was the true musical revolutionary of his generation further undermined Gaga’s psyche. According to one former studio employee, this is when the pop singer’s behavior turned vengeful.”Did Lady Gaga Kill Lou Reed?

illuminati-destroyed8. The Global-warming hoax was concocted by the liberal media to discredit the Tea Party.
“In Jane Mayer’s dramatic retelling of conservative advocacy, Charles and David Koch were the puppeteers behind the nascent Tea Party movement. In her view, the Tea Party did not represent freedom and individual rights, lower taxes and American patriotism. She depicted these hometown grassroots participants as racists and buffoons. Even though they vowed to fight corruption in Washington and the decay of traditional morality, Mayer did not believe it.”Did “Global Warming” Hoaxers Frame the Koch Brothers to Make the Tea Party Look Bad?

9. Actor Bob Balaban sends a dangerous message to today’s teens, but the Hollywood establishment keeps promoting his career irregardless.
“The ripples of Balaban’s questionable character have always been there, just beneath the surface of his performances. In Seinfeld or Waiting for Guffman, for example, the actor extolls a strange serenity of awkwardness. He loves prolonged silences and steely stares that force the audience into an apprehensive state. In a word, the man is nerve-wracking. You never know the full Balaban in any role he plays, but the secrets he hints at are truly ominous.”From Rehab to Radical Veganism, Celebrity Yutz Bob Balaban Sends the Wrong Message to Today’s Teens

10. The Clintons started the decline of America’s public schools by forcing immoral teachings like “evolution “despite the sacred power of the Bible.
“Why ‘evolution’ and why now? One explanation may be that it’s proven to be a highly successful fundraising tool for radical atheist groups that are, if anything, simply employers for otherwise unemployable socialist ‘thinkers.’ There is also a theory that its sole purpose is to give jackbooted federal bureaucrats an excuse to interfere in local communities. Another possibility is its link to drug addiction.”Is the “Evolution Theory” Hoax to Blame For Our Nation’s Failing Schools?

drugfiend11. The rise of gay “bears” in our media culture is little more than a facetious attempt to normalize male pregnancy.
“Recently, there have been shocking developments in the field of pre-natal science that rush far past common sense and the natural laws of God. When one views this in conjunction with the rise of gay visibility in our culture and the radical attempt to redefine the American family in some demented scheme to introduce militant socialism to this country, it becomes clear that the homosexual element has contrived the gay bear scene with something deeply sinister in mind.”Is the Gay “Bear” Scene Opening the Door to Homosexual Male Pregnancy?

12. The new “vaping” marijuana trend is funding extreme levels of ISIS terrorism.
“For America’s families, this is a teachable moment. It reveals the dangerous intersection of contemporary science and international crime syndicates like the Mexican drug cartels. With Barack Obama’s “open borders” policy toward illegal immigration, the collusion between these drug lords and groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda is now greater than ever.”“Vaping,” The Shocking New Marijuana Trend Putting Your Family in the Hands of International Terror

13. The international “creative” class is quietly evolving into one of the gravest threats facing modern American Christianity.
“Artists are a people without farms or factories; a race of parasites. Wherever the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make a living from the illnesses of countries, and therefore endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness. Artists have been this way throughout history. Their faces bear the age-old features of the perpetual violator: homosexuals, racial mutts, Bohemians, alcoholics, drug addicts.”The Eternal Artist: Why America Must Eliminate the Creative Class